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Harbin, owner of phone number Version 4 cents more than one choice of data

Recently, a reporter posing as buyers on the network "was traffickers," made contact with 150 owners bought a 3680 phone number in Harbin. Proven, some of which number is true and correct. "No dealers" throughout the network Reporters found that, like with these "No peddlers" Contact is not difficult, means of communication between the trading is very simple, or by telephone, or through QQ, the latter is more often used by sellers. Through online inquiry, the reporter tried to QQ with a called "Little Sugar" (a pseudonym), a contact to chat. According to the "little sugar," said the company in Guangzhou, and their company in the local phone number is the most complete, update also the fastest. Reporter asked about the test mobile phone number in their possession is the how tos, "Little Sugar" told reporters, "the main data from differe...
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Hardware City has formed a great demand will shift to second-line region

Chemical Business Association of China Hardware ZHU Ren and the Secretary-General said that since 2002, Chinas third generation hardware market (Hardware City) height of building in the industry, business associations and local governments in the boost phase, and around the hardware market, such as mushroomed established. Until now. 6 years later, the hardware construction of the professional market has gradually over the climax, hardware, professional market investors from the original impulse to invest into a rational investment. The many signs that the construction of second-tier cities hardware market is waiting for the second round of the blank metal professional market investment boom. Demand from the market, the current, second-tier urban infrastructure construction and real estate development is in full swing, requires a lot of ...
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Hardware development experts have something to say how the market

Be concerned about the construction industry, the market philosophy Electrical Hardware Guizhou Province Chamber of Commerce President Liu Wei (Zhengzhou) Midwest Hardware & Electrical Industry and Regional Economic Development Forum, said: Guizhou province is relatively poor, but the birthplace of the National Hardware Association in Guizhou. Therefore, professional and traditional real estate market development is not the same, we must stand in the industry consider this issue on the business philosophy. I am more concerned about the Cologne International (Zhengzhou) Hardware & Electrical City project market position. I feel this market is more high-end market, I think the hardware market is not selling gems, gold, and high development the cost would be passed on to operators who, operators of the luxury market is buy it, this is...
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Hardware manufacturers need to enhance information technology

Comparison of foreign ERP history, we can see today the need to strengthen our foundation of enterprise information management digital, business process integration, employee skills, better educated and more intelligent business decisions as the main body of the" four modernizations "construction. Therefore, the process of enterprise information management is the use of modern enterprise management mode transformation process, and on this basis, the implementation of electronic business, and this is the last way out of enterprise information. In 2007, Chinas hardware industry will become more prominent advantages, including economic facilities, industry maturity and labor cost advantage and so on. Primary metal products, export growth is higher than output growth, higher growth in the domestic market; power tools, hand tools, build...
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Harting MicroTCA backplane connector production, rate of 12.5Gbps

Germany, Harting (Harting) during the exhibition in 2005 SuperComm presentation capabilities first introduced in the sample, the current began mass production of the new AMC MicroTCA backplane connector. MicroTCA system specifies the structure, which PICMG AMC.0 module plugs directly into a backplane. backplane design engineers that are particularly prone to wiring Hartings footprint without the use of blind holes or buried vias, the press-in footprint to be elected into the new PICMG MicroTCA standard. Harting connector for MicroTCA, AMC data transfer rate up to 12.5Gbps. Using the standard flat punch indentation style, mounting costs can be reduced to a minimum....
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Harting product transition, the first fiber optic connector for long distance transmission

HARTING (Harting) Technology Group has introduced the first line with industry standard IP67 cable fiber optic connectors, the standard LC fiber optic connectors to create an integrated fiber-optic applications in the harsh environment of the new field, the system rugged, shock-proof, IP 65 compliance / 67 requirements. According to reports, Harting RJ Industrial product line, initially based on copper, now a multi-mode glass optical fiber version offers new possibilities. IP protection has a version of RJ Industrial connector fiber can be used for copper constraint occasions received: long distance, high transfer rate, EMC problems. Harting provide for a variety of applications, fiber to fiber optic connectors, such as panel feed for the board. Push-pull polymer fiber shell also provides new possibilities. For example, direct connectio...
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Hasee Computer For publishing million level to reverse its low-end brand image

Yesterday, the Shenzhou-level computer released Tang T200R million LCD TVs and elegant HP260 laptop computer. Compared with previous products, the Shenzhou relatively high-end computer products released, analysts believe that the computer he tried to gradually reverse its Shenzhou low-end brand image. In this release, although the computer still continues the consistent Shenzhou big gift giving and other low-cost marketing strategies, but the consumer seems elegant HP260 laptop 5998 yuan, Tang T200R LCD TV prices nearly million computers does not seem to have great advantages. Hasee previously gave the impression that consumers low prices, always in the industry "price butcher" said. But at the same time inexpensive but also to the low-end consumer brands image. This, the Shenzhou-related computer notebook product manager, said: "Shenz...
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Hass K3 smartphone platform challenges endurance limit

with the mutual integration with PC, smart phone functions have become increasingly powerful. Intelligent machines now processor In the 400MHz frequency has been more than most will soon to 1GHz, it is almost almost PC; the same time, different from the traditional PC is the main intelligent machines chip embedded a large number of hardware acceleration engine, while in the functional strength to strength, battery life is increasingly under challenge. Low-power integrated solutions market competition has become the commanding heights of intelligent machines. I saw the show in CCBN2009 Hisilicon K3 recently released smart phone platforms, is pleased to find that Chinas intelligence machine control solutions have been in power to become the industrys first class. Test reports from the following to see, with the current smart phones, comp...
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Hazardous Substances IT needs more green manufacturing process

Environmental groups had about the computer maker announced data analysis, the data associated with computer production: the production of a computer to burn the fuel, water and chemicals, and other resources of about 1.8 tons. Even the production of a 17-inch LCD computer monitor, but also need to consume 240 kg of fossil fuel, 1500 kg of water and 22 kg of various chemical substances. Production and computer-related components, such as chips, you must clean the plant in a highly clean within, even the use of water is also subject to special treatment. Can be seen, production of computer consumes more resources, the greater the damage to the environment. Statistics show that the production of fossil fuels required for the computer is 10 times the weight of the computer itself, while the production of fuel for cars and refrigerators need...
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HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Download face serious challenges the network or replaced

Recently, many friends around to play Blu-ray DVD in the idea, saying that white is a little early to enter the "high definition next generation." I thought that quite a huge expenditure on the upgrading of this must be careful: although the Toshiba-led HD DVD camp to crumble, so that Sonys Blu-ray high definition DVD standards established in advance, but the "next generation high-definition storage," what will be winner remains to be seen - Slip earlier Need to focus on more advanced technology needs February 19 this year, Toshiba announced that no longer support the HD DVD format and HD DVD player to stop the production, which not only makes the Sony-backed Blu-ray DVD to become the worlds only "next generation" HD DVD standard, which is also including Microsoft, Intel, and even the Chinese EVD HD DVD camp, including the cry of one....
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