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HD155 solar navigation light through the identification of integration

12, China Construction Industry Association in Wuhan Water hosted "HD155 solar navigation light of the development and integration of applications" research appraisal, the experts agreed that the overall results reached the international advanced level. The LED light source beacon multiple chips with integrated light-emitting diode design, the successful resolution of the LED light after the blind assembly combination challenge. Light body with solar panels, round table ladder-type design, can produce all-round charge to receive solar radiation energy, increased use of solar energy efficiency. ...
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HDI PCB order into the next mainstream 3G mobile phone

Circuit operation, general manager of Tianjin Pulin Tang Yanling 3G mobile era has enriched features, but also to the PCB manufacturing technology has brought great challenges. For PCB manufacturers, and accurately determine the trend of products in the equipment, material and technical spare reserves to be able better to respond to changes in 3G. 2008 Nian 4 months, Chinas official launch of TD-SCDMA socialization business test, the TD-SCDMA has experienced 10 years of the maturity of the technology made the process of third-generation communication technology (3G) mobile phone 3G in China opened the big screen . The biggest highlight of 3G 2M bandwidth is shared data services, which can make any user worldwide to use small, inexpensive mobile platform, from land to ocean to the global three-dimensional satellite communications net...
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HDL Works Actel and Actel integrated design environment for design optimization process

Actel Corporation and HDL Works announced for Actels Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) design flow, optimized HDL Works of EASE design entry tool. EASE Graphical HDL design entry environment for FPGA and ASIC, VHDL, Verilog and mixed language design to provide fast and accurate way to design input, modification and maintenance. In addition, the two companies also announced HDL Works has joined Actel EDA Alliance Program member. Optimized for Actel HDL tool flow generation and maintenance of all complex HDL designs are very important customers, while Siemens is well versed in this need of the customers. Siemens Automation and Drives Division corporate design manager Thomas Rode said: "We have succeeded in Actel devices using EASE to perform multiple design. We get the main advantage is greatly shortened edit, debug and modify t...
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HDMI devices will enforce "the principles of the new logo"

The first in the recently held "HDMI Developers Conference", an important news for HDMI Licensing, terminal equipment will be required next month to launch a new "signature" principle. "The 1.3 version does not require manufacturers to perform all the functions in version 1.3, most of the functional characteristics of a choice, which the customer can not judge. So if only the flag HDMI1.3 i or HDMI1.3 i will not be compatible be allowed, the device manufacturers need to support that product features, such as dark, xvColor, lip sync and high speed HDMI cables, etc., to enable consumers to easily recognizable features and understand HDMI1.3. "HDMI Licensing Leslie Chard, president of the General Assembly on Wednesday. HDMI 1.3 version was released last June, double the bandwidth than the previous version, increased from 165MHz 340MHz, can...
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HDMI version 1.4 specifications released upcoming cable

Responsible for high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) to provide authorized agencies HDMI Licensing, LLC today released version 1.4 of the HDMI specification will encompasses new features. The latest version of the HDMI specification provides a number of new features, including Ethernet connectivity, and HDMI cable return channel by adding audio to provide upload the audio connection. HDMI specification 1.4 on the technical specifications, no later than June 30, 2009, will be posted on the HDMI website for download. HDMI 1.4 specification provides the following new features: * HDMI Ethernet Channel HDMI 1.4 specification was added in the cable data path to achieve two-way high-speed transmission. There is such a capable device in the link, will be available Ethernet cable 100Mb / s speed to send and receive data, making them imm...
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He Kaijun: some of the current view of energy-efficient lighting

Recently held in Beijing, the "2008 Green Lighting Forum", Xiamen Promotion Center Hekai Jun LED Director explained to the audience participants on the current energy-saving lighting in his views. With Zhuren own words, "some of the practical problems raised sharply, hope Hundred Flowers ways to better implement the scientific concept of development, to achieve energy saving goals." He Kaijun that was only from the academic and technical level to promote the development of energy-efficient lighting, and for now the development of energy-efficient lighting, the key is not a technical problem, in reality the main problem is the structure, mechanism and system issues, is the institutional arrangements and institutional capacity-building. One, outdoor lighting electricity saving potential Zhuren first reference some data on the current el...
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He moved to the cottage industries of Shenzhen Internet

- > global economic crisis, when the clouds dispersed, Huaqiang North has announced the news: a serious shortage of the global Internet as a serious supply shortage of upstream components, adding that all manufacturers are being driven, at least to be possible to alleviate the July supply situation. According to a recent Morgan Stanley research report released in 2007, the capacity of the global Internet market, only 30 million units in 2008, surged to 12.3 million units this year to 21.9 million units expected. By 2010, the Internet market capacity will reach 30.7 million units, accounting for the overall global notebook PC shipments by 20%. Although many PC makers have access to the Internet in this product area, the industry views are not the same, but many people have admitted that this product is from the Internet Huaqiang No...
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He Shifei LED lights into peoples homes? Price is the key

4-day 14th session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre at the grand opening. The exhibition gathered more than 1,500 lighting from domestic and foreign companies, exhibition area is still up to 11 million square meters, covering 11 halls, has become the first in Asia, the worlds second annual lighting industry event. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Watch Protagonist of this year is still the energy-saving lamps 6 Yue 14 ~ 20, this years National Energy Conservation Week. Show this year, the most fashionable, cutting-edge, energy-efficient LED lights at the show in advance preview of the show called the real protagonist. In the early years, although it represents the future trend of lighting, but more difficult application, poor market development, s...
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Head of Chinese New Block: The overall electronics industry is still quarter growth of 5% Q3

China Passive Components manufacturers ST (2492) General Manager Cai Conglin today (23) days, said Q3 looks NB, PC, the market conditions lower than expected, LCD / LED TV market has slipped over Q2 10 ~ 15%, but smart phones, Netcom and LED backlight source / lighting market good, DDR3 and DDR2 is still the trend of conversion, so the whole electronics industry is expected to continue in Q3 over Q2 growth of 5%; new division to China concerned, NB / PC is not high proportion of total company revenue, mobile phone, China Netcom, LED, and the growth of the strength of DRAM is strong, but also the appreciation of Japanese yen to single effects, forecast Q3 revenue will go month to month Yang , need to observe the 4th quarter; next year continued to be optimistic. Caicong Lin from the global economic growth and other trends in the electron...
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Head of Time Warner: AOL and Yahoo do not rule out the possibility of merger

An afternoon meeting of analysts, Time Warner did not rule out the future head of AOL and Yahoo, and even the possibility of other mergers and acquisitions. According to foreign media reports that Time Warner CEO Bewkes Bear Stearns media conference in his speech that Microsoft will buy Yahoo, AOL is facing greater competitive pressures ━ ━ especially in the search. Bewkes said that Time Warner did not rule out "something added to AOL," the possibilities. No mention of specific companies. Being a participant asked to consider whether the acquisition of Time Warner, Rainbow, he said it could not disclose any specific acquisition plans. Bewkes said that we in this "no comment." But Bewkes told investors that if Microsofts successful acquisition of Yahoo, the deal for Time Warner and AOL both advantages and disadvantages. He said the ben...
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