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Heat insulating materials evaluation and classification of

1 Subject Matter and Scope This standard specifies the electrical insulation products, heat-resistant grade, determine the heat resistance of the evaluation and classification of the principles and tasks. This standard applies to electric and heat insulation products and their classification, are also applicable to a particular application of the insulating material situations, the simple combination of heat resistance and insulation rating. 2 GB 11026.1 reference standards to determine electrical insulating materials of Guide Part I: development of test methods and evaluation of thermal aging test results of the total order 3 Zonglun 3.1 grade heat-resistant insulation use of electrical products by a variety of factors (such as temperature, electrical and mechanical stress, vibration, toxic gases, chemicals, moisture, dust and r...
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Heavy Burden R & D and industrialization of the local IC and then into a process

Event Review: November 19, 2008, Vimicro Corp. announced "Star Mobile" mobile phone multimedia chip, global sales of more than 100 million, which is the company following the 2006 "Star" breaking global sales of digital multimedia chips billion, again after the important breakthrough. December 8, 2008, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co., Ltd. announced its first 45nm products have successfully passed the yield test, this time from December 2007 the company and IBM signed a 45-nanometer low-power and high performance bulkCMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) technology license agreement less than 1 year. Edit Comment: Despite the difficulties, the Chinese semiconductor companies in R & D and industrialization did not slack off, regardless of IC design or IC manufacturers are still carry something. General downturn i...
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Heavy March 17-inch LCD monitor product or will be eliminated

last year, LCD panel prices because of demand caused tensions that downstream manufacturers face tremendous cost pressure. Now beginning to bring industrial upgrading and a sharp LCD display product prices. Recently, the store size on the 17-inch -22 inch LCD monitor have cut prices, which the 17-inch Yexian the biggest price cut. reporter was informed that, due to upstream changes in the supply of LCD panel makers, in recent years, the most popular in the DIY market, gradually come to 17-inch LCD monitor is out of the edge of the industry. 17 Ying Cun Yexian to drop a few hundred dollars recently installed as a DIY one of the Big Three price Yexian whirlwind blowing again. In the price surges, the 17-inch, 19 inch and 20-inch Yexian as a protagonist. reporters over the weekend in the vicinity of Guangzhou Tianhe Computer City has lea...
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Hebei Baoding National Semiconductor lighting applications is listed as the pilot cities

Recently, the China Economic Net learned from Baoding, the city is listed as 21 "City of ten thousand ten" semiconductor (LED) lighting applications pilot project cities. Responsible person introduced to the China Economic Net, with all solid-state semiconductor light emitting devices as the light source lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, high color, small size, fast response, high-speed modulation, and other lighting methods irreplaceable advantages, is internationally recognized as the most promising third-generation lighting source. National Science and Technology "Ten City, ten thousand," the implementation of semiconductor lighting application engineering to 10-20 cities (towns) to promote more than 300,000 municipal lighting LED (ten city road tunnel hundred kilometers, thousand kilometers subway), to ac...
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Hefei Meiling two groups Rongshida transfer all state-owned shares

Recently, Hefei Rongshida Group Co., Ltd. and Hefei in Hefei Meiling Group Company Limited China Merchants Property Exchange to publish notice of the transfer 100% ownership of the two groups. The share transfer is in Hefei, the state-owned enterprises this year, vigorously carried out under the background of the reform. It is noteworthy that the two groups of equity held by listed companies is not within the transferred assets. Hefei Sanyo to a person in charge told reporters that the stock transfer is the Hefei Rongshida Group, this year the focus of SOE reform, while the listed assets does not involve the listed company should have little effect on listed companies . Not involved in Listed Companies Learned from the Hefei Assets and Equity Exchange, the two companies do not involve the transfer of 100% stake in its listed companies...
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Hefei, the possible introduction of plasma line

- > (Reporter Liu Xinyu) in Sichuan Changhong plasma line mass production, the countrys renewed rumors of construction of the second PDP line message. Reporter yesterday from the official website of Anhui Development and Reform Commission learned, the city is actively promoting the introduction of PDP (plasma) displays the project, the current "Government has set up a special group of Hefei, is actively negotiating with the Pioneer area." Hefei, according to a "2009 major industrial projects and enterprises schedule major technical transformation projects," said, PDP display project will involve a total investment amount of 17.7 billion yuan, the scale to achieve an annual output of 90,000 units built in 60-inch PDP and 32 million 50-inch PDP production capacity. Reporter has learned that the earlier Pioneer and Panasonic, Samsung, L...
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Heilongjiang province and city lighting efforts to promote use of new sources

Heilongjiang Province Office of Housing and Urban lighting in the inspection work of the city made the province, each city on the existing basis to promote and use the new light source, the promotion of the new light source and gradually expanded. Recently, the province organized by the Office of Housing and Urban lighting experts to the province city of Harbin and 12 prefecture-level cities in the urban lighting for inspection, the city government attached great importance to the urban lighting, extensive use of modern information management tools, lighting facilities, the urban street lighting rate good rate and have been greatly improved, so that new roads in urban and urban lighting facilities synchronization is complete, the city has greatly improved the lighting environment. Lighting around the city is also actively exploring ener...
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Help promote the economic crisis RF chip faster recovery of the mobile phone industry

IMS Research analyst TomHackenburg said it expects the semiconductor industry in 2009 will be grim, but because the mobile phone market will remain bullish, RF chip market will occur faster than the other sectors recovery. Hackenburg noted that although orders for the chip industry will decline as much as 20%, but signs that consumers benefit from no reduction in the mobile phone market, purchasing power, 3G and 4G technology advantages as well as more advanced smart phone consumer demand, RF semiconductor industry in 2009, close to 1% of the contract, and even beyond 2010 to rebound to double-digit growth. Overall, high-performance semiconductors, such as 32-bit and 64-bit processor and 32-bit and 64-bit kernel ASIC, ASSP, and FPGA products, the order in 2009, down only 5% or less, and many applications have seen a slight growth trend...
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Henan sale of home appliances amounted to nearly 46 million 538 million

Henan Province, home appliances sales nearly 46 million units, sales of 538 million, which sold 211,600 color TV sets, refrigerators sold 183,700 units, sold 64,100 mobile phones. As of May 6, Henan Province, verification by 75017 units subsidies (Department), 46,670 units have subsidies (Department), the amount of 8.41 million yuan for subsidies. Henan is the three "home appliances" one of the pilot provinces, the "home appliances" project launched in December 2007, implementation time is short, but with remarkable results. As of the filing has been approved outlets through to 6528, basically every town has a "home appliances" sales outlets. Addition, the "home appliances" project also boosting rural consumption. Henan Province in the first quarter, "home appliances" policy and farmers income growth driven by other factors, the count...
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Henans first high-power semiconductor lighting R & D center unveiled

Recently, Henan Province, the first high-power LED (semiconductor) lighting research and development center opening in the economic and technological development zones, it will actively promote the research and development of LED lighting products to help enterprises achieve industrial development. Currently, the center of the New Vision Optical (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. has developed the fourth generation of LED products, covering street lamps, tunnel lights and indoor commercial lighting, and in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen and other cities application. According to reports, LED incandescent lamp power consumption is only 1 / 10, while the use of time as long as 10 years. In the future, LED lighting will gradually replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps, the market prospect is very broad. Is only in respect of Henan Province, LED high power str...
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