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Hercynian blueprint: to attract more Taiwanese optical giant Ha

Boosting effect in the Hercynian, Taiwans optoelectronics giants have settled in Xiamen, fully demonstrates the new round of industry in Taiwan, "West" wave of cutting-edge platform for the status of Xiamen. Now, the State Department "to support Economic Zone in Fujian Province to speed up construction of a number of opinions", he also made it clear that the west side of advanced manufacturing base and accelerate development, including high-tech industries, including optoelectronics, which makes long-term work in the investment and business services, the first line of Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Zone, deputy director of Da-Hai Sun is very exciting. He said that the need to do now is to Xiamen and service industries supporting the work done better and attract more Taiwan optoelectronics companies to come. "Opinion", and develop advanced manufac...
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Hewlett-Packard computer users accused of African American "racial discrimination"

PM GMT on December 22, according to foreign media reports today, an African-American YouTube user posted a few days ago called "Hewlett-Packard racial discrimination" in the video, accusing the HP computer can track the face tracking software The facial movements, and said the software with a racially discriminatory. The self-proclaimed "black Desai" (Black Desi) of the user, said: "I think it would interfere with the black skin of the computer tracking capabilities." He passed a YouTube video of the presentation, video, HP face tracking software does not track his facial movements, but they can easily follow another called "White Beach of" (White Wanda) of white colleagues. HP through the blog on Sunday said it was on this computer software to be checked. The software is designed for video chat, able to measure the eyes, the cheeks an...
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HHNEC Chiu Tsz Wan: China will be the leading global semiconductor growth

VLSI Week before the earlier, the Shanghai Hua Hong NEC (HHNEC) CEO Chiu Tsz Wan said the global recovery in the semiconductor industry, the process of synchronization, China will rely on the automotive electronics, computing, consumer electronics products and even cottage , a leading global semiconductor market growth rate. Chiu Tsz Wan estimated this years growth rate of Chinas semiconductor market is expected to reach the global market, 3 to 4 times. He said growth this year expected to reach Chinas semiconductor 9.6%, while the global semiconductor growth rate estimated at 20%. Lift the huge domestic market of China is the most important factor in the rapid development of semiconductors. "Our production capacity has been fully loaded, many new products, orders continue to emerge," Chiu Tsz Wan said. Cottage mainland market is unde...
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Hide the huge business opportunities sensor market

Recent years, the basic components of domestic market has been steady growth trend, especially this year, the Ministry of Industry from January to September according to statistics, Chinas basic components market is contrarian growth momentum. Industry believes that the basic components and market growth will drive the machine to enhance the level of manufacturing technology. World sensor market is to sustain steady growth trend forward. It is predicted that the world sensor market in 2010 will grow to 600 billion U.S. dollars. According to the domestic authority of the statistics, in recent years Chinas average annual sales growth of sensors 39%, the data mean for the industrys significant business development opportunities. Recently from the upcoming November 12 in Shanghai New International Expo Center at the 72nd China Electronics F...
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High anonymous buyer won the bid 14.8 yuan per share, triple share

Were Gome and Suning "cold treatment" triple trading company (600898) The second option because the mystery buyer of the auction and again become involved in a simmering. Yesterday, the triple trading company 22,765,602 outstanding shares of restricted stock hit a higher per transaction price of 14.8 yuan. A source revealed to reporters, the buyer is actually a Shanghai company, but as of press time, its true identity remains a mystery. "We really do not bid on shares." Sun Weimin, president of Suning Appliance, told reporters yesterday to explain again. In fact, several hours after the end of the auction, the Gome and Suning, big business and other potential bidders all suffered a spate of media bombardment. Auction held as scheduled at 10 am yesterday, the Silver Star Auction Co., Ltd. Shandong, presided over the starting price of 5....
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High color-based LED lighting is a bright future

Nikkei BP news agency reported, according to Sharp released a brighter than the original products of the company and 13% of the high color-based white LED "GM4BN653C0A". As a high color products, "the industrys highest brightness value" (the company). White LED package is 0.6mm thick, suitable for small and medium sized LCD panel backlight. Recently, the writer-type white LED with high color rendering and high brightness characteristics of technology, the company interviewed LED Electronic Components Business Division Business Division is responsible for planning department who Uemura CE Fung Tak. - A white LED with the development of what are the benefits? Uemura: You can fully enhance the performance of color LCD panels. The white LED by combining a blue LED chip, the use of green and red fluorescent materials, access to the white li...
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High metal content of e-waste e-waste recycling by jin

Wuhan is located in Qingshan district e-waste recycling in the March 13 supermarkets open for business. Supermarkets in the district government and the disposal of waste battery recycling company formed a joint Grammy, recycling of used phone covers, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and other electronic products and accessories. Waste Electrical General 2 yuan per kilogram price of recovery. According to reports, a high metal content of e-waste by recycling electronic waste recycling supermarket, it will be by way of dealing with safety and environmental protection, waste discharge no waste water, and isolated from the metal powder, plastic and so will serve as the raw material reuse. Hubei Province, would be established 300 such e-waste recycling supermarket. ...
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High power LED down light application in the

Although the price factor restricted the wide range of high-power LED application, but the high-power LED, high reliability, significant savings in future maintenance and replacement costs. Colorful, and other sources can not achieve this effect. Easy to control, through digital control technology to achieve dynamic lighting effects. Small size, can make the shape more creative lighting. LED Down Light is a kind of embedded into the ceiling light-beam lighting. Its greatest feature is the ability to maintain the overall architectural unity and perfect settings will not damage the lamp ceiling art of the perfect unity. It uses high-power LED as the light source, the human visual effects gentle, evenly. Because LED is the future of green lighting products, with energy-efficient LED edge Moreover, the trend in the downlight light plays an i...
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High pressure sodium lamps with LED two generations of a large new old PK

1, and sodium lights on the LED light effect. 2007 led to the light source efficiency. The best can only achieve 80lm / w, the country even worse. After the lights go through the practical application of light effects on the lower. At that stage, most of them led light source is used as an indicator lighting and landscape lighting use, and there is no street lighting in applications such as environment promotion. But some unscrupulous manufacturers and a few sectors to benefit to a hard, causing the application to fail. Now that manufacturers still remain. But this does not mean that the application has been led this standard. Computer 386 is also the year it now? Look at things can not remain in the previous stage, to see more of present and future. Now the normal shipping OSRAM kz series source of light is 112-130lm / w. Led to street...
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High silicon material into a sudden drop in fourth-quarter results culprit Suntech

The worlds largest solar cell manufacturer Suntech Power, the fourth quarter 2008 gross margin of only 0.6% of the real culprit before the drop in silicon prices a considerable number of high-priced purchase of silicon raw materials. Suntech Power (NYSE: STP, hereinafter referred to as Suntech) reported a fourth quarter, its fourth-quarter gross margin of only 0.6%. Accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, fourth quarter net loss amounted to $ 65,900,000, net loss of $ 0.42 per share. Pre-losing as the reason in advance, the stock from February 12 began to fall. It has gone from 12 days $ 9.70 / share, fell to 27 February of $ 6.09 / share, down about 37.22%. 2008 until the fourth quarter, Suntech has long been the darling of global investors, the first quarter of 2006, Suntech Power, Zhengrong Shi, Chairman of the Boa...
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