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IBM said it would invest 100 million U.S. dollars focus on three mobile technology

Tuesday, IBM announced that it will invest in the next five years, $ 100,000,000 for research and development for consumer and enterprise markets advanced mobile technology. IBM think it can improve the situation of mobile communications, so decided to invest 100 million U.S. dollars for this. As the global dependence on mobile phones and the growth of portable devices, IBMs goal is to make mobile communication more efficient and easier to use. IBM Institute for Research on mobile communications and global head of manager of IBM India Research Institute, said Guruduth Banavar, mobile devices are becoming widely used devices to help us transcend geographic, economic, and social and many other boundaries. For end users, with high penetration rate of mobile communication, simple user interface and huge cost advantages and other features. M...
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IBM sued to prevent former chief acquisition officer joined Dell

- > SAN FRANCISCO, May 28 afternoon, according to foreign media reports, to prevent the former chief acquisition officer David Johnson (David Johnson) worked for Dell, IBM said today that its brought to litigation. IBM, Dell, Johnson worked to avoid a violation of the two sides signed an agreement with the competition. IBM spokesman Edward Barbini (Edward Barbini) said today, "Mr. Johnson holds valuable confidential information, if you do not violate the obligations of IBM, he could not play a senior strategic positions at Dell." Babylonian Nepal said, "Mr. Johnson received a huge amount of compensation many times, as he agreed to avoid competition with the terms of the exchange." According to IBM 5 Yue 21 filed the day the indictment showed that 27-year-old Johnson, now a veteran of IBM, IBM over the past nine years in the manage...
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IBM third-quarter net income increased 20% support the confidence of investors in the IT industry

The worlds largest IT services firm IBM on Wednesday announced preliminary third quarter 2008 calculation of diluted earnings per share were $ 2.05, up 22%; net profit of 2.8 billion U.S. dollars, up 20% more than analysts expected on average to buck the trend rise in after-hours appears to reduce the investors are worried about the financial crisis will lead to significant slowdown in growth of technology industry issues. IBM this quarter, total revenue 253 billion, an increase of 5%; IBMs free cash flow so far this year about 64 billion U.S. dollars, 9.8 billion cash balance. Despite the continued deterioration of the U.S. economy is in the background, IBM chairman, president and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano reiterated its core is still optimistic about the business and confidence in the market, emphasizing on the basis of earnings in the...
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IBM this week introduced a number of primary products and services, cloud computing

- > According to foreign media reports, "The New York Times" reported, IBM will this week introduce some elementary "cloud computing" products and services. So-called cloud computing is Internet-based super-computing model, that is stored in personal computers, mobile phones and other devices on the wealth of information and processing resources together and work together, is a new shared infrastructure methods. Analysts pointed out that cloud computing to help businesses and government agencies to cut costs, reduce the technical complexity of the potential. However, for security and reliability concerns, many large companies and government agencies are reluctant to use cloud computing. According to "The New York Times" reported, IBMs cloud computing products and services which will be calculated for a specific service operation. As...
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IBM was awarded the "2009 China Best Call Center" award

Today, the Alliance for the Promotion of information in China, Customer Relationship Management Professional Committee, ICMI International Customer Management Institute (China), CCCS Contact Center Standards Committee organized the "2009 China Best Call Centre Award and Best Manager Series activities ", IBM customer contact center in China with excellent management and control processes, the implementation of global best practices, as well as high customer satisfaction, in one fell swoop won the" 2009 China Best Call Center "award! At the same time, IBM Global Delivery Center in Shenzhen, China and the IBM Greater China CEO Lili Zhen Senior Manager Zhong Xiaowei customer service center to the achievements of their respective areas of expertise are in the gains of "Customer Service Award for outstanding contribution" and "outstanding cont...
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IC card is the possibility of cracking in the end be?

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "on the part of the IC card prepared to deal with serious security vulnerabilities work," which called on all departments to investigate the use of IC cards, the chips security algorithm of MI may have been cracked to deal with. So --- In China more than 170 cities and towns, IC card is for many utilities and business services "payment Single "and" pass "over the use of public transport, tourism, supermarket, access control, water, electric tables, and other fields. For just enjoy the convenience of the consumers card, IC card is how the threat of break much, there are currently no way to deal with? "Security card" Why was cracked? IC card that is "IC card" is abbreviated, its storage, processing and transmission of information is suppressed in all the functions of t...
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IC China 2008 can look forward to more?

9 Yue 17 Ri , ICChina2008 will again be opened in Suzhou, this set of exhibitions, seminars, covering IC design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment and materials and support services to the content of the whole industry chain of Chinas semiconductor industry, the annual event, this year The theme is "Strengthening industrial cooperation, improve the industrial chain, promoting innovation and development." Trough in the industry, the Chinese people clearly see the head of the semiconductor industry, trends, hit the weak link in the development of domestic industry, which points out the way the Chinese semiconductor industry. Now people are stressed to create a circle of industrial ecology, in fact, the establishment of the semiconductor ecosystem is to ask the IP, Foundry, EDA and IC design services provider, Fabless...
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IC China 2011 will reach 1.08 trillion yuan

Thirteenth International Exhibition March 10 ICs information display, this year, Chinas IC market will usher in a new growth peak in the next few years, Chinas IC market is expected to maintain double-digit growth rate, by 2011 Chinas IC market will reach 1.08 trillion yuan. Chinas IC market in 2007 more than 560 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 19%. According to reports, the Olympic events will promote mobile TV viewing, digital television, the use and popularity of new products, market demand for integrated circuits will be significantly increased. ...
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IC design companies in China three proposals

We successfully 243 IC design companies in China conducted a full sample survey, the return rate as high as 41%! This reflects the new design industry hopes a strong desire to communicate with the buyer. Survey results revealed the questions focused on IC design companies to invest, lack of system knowledge, silicon integrated circuits is difficult and the buyers of the domestic aspects of cognitive problems. In fact, these are common difficulties encountered by new industries, require the system to plan, find a breakthrough. Let us first look at the overall IC market conditions in China. Chinas IC demand in 2001 the total number reached 24.3 billion, worth 128.7 billion yuan (98% of the value point of view needs to be imported.) Compared to 2000, the number of total demand growth of 4%, but the value increase of up to 31%; should be note...
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IC design companies which compete in the CMMB break?

CMMB Although not currently a variety of reasons during the last Olympic fame, there are many local and overseas companies involved in integrated circuit design in which, according to the old Yao statistics, including the products already available or upcoming manufacturers more than 20 , one can imagine the future CMMB programs will be fierce competition, manufacturers in CMMB chip design, including: 1, Creative Video, 2, Telepath, 3, Siano, 4, Spreadtrum, 5, MTK, 6, Chinese Academy of micro- Electronics, 7, Suzhou Branch (RF), 8, on the Haizhuo wins, 9, Shanghai high-definition, 10, on Haikun Tai, 11, on the Haitai King, 12, Beijing Lang wave (RF), 13, Guangzhou Kai, 14, Shanghai, Montage, 15, on the Haimo Wei, 16, Fuzhou Rockchip, 17, Suzhou, prestige, 18, Vimicro, 19, Shanghai, RDA, 20, Hangzhou Guoxin, 21, Beijing Availink , 22, DIB...
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