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IC design group Nomura Securities sold call

Now is a low take MediaTek, Ralink, Realtek and other IC design group is a good time at? Zheng Mingzong semiconductor analyst at Nomura Securities in Hong Kong yesterday (29) days that is not the time, because, due to falling market share or the average selling price (ASP) to consider the deterioration in 2011 earnings will probably decline, means that the investment value will go or (de-rating). Zhengming Zong is the sell side circle track foreign IC design industry praise semiconductor popular buy side analysts, the current track into his 5-speed IC design shares only with Richtek Novatek investment rating to "neutral" The MediaTek, Ralink, Realtek are "sell", but he believes that, even to the layout and Richtek Novatek, such as stock prices have to be back. The overall IC design group share price performance this year, 16% worse tha...
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IC design industry also need two or three years out of the vicious competition over time

Local chip design enterprises in the FM chip market has experienced the ups and downs, it is the local chip industry in microcosm. Local chip design industry, what problems encountered in the end, companies go from here, we invite the industry to this analysis. Phone FM chips mainly reflects the development of the following five major issues: First competition rules have not been established. Fundamentally speaking, the emerging markets in China, business is not mature, you on how to compete in the market have not formed a good rule. Going to do any market, most notably in the market the company to a profit. However, many industries in China have experienced a vicious competition and lead to industry-wide loss of status. TV industry price war has emerged that the entire industry losses. However, the TV companies, after running through ...
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IC design industry innovation needs the "long term" new thinking

IC design enterprises innovation is based on the book Recent years, the emergence of a number of domestic entrepreneurial, innovative IC design rookie, but there have been a phenomenon of great concern to everyone, that cause some low-level redundant development of the enterprise market crowding together of the phenomenon, much as the same product more than 10 domestic suppliers. In the last year, as market competition intensifies, the market share is rapidly concentrated to a few enterprises; At the same time, some companies are beginning to have a certain segment of the right to speak, they have accumulated some power, you can use ordinary people can not defeat the ultra-low-price competitors in the same market, or by continuous introduction of more integrated, more powerful competitors products will gradually behind. Especially in t...
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IC design industry should be the top priority of industrial distribution

Recent years, the transfer in the global semiconductor industry trend, China has become the first choice of many multinational corporations to invest, the labor cost advantage of talent and a good policy environment is one of the factors attracting international investment, Chinas enormous Market demand is also another important factor affecting investment. At the same time, to develop high-tech industry in China under the guidance of the macro, integrated circuits, high-tech industry as the key representative of a municipal planning and development direction. IC industry in recent years from all over the layout view, in recent years to improve the investment environment in central and western regions, and the eastern coastal areas of semiconductor manufacturing costs continue to rise, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, central and wester...
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IC design is still one of the most popular areas of investment

Taiwans semiconductor industry is facing many challenges. IC design companies in the country under the influence of the development of fatigue, OEM lines will have to seek more outside orders, foreign dependence will be further enhanced. SiP and other new technologies, will greatly affect the development of the existing line of packaging industry. The development of IC design industry is facing difficulties, the product design industry, the problem continues to haunt the core issue of product upgrades will be the unavoidable challenges, technology advances brought by the technical challenges and uncertainties of new killer applications will inevitably lead to industry weakness. Semiconductor industry over the past few years, Chinas rapid growth, will gradually enter the adjustment. The next few years, we maintain a growth rate higher th...
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IC design tools should meet the diverse needs of

Semiconductor industry continue to show new trends and characteristics. On the one hand, continue to focus on CMOS technology, which follow Moores Law forward; the other hand, multi-functional products has become even more prominent trend. · Integrated circuits need to focus on diversification. · EDA seamlessly embedded process. · Nine UW to provide high-quality design services. Present, the global semiconductor industry is facing many challenges, for example, a shortage of funds led to pressure to upgrade the industrial structure is increasing, the pace is slow; some of the downstream industries of the international financial crisis, demand reduction, has not been full relief; financial crisis countries to strengthen the trade protection measures and so on. But at the same time, there are some opportunities through the baptism of th...
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IC equipment manufacturing industry has been taking shape now mainstream

Chinas IC industry, equipment manufacturing industry is now mainstream prototype Compared to IC manufacturing, IC equipment manufacturing industry in China in terms of production scale, development level, the investment intensity and other aspects of talented people there are still a big gap, has not been formed to support its own sustainable development industrial scale. This condition leads to all of our country has been built, under construction and preparation of the 8-inch IC production plant and equipment completely dependent on imports. The face of strong market demand and industrial development, a healthy integrated circuit manufacturing equipment, developing key manufacturing equipment and advanced technology with independent intellectual property rights, to form a self-development capacity and core competitiveness of the indus...
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IC How to improve the quality of domestic help solve the problem out of the hands of TSMC

Years of sword, from 18 to 10 years so far document the time, made a qualitative leap in the development of IC. 3C IC has penetrated into domestic and industrial, medical and even the automotive sector. IC made some performance indicators from the functional and has not lost on the products in Japan and South Korea, but, as on the quality and reliability, especially in the chip mass production of quality and reliability, the overall level is still inferior to many. It has also become more widely recognized by domestic IC, a heart disease. "IC products in Shenzhen in recent years, coverage has been very broad, but the real products with international competitiveness rarely, an important reason why the quality of products not pass." Shenzhen IC Design Industrial Base (SZICC) Director, said Zhou Shengming . To resolve this dilemma, SZICC w...
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IC IC China 2009 will be held Summit

IC China 2009 will be a positive response to the financial crisis, strengthen cooperation to create the integrated circuit industry value chain, to expand domestic demand in the service of development as the theme. In order to strengthen the integration of the chip industry chain, IC China 2009 exhibition will cover the IC design and product, IC design tools and services, integrated device manufacturers, foundry, packaging and testing, semiconductor equipment and parts, semiconductor materials, environmental control and clean technologies, applications and solutions integrated circuits, semiconductor optoelectronic devices, semiconductor devices and IC product marketing services, photovoltaic solar energy products, and local development zones, industrial base area. Meanwhile, in order to help companies develop new markets, this exhibitio...
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IC industry needs to do things a down

Chinas IC design industry really took off started in 2000. Fingertips, 8 years later, local enterprises with a powerful multinational corporations in their own several times to start a trial of strength in different areas. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) organized the third "China Chip" contest results announced in Beijing, China, the most representative of ten outstanding enterprises in all ten circuits chips were awarded the "2008 China Chip Best Market Performance Award" and "2008 Chinas core Most Promising Award." This publication is also deputy director of the organizers Dr. Qiu Shanqin CSIP had an exclusive interview. CSIP is Chinas software and IC industry platform for the delivery of public services, how do you define the value of public servi...
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