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IC industry revenue down Merrill Lynch and other institutions are still optimistic about MediaTek

According to Taiwan media reports, although the semiconductor industry revenue in Q3 was not as good as the performance of the past season, however, Daiwa Institute of Research for leading IC design MediaTek still very good. Daiwa Institute of Research believes that mobile phone sales in China Golden Week better than expected results, will help MediaTek rebound, thereby maintaining the MediaTek "superior performance" rating, but the estimated earnings growth will slow in 2009-2010 and therefore the target price from 402 yuan fell to 353 yuan NT NT. Merrill Lynch chief Asia-Pacific semiconductor industry analyst He Haoming also believe that, although the semiconductor industry experienced early winter, but similar to MediaTek, Samsung, and TSMC silicon products are still the subject of defensive stocks. Daiwa Institute of Research noted...
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IC industry should not support the "small horse cart"

Semiconductor industry is the production of semiconductor integrated circuits support the necessary means of production, product and material basis, its main products include semiconductor equipment, instruments and special materials and components. Support of the semiconductor industry, development status can be summarized in one sentence, that is, prospects, controlled by others. On the one hand, the domestic semiconductor industry driven by rapid growth, Chinas semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials industry has made considerable progress, initially formed to serve the support of the semiconductor industry sector shape; the other hand, the sustained rapid growth of integrated circuits industry compared to the level of support for the technology industry and the industrial scale dwarfs, the constraints on the role of the ...
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IC industry the confidence to pick up small and medium enterprises

A constant stream of warm flow of new technologies in the future, the participation of SMEs for the development of IC industry confidence in the future. Is here to participate at the "Fourteenth International IC Conference & Exhibition," the people have a strong feeling "warmth." Concerned about the industry knows that, just past the Chinese IC industry in 2008, it amounts to a "winter." By the international financial crisis, the national market in 2008 was 597.3 billion yuan sales, an increase of 6.2%, which is the first time in Chinas IC market, single-digit growth. "Unprecedented pressure, with sales down very fast." Zhao is an integrated circuit board production in Shenzhen City, in charge of enterprise, she admitted the second half of 2008, when the worst business orders fell by 50% -60%. The Ministry of Industry and Information ...
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IC industry to enter the "surrender period" looking forward to next years second half improvement

President BillMcClean IC Insights, said the current economic downturn could last until mid-2009, but governments are taking action to make the second half of next year, the economy began to improve. McClean SEMIOutlookForum held in Austin speech, pointed out that the semiconductor industry capital spending this year will be reduced by 22% to a record low, a further decline next year. McClean forecasts the semiconductor market in 2010 may be very strong. IC Insights forecasts, although the semiconductor market revenue will be reduced next year by 3.2%, but in 2010, 2011 and 2012 were semiconductor market will be double-digit growth. McClean said, due to capital expenditures and does not match the IC unit shipments increasing, prices are likely to grow substantially. In IC sales, capital spending is currently the proportion is 17%. "Thi...
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IC industry to explore growth in good policy based on domestic demand

Despite the international financial crisis on Chinas semiconductor industry has created a significant negative impact, but in Chinas sustained economic growth of this background, the global semiconductor manufacturers continue to invest in China will not change the overall situation, Chinas IC industry stable trend of rapid development will not change. Into the depth of decline from the reasonable adjustments Early as the beginning of 2008 despite the global semiconductor industry on the market outlook for the year to make a more pessimistic forecast, but by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the global financial crisis to the global spread of the second half of 2008, the global semiconductor industry fast decline, degree of weight, still well above the peoples expectations. According to recent data released by the SIA, the...
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IC industry to promote the revitalization of the five aspects

By the international financial crisis, 2009 will be Chinas IC industry, the most difficult year, when out of the woods, depending on whether the market continued to boom. To this end, we have to rely on government policies, carefully read and implement the "electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), on their own, struggling out of the trough. Five-pronged approach to promote industrial restructuring and rejuvenation "Planning" the third part of the "breakthrough integrated circuits, new display devices, software, key technology and other core industries" as the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization of one of the main tasks, I think it involves the following five areas: First integration of advantageous resources to support key enterprises, ...
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IC industry with Chinese characteristics, the development of the Road for 30 years

Reform and opening up 30 years ago, the rapid development of electronic information industry growth for the IC industry has brought abundant life, and the rapidly changing world of integrated circuits also the upgrading of the electronic information industry has laid a solid technical foundation. Without the continuous development of the integrated circuit industry, there is no large-scale construction of large-scale production, no innovation system and to enhance intellectual property rights, electronic information industry and even the whole building will be missing the information industry which stands the foundation. 30 years, the electronic information industry and the development of the integrated circuit industry confirmed this point. Of semiconductor technology started in 1956. The mid-20th century, 50, China began large-scale e...
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IC industry: Last year, the slowdown is still downward pressure this year

2008 Nian by the world economic downturn and the international financial crisis, the global IC industry growth cyclical slowdown, Chinas IC industry maintained a low growth, sales and revenue growth flat to down, to further accelerate structural adjustment, increase in corporate mergers and acquisitions, market structure and development of the industry there are many new changes. Operating characteristics Sales flat to down "Fifth" period, Chinas IC industry growth of 30% or more annually, but in the fourth quarter of 2007, the global IC industry downturn, industry sales growth has declined. In 2008, sales revenue of IC industry, 210.73 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2%, the growth rate down 6.8 percentage points over the previous year; complete the export 24.3 billion, an increase of 3.4%, an increase of 12.6 percentage points decl...
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IC industry: to increase national investment promotion to grow stronger

IC industry as the countrys strategic and basic industry, electronic information industry is an important component of its development level is a measure of a countrys comprehensive national strength of the important symbols. Chinas IC industry after 40 years of development, has formed a certain scale, coordinated development of all sectors of the industry chain of the industry group. Zai IC industry development is in our country is facing severe challenges in the situation, "the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" (the "Plan") of the promulgation and implementation of the integrated circuit industry Jiangdui play a positive role in promoting. By "planning" the implementation of the development of electronic information industry to promote the integrated circuit industry will bring stability and sust...
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IC Insights on AMD comments on new business models

As the recent media reports that, AMD plans to begin early 2009, significant adjustments to its business model. The core of the work around the creation of a new company (now known as "FoundryCompany"), the new company will be responsible for AMDs IC manufacturing operations. FoundryCompany will enter the field of IC foundry market, as other companies IC. Advanced Technology Investment Company of Abu Dhabi (ATIC) will establish a US-based foundry (FoundryCompany), AMD will hold 44.4% of the shares of the company, and ATIC will own the remaining 55.6%. ATIC will invest 2.1 billion U.S. dollars to buy it in FoundryCompany the shares, of which 14 billion will be left to FoundryCompany, 7 billion will flow AMD. AMD has not yet paid FoundryCompany will assume 1.2 billion dollars in debt. AMD will contribute its FoundryCompany in Dresden, Ge...
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