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IC main application should be turned to consumer electronics business

Taiwans semiconductor industry is facing many challenges. Issued in the domestic IC design companies under the influence of weak development, OEM lines will have to seek more outside orders, foreign dependence will be further enhanced. SiP and other new technologies, will greatly affect the development of the existing line of packaging industry. The development of IC design industry is facing difficulties, the product design industry, the problem continues to haunt the core issue of product upgrades will be the unavoidable challenges, technology advances brought by the technical challenges and uncertainties of new killer applications will inevitably lead to industry weakness. Taiwans semiconductor industrys rapid development over the past several years later, will gradually enter the adjustment. The next few years, we maintain ...
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IC manufacturing open about six experts, who is your top?

IC manufacturing What is the future? In a few days ago in California at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), the participants views on this issue there are differences but also the same; all, although in the 18-inch wafer, such as Moores Law and the R & D funding gap can not be made to the discussion consensus, but all agree that IC manufacturing / fab equipment manufacturers should be more unity and cooperation among ─ ─ and for good reason. Intel (Intel), Vice President Manufacturing and Technology matter production engineering (Technology Manufacturing Engineering), said general manager Robert Bruck, a 12-inch wafer fabs currently cost about 40 billion U.S. dollars, while the cost of a pilot line 10 to 20 billion U.S. dollars, the cost of R & D process and 5 to 10 billion U.S. dollars. Soaring costs, coupled with recession, so...
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IC market into the touch-screen battleground

Touch screen technology is already developed for some time, but they have been attractive to Apple introduced the iPhone touch screen features before re-energized; Apple iPhone also developed a proprietary touch screen ASIC. IC market prospects are optimistic about the touch screen, a number of chip suppliers fought attempts to cut or expand the territory of this technology, but I am afraid that this new market will be more competitive, and very sensitive. According to market researcher Gartner, capacitive touch screen and touch keypad controller market will reach 1.3 billion by 2012 shipments of the scale, the annual compound growth rate of 44%. "Give thanks to the iPhone wave, capacitive touch screen mobile phones fast becoming a common feature;" Gartner analyst AmyLeong predicted: "touch screen technology will be the next big opportu...
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IC market is still sluggish demand has not yet warmed up

Market research firm Gartner recently said that 2009 IC market is still in the doldrums, consumer demand has not yet warmed up. According to Gartners latest forecast IC market in 2009 sales are expected to decrease 22.4%, compared with the expected slightly better first quarter of the first quarter, the company has shrunk the chip market forecast of 24.1%. Gartner principal analyst Peter Middleton on the current characteristics of the semiconductor industry made the following summary: 1) quarterly semiconductor market revenue will grow 2) the majority of IC demand from inventory rebuilding 3) In addition to China, the market demand has not yet shown signs of recovery 4) 2009 the automotive semiconductor and consumer semiconductors is still not good 5) better than expected second quarter, first quarter 6) capacity utilization incr...
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IC market outlook optimistic mood

Technological transformation of Chinas IC market, the State financial support, not only solve the integrated circuit industry, local firms face upgrading and other practical difficulties, and increased domestic manufacturers compete with foreign firms to expand domestic demand our government nurtured by the market chips, can be described as double-edged sword. 5 6 May, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, stressing the Central in 2009 mainly in the form of loan discount and arrange the technological transformation of 200 billion yuan of special funds to strengthen the technological upgrading of enterprises. Meeting decided that the 200 billion investment is mainly used for steel, equipment manufacturing, new energy, automotive, electronics, power, logistics and other fields, including the electronics industry m...
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IC market to pick up signals

Current IC market began to assert too early to really rebound. But now the market there are some new positive signal. For example, such as TSMC and UMCs foundry business conditions had improved. "Nearly every semiconductor company in the 90 days prior to the negative predictions." HSBC Bank (HSBC) StevenPelayo analysts said in a recent report, "Now we hear the emergence of a lot of rush orders, initial crystal system round number and capacity utilization has increased, market visibility is extended to 6 months. In the near term, we look forward to further define the market economy to pick up the signal. March market performance can be easily more than previously expected. " Recent TSMC, UMC and SMIC foundry performance has improved. In particular the SMIC, recently received from the TI, Broadcom and other companies Datang commun...
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IC optimistic this month contained MILL

Printed circuit board industry in September related to the traditional peak season revenue, subject to the NT dollar, holidays and other factors, the overall performance than in August, the relative prominence of integrated circuits mill and is not bearish on October sales, cell phone related vendors with a turn higher. Printed circuit board (PCB) related industries, in September revenue to rewrite history about ten single-month high of 15 new single-month record high this year, but lower than August 28, the new revival of microwave communication merge operators income is low in a single month this year, the exclusive write, compared to August rewrite the record with 15, 25 write down a single month this year, nine new high and revenue is lower than in July, showing strength seems to be less than the peak season, but each views of manuf...
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IC plant rankings released during the first half of 2008 who is the biggest winner

In the first half of 2008, IC manufacturers ranking, who is the biggest winner? Who is the biggest loser in it? 2008 in the first half of the worlds top 20 semiconductor manufacturers had a theater column change position, according to market research agencies ICInsights published data, from the first half of the global IC sales situation seems, Intel (Intel) are still entrenched in the first place, followed by order by Samsung (Samsung), Texas Instruments (TI), Toshiba (Toshiba), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), STMicroelectronics will be ST), Renesas Technology (Renesas), Hynix (Hynix), Sony (Sony) and Qualcomm (Qualcomm). The top 20 list of semiconductor suppliers, a total of six Japanese companies, three European companies, two Korean companies, as well as a Taiwan company. The remaining eight, compared with U.S. c...
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IC recovery is unclear business focus on technology upgrades

7 late May, the worlds major semiconductor manufacturers have been released in the second quarter 2009 financial results. From the available data point of view, major companies in the second quarter of this year the financial position than the first quarter of this year has been a considerable improvement, but sales revenue, gross margins and profits year on year data is still relatively large decline Some in the industry on the industry is still cautious about the prospects for recovery. Corporate revenue chain Pu Zhang Has experienced two consecutive quarters of decline, global semiconductor sales in the second quarter of this year finally began to pick up the intensity of the larger rally. SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association) recently said that global semiconductor sales in the second quarter increased 17% sequentially; ICIns...
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IC search: local IC design talent management risks

"If not, the reasons for the economic crisis, Chinas IC market, the talent supply is far behind the demand. I think the financial crisis, foreign semiconductor companies not only should not be laid off, and have actually increased in China should be recruited persons efforts. "As a talent in the Chinese IC market services for over 9 years of senior human resource practitioners, general manager of Shanghai Talent Service Huyun Wang KT a few days ago at the annual IIC 2009 hosted on the Shanghai Railway Station party, told reporters. Huyun Wang in July 2001 founded the Shanghai KT personnel (referred to as KTHR) Services Limited. Before that, he is mainly looking for each company HR staff. However, around 2000 in a chance, he found that the rapidly rising China IC industry has some serious talent shortage problem. "This is definitely a ch...
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