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IC vendor ranking in the first quarter fell to tenth largest diversion of TSMC

According to market research company IC Insights data company in the global economic downturn and financial crisis, the 2008 global top 20 semiconductor supplier ranking of 17 companies to change the seating. Intel and Samsung remained the first and second position, but the top ten has changed dramatically. With the first quarter of Japans Toshiba chip revenue jumped more than 20 billion dollars to the third place of the location of TI, TI ranked fourth. STMicroelectronics rose to fifth, while the foundry giant TSMC fell to tenth from the fourth. Fabless design company Qualcomm last year became the first top ten fabless design companies, the current ranking to sixth. IC Insights said, rely mainly on TSMC fabless design company suffered a first quarter inventory clean-up period, TSMC expects second quarter sales will reach 2.2 billion...
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IC wafer and solar markets worth looking forward to the two hot spots in the semiconductor equipment

2008 growth rate of Chinas IC market will usher in a peak, mainly in the 2008 Olympic Games, digital TV and 3G applications such as to jointly promote, market demand has been warmer. China is the worlds semiconductor equipment manufacturers are still the focus of attention, and the rise of Chinese equipment manufacturers has also become the cornerstone of the development of IC market. Intel Capital last March 2.5 billion 300mm wafer fab Fab68 settled in Dalian Development Zone, this years SEMICON (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Development) we have heard during the 300mm production line will be built in Chongqing news, while Malaysia, foundry SilTerra also said it would build 12-inch wafer fab in China. If the smooth implementation of these projects, Chinas IC market will undoubtedly become the global focal point of...
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IC: Interactive technology industry chain needs to strengthen the market should go hand in hand

By the international financial crisis, 2009 will be Chinas IC industry, the most difficult year, when out of the woods, depending on whether the market continued to boom. To this end, we have to rely on government policies, carefully read and implement the "electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), on their own, struggling out of the trough. Five-pronged approach to promote industrial restructuring and rejuvenation "Planning" the third part of the "breakthrough integrated circuits, new display devices, software, key technology and other core industries" as the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization of one of the main tasks, I think it involves the following five areas: First integration of advantageous resources to support key enterprises, ...
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Icahn settled solar projects a total investment of 1.82 billion in Sanshui

Sanshui PV industry added new army. Yesterday, a total investment of 1.82 billion, production capacity could reach 500MW (megawatts) of solar cells Icahn printing project, contact the two sides only a short 2 months later, officially settled in Sanshui. This is the second film this year, the solar energy industry base in Guangdong and China thin film solar cell R & D Building Materials Group, battery production, equipment manufacturing project settled, the National Hi-tech Park, Sanshui District, Foshan, the introduction of a fourth major projects photovoltaic industry. Initial investment to start in June this year, 400 million yuanIcahn yesterday signed solar total investment 1.82 billion yuan, covering 100 acres, capacity 500MW, sub-5 building. Icahn, chairman of Solar Energy Group Co., Ltd. Zoucheng Hui said the first phase of the pr...
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ICS introduced 8/16/32 channel data acquisition card, no auxiliary clock

Interactive Circuits and Systems (ICS) is a subsidiary of Radstone Embedded Computing, recently launched a ICS-645D 32-channel data acquisition card samples per second 5M, and to provide 8 channels and 16-channel types. The data acquisition card is based on the previous generation ICS ICS-645C, with the A / D conversion, gain and filtering functions, the board has a programmable clock, thus no additional auxiliary clock. the data acquisition card with a gain of filter module, in the A / D converter without using a signal conditioning circuit before. The card provides four A / D range :10-mV ,100-mV ,1-V and 10-V pp, a bandwidth of 1.25MHz. ICS-645D includes all the ICS-645C signal conditioning functions (differential input voltage range and smoothing of four), and increased memory capacity and PCI board or FPDP (front panel data port) ...
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IDC said that despite the economic turmoil, the global mobile phone market is still up 14.3%

A busy holiday quarter in the past, the global handset market shipments are expected to decrease from the previous quarter. According to IDCs "Worldwide mobile phone tracking quarterly" Survey of the first quarter of 2008, vendors shipped 291.6 million for the previous quarter to 330.8 million decreased 11.6% compared to the first quarter of 2007 increased 14.3 255 000 000 %. Although the results of the first quarter of 2008, consistent with IDCs forecast, but economic problems may have a negative impact mobile phone sales this year. IDCs mobile devices technology and trends team, senior research analyst Ramon ? La Masi (Ramon T. Llamas), said: "affected by many factors, the growing mobile phone market is facing numerous pressures, including the users attention and stimulate purchase For. gradually rising food and fuel prices continued ...
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IDC said that the chip embedded processor and connect the two highlights of the semiconductor market

Global semiconductor market research firm IDC, said vice president of MarioMorales, embedded processors and connectivity chips are two bright spots in the semiconductor market. Computers and mobile phones in 2009 the decline in chip sales will reach double digits. Many embedded systems need to improve the intelligence level, this trend is to promote the embedded processor 15% compound annual growth rate. IDC predicted that 2012 sales of such chips from 2007 when more than 30 billion U.S. dollars to nearly 70 billion dollars. In digital TV and set-top boxes and other popular devices, currently only less than 3% have connectivity, which is a potential growth area. Morales predicted, support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and many other combinations of the standard type of chip, chip, 2012, the proportion of total connections from the current 20% t...
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IDC survey shows that gigabit router and switch sales surge in first quarter

IDCs global market survey first quarter of LAN, Gigabit Ethernet switch sales surge in the first quarter, 27%, reaching 608,853 ports. One reason is that the average price of Gigabit Ethernet switches plummeted, every port in the fourth quarter (99Q4) 878 Mei Yuan basis fell more than 20%. At the same time and too-bit Gigabit router sales increased significantly. IDC research enterprise network Paul Strauss, senior analyst, said: "These significant changes in the new millennium began in the first quarter, and further extend into. Global ATM network LAN market is turning from a Gigabit Ethernet; bit too much to pay the router also shipped in volume. This year, the market is high-end LAN switches and routers to buy take-off driven by increase in the rate. "Gigabit and Gigabit Ethernet switch port shipments of routers are on the rise, p...
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IDC: Asia Pacific IT spending will be reduced within two years, 20.5 billion

According to IDC market research firm recently released research report, the U.S. economy further into recession will make the Asia Pacific region including Japan, IT spending in the next two years decreased 20.5 billion. IDC Asia-Pacific is responsible for IT spending, research vice president Gary Koch in a statement Monday, said a further decline in U.S. economic prospects in the IT market in Asia Pacific will have a major impact. This forecast predicted more than IDC had a more conservative market. IDC predicted last December, the Asia Pacific region including Japan, information and communication expenses in 2008 will reach 154 billion U.S. dollars. IDC forecasts that the U.S. market decline may result in both cases. The most optimistic scenario is this years IT spending by 48 billion U.S. dollars, in 2009 IT spending by 75 billion...
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IDC: inkjet printer shipments in the first half grew by 9.4%

According to market research firm IDC recently published study reported that first half of 2007 China ink-jet printers (printers and multifunction devices) shipped 212 million units, an increase of 9.4%. Inkjet multifunction device shipments rose significantly, while the ordinary inkjet printer shipments increased by only 0.7%, mainly due to a large number of low-end inkjet printers are bundled with the PC. IDC research analyst, computer systems in China said Michael Yang, the Chinese ink-jet printer market has the following characteristics: 1. The inkjet printer market, a slight increase in With Chinas GDP growth and information and communications technology industry development, China will be the inkjet printer market, modest growth, although from the growing threat of laser printer and PC as well as future low-end inkjet printer bu...
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