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IDC: PC sales in the mainland of China tied the United States in 2011

SAN June 1 news, according to Taiwan media reports, IDC said in a few days ago, mainland China PC sales in 2011 tied the United States, will gradually stable after the first market. It is reported that PC sales in the U.S. market accounted for 24% of global sales, mainland China has accounted for 14%. IDC predicts that worldwide PC sales in 2011, the Chinese mainland will increase the proportion to 18%, but will decline in U.S. sales to 18%, both in the flat, the gap will continue to widen, PC sales in China market eventually will surpass the United States. ...
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IDF: Intel emphasis on energy efficient energy forum

"Efficient" and "energy saving" has become increasingly concerned about the government and industry topics, especially in the rapid development of the IT industry, it is an important issue. To further strengthen the government, enterprises, multi-user interaction, and promote industry consensus, particularly in the IDF Intels energy efficient experts held during the forum. From Intel, Huawei and experts from related organizations at home and abroad, together on energy efficient, environment and related IT applications in such areas as technology and interactive discussion, and share their experiences. Intels CTO Justin Timberlake and Su Liqing, vice president of Huawei from the enterprise perspective describes how to use their innovative technologies to promote energy efficient, and respond to national call for establishment of energy-sav...
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IDT DSP clusters ready for the launch of pre-processing switch (PPS) chip

(Electronic markets Reuters) IDTTM Company (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI) introduced for digital signal processor (DSP) clusters, the only existing pre-processing switch (PPS) chip , once again demonstrates their design for the wireless infrastructure provider of semiconductor solutions in the leading position. IDT pre-processing switch (PPS, pre-processing switch) designed specifically for wireless baseband processing applications, using Serial RapidIO ? (sRIO) interconnect, is an advanced semiconductor solution integrating an innovative byte-level and packet-level processing capability, bandwidth-intensive tasks to uninstall a particular DSP. This can uninstall the performance of DSP within a cluster increased by 20%, thus contributing to the processor to focus on other compute-intensive functions to meet the next-ge...
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IDT industrys first IP-based network statistics engine and more performance

(Reuters electronic market) for the system designers to develop new value-added services and features, IDT ? introduced the industrys first ready-made statistical engine. The statistics engine to the edge router, broadband multi-service storage devices and provide a platform for the target, with a Network Processing Forum (NPF) LA-1 interface, and can uninstall NPU, FPGA and ASIC processors and other components of the important statistical tracking. With this new single-chip device, designers can focus on IP-based services and other compute-intensive functions. These services include the transfer from IPv4 to IPv6; and such as online gaming, streaming media and content-related business, such businesses need to understand and accurately track the bandwidth consumption. IDT chief technology officer and vice president of systems technology M...
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IDT Introduces New DDR2 Products

Market leader launched 667MHz Clock / Register Product; use of the test platform DDR2 ecosystems IDT Corporation (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI) today announced the launch of a variety of DDR2-667 dual inline memory module register (R-DIMM) of new products to achieve its dual inline memory modules (R-DIMMs) market-leading commitment. The new products include a series of phase-locked loop (PLL) clock drivers and register products, as well as the industrys only DDR2-667MHz register validation board (RVB). IDTs product line to support the new DDR2 speed grades of high performance standards, expanded its industry-leading position, to provide users with a complete DIMM products and test platforms. R-DIMM is a typical application of workstations, servers, storage devices and telecommunications products such as routers. DDR...
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IDT network search engine speed ATCA packet processing throughput of 10Gbps

IDT has partnered with RadiSys, as the emerging Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) platform solutions. As a widely used commercial, corporate and service provider market leading provider of advanced embedded systems, RadiSys has developed a dual Network Processor Forum by IDT side as (NPF LA-1) interface, 75K72234 NSE daughter card. It and its Promentum ATCA-7010 10 Gbps packet processing module allows the user to input the minimum design significantly enhanced packet processing performance. The combined solution can be used as platform for designers to evaluate existing systems or directly in the next-generation networking equipment to deploy the final design, to provide traffic aggregators, intrusion detection systems and high-bandwidth line cards high packet processing performance. According to reports, RadiSys Promentum ...
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IDT QDR-II launched the industrys first dual-port device

(Electronic markets Reuters) IDT ? has announced the launch of its wide range of multi-port devices is another new product. New series offers the industrys first x36 QDR-II or x18 LA-1 QDR-II interface to true dual-port devices, and x72 synchronous dual-port device family. Use of two ports integrating memory and logic control, dual-port products can speed up the communication between multiple processors, the processors at the same time to a common central memory. These products are particularly suitable for wireless infrastructure, networking, storage, high-speed image processing and supercomputers, such as multi-core computing. Industry-leading new QDR-II dual-port device IDT QDR-II dual-port device with 9Mb and 18Mb densities at the same time, provides 250 MHz clock speed and 36 Gbps throughput. These features make these products enabl...
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IDT solutions introduced PCI EXPRESS

IDT ? Announces PRECISE ? series of PCI Express ? solutions, including 4 bridging and switching products, reflecting its role in promoting standardization of serial switching solemn commitment. For high performance computing, server and storage applications, PRECISE ? family offers the industrys first cost-competitive with PCI-Express I / O expansion and bridging solutions. IDT will also provide a full range of hardware and software development tools, including test evaluation board, software drivers and graphical user interface (GUI), in order to achieve the system configuration and optimization. These programs will meet the price of the mainstream server and storage systems OEM demand, thereby reducing the overall cost per Gigabyte exchange. The companys first PRECISE PCI Express bridging and switching solutions includes four devices...
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IEEE standards for developing the next generation PoE

IEEE802.3 feed will create a new generation of Ethernet (PoE) standard, that PoEPlus. The establishment of standards by the IEEE PoEPlus study group mainly responsible. The new PoE (PoE) standard may apply to live equipment (such as: IP Phone (VoIP), wireless local area network (WLAN), access point (AP) and network security monitor, etc.) transported at least 30 watts of power. Existing 802.3af PoE standard, IEEE 2003 is used. This standard not only allows network devices to receive more than 12.95 watts. PoE standard has become the preferred power network devices. Ethernet power suppliers, PowerDsine CEO Igal Rotem said, "The 802.3af standard CAT5 Ethernet cable, and more widely used, we need to establish new standards for the cable to the existing facilities supply more power. "...
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IEK: Q3 semiconductor packaging and testing demand growth weakened foundry

According to ITRI IEK ITIS plan for the semiconductor industry outlook in the second half of the industry assessment, in the second half of 2009, the global semiconductor industry has been hampered by the impact of the governments economic stimulus package, making global semiconductor sales over the first half of 2009 showed a large growth rate, while the first half of 2010, when the pace was better than expected global economic recovery, coupled with insufficient capacity, also brisk sales performance during the first half of this year, then also because the base period, hence the annual growth forecast in the third quarter quarter growth rate, will be reduced over the past few quarters. However, IEK also stresses that although the strength of industry growth will be slowing down, but the wafer foundry and IC packaging and testing capa...
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