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January-October 2007 Brief Introduction of China Import and Export Instrumentation

Order, according to Chinese customs statistics CCCME data, the export side, Chinas January-October exports instrumentation 27.373 billion U.S. dollars, up 10.6% over the previous year. October, Instrument exports $ 3,349,000,000, an increase of 19.9%. Key products export volume and value :1-10 months, the liquid crystal display panels from January to October export volume of 1.534 billion, an increase of 11.5%, exports amounted to 15.374 billion U.S. dollars, up 48.3%; massage equipment exports 8412.6 million, down 7.1%, exports amounted to 767 million, an increase of 23.5%; polarizing material of the sheets and plates exports 6,864,100, an increase of 58.1%, exports amounted to 453 million, an increase of 65.7%. Import side, Chinas January-October instruments amounted to 54.151 billion U.S. dollars of imports, up 15.9% over the previo...
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January-October 2007, the import and export of electronic information products

2007 January-October total import and export volume of electronic information products reached 645.05 billion U.S. dollars, up 23.9% lower year on year growth rate 11.2 percentage points higher than the national growth rate of 0.4 percentage points. Of which $ 365,300,000,000 total exports, up 26.6% lower year on year growth rate 10.6 percentage points higher than the national export growth rate of 0.1 percentage points, accounting for 37.1% of the national foreign trade export volume, on the contribution of the national export growth rate of 37.1%, driving the national increase of 26.5 percent in exports of 9.8 percentage points. Total imports amounted to 279.75 billion U.S. dollars, up 20.7% lower year on year growth rate 12.2 percentage points higher than the national growth rate of 0.9 percentage points of foreign trade imports, a...
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January-October exports of electrical and electronic products grew 31%

Learned recently from the General Administration of Customs, the State in the field of foreign trade and further demonstrates the effectiveness of macro-control measures, 10 January Chinas export growth slowed 0.5 percentage points last month, while import growth is 9.4 percentage points to speed up trade expanding trade surplus continued to slow down the momentum. According to customs statistics, Chinas foreign trade from January to October this year, worth $ 1,759,320,000,000, up 23.5% over last year, the growth rate unchanged from the previous 9 months, import and export levels of the scale close to last year; which exports 9858.4 billion, up 26.5%; imports 773.48 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 19.8%. Jan-Oct trade surplus was 212.36 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 59% over the first 9 months of trade surplus growth slowed...
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January-October exports of electronic information products, accounting for 37.5% of the total

1-10 months, Chinas accumulative total import and export of electronic information products, $ 607,634,000,000, down 19.5%, accounting for 34.6% of total foreign trade. Export growth negative growth, a decline continued to narrow. 1-10 months, total exports of electronic information products 359.377 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 37.5% of total exports, down 18.35%, than the first three quarters of decline narrowed 1.5 percentage points. 1-10 months, total imports of electronic information products, 248.257 billion yuan, accounting for 31.1% of total imports, down 21.11%. 1-10 months, portable computers, mobile phones, liquid crystal display panel is still ranked in the top three of Chinas major export products. One portable computer exports totaled 51.904 billion U.S. dollars, down 3.61%; mobile phone export volume reached 30.09...
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January-September 2007, the economic operation of electronic information industry

This year, Chinas electronic information industry has maintained steady development of the whole, the growth rate showed a slight upward trend from month to month. As of the end of the third quarter, the whole industry realized main business income of 3.45718 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.1%, with manufacturing to achieve the main business income of 3.07868 trillion yuan, up 19.7%; software industry revenue of 378.5 billion yuan, an increase of 23.6 %. Manufacturing industry 673.81 billion yuan of industrial added value, an increase of 19.8%. First, the operating characteristics of the economy 1, further expand the industrial scale, the total growth rate of steady recovery. The first three quarters of view, large-scale manufacturing growth was increasing month by month trend since the beginning of this month to reach the best level,...
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Japan and the U.S. has developed an 8-hour rechargeable battery can be used

Japans Matsushita Battery Industrial Company today announced that Intel decided to cooperate with the United States to develop to 8 hours of continuous notebook computer batteries. According to reports, Panasonic Battery Company will be the first in April 2006 developed a large battery capacity than the existing 30% of the lithium battery, this battery will combine Intels energy-saving technology, estimated that by 2008 a single charge can be used to produce 8 hours of notebook computer batteries....
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Japan July chip equipment orders over $ 856,000,000 for the same period last year down

8 Yue 19 date based on industry data, the results show that the Japanese chip equipment orders in July fell 27.8% from a year earlier, as chip manufacturers to save costs. This is the 17th consecutive month decline from a year earlier. Preliminary report based on monthly orders SEAJ amount of orders in July is 93.9 billion yen (8.56 billion U.S. dollars), representing a decrease of 0.2% in June. SEAJ spokesman Masamich Kobayashi said, "outlook does not improve, Elpida, Toshiba and Samsung Electronics and other equipment manufacturers are delaying spending, I do not see will be the end of the recovery." SEAJ also said that July orders for semiconductor equipment shipments ratio rose to 1.09 for the first time in 13 months to orders higher than sales, mainly due to sales falling sharply. Shipping orders to complete more than 100 yen ...
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Japan to curb suicides and criminal acts being phased in blue LED lighting

Tiaogui prevent the occurrence of suicide, JR Shinagawa Station platforms barrel blue lighting installed. (Kyodo News) 29, according to Kyodo News reported that due to the blue light to help stabilize peoples emotions throughout Japan in order to restrain suicide and criminal behavior are gradually promoting the blue lighting. Japanese railway companies since the use of the equipment at the crossing after the suicide of Tiaogui has decreased significantly. People of this light can bring the soft lighting effects are placed increasingly high expectations. As preventing railway crossing accidents "killer", JR West Japan from December 2006 onwards in the hillside and line and off the West line of the main site to install light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, and now to complete the installation of the site, totaling 59 . Previously, T...
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Japan to develop a thickness of 150 microns thin laminated ceramic capacitor

Japans Kyocera original chemical treatment methods rely on establishing the thickness of the capacitor electrodes reduced to one third of the technology of ordinary products, which also developed the overall thickness of only 150 microns thin laminated ceramic capacitor . According to "the Nikkei business daily," 11 reported the first production of hundreds of thin film capacitors of ceramic-like layer after another, the bear made of dielectric charge storage capabilities of the medium, and then wrapped in copper electrodes at both ends material. The past, the process is a copper dissolution of copper paste applied at both ends of the dielectric medium, adhesion of copper up, but because of the high viscosity of copper paste electrode as easy as Huo Chaitou uplift, an increase of electrode thickness. If you want the overall thinning of ...
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Japan to develop safety standards for lithium batteries

Recently, mobile phones have repeatedly occurred in an explosion of things, but last week Nokia worldwide recall of 46 million cell phone batteries, it is causing the industry to the mobile phone battery safety questioned. It is reported that Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, the battery industry will, Information and Communication Industry Association and video network equipment industry will have begun to cooperate in establishing technical standards for the safe use of lithium batteries. According to reports, the industry associations involved in the notebook computers, mobile phones and digital cameras, and other industries. Prior to that, for the safe use of lithium batteries, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association and the battery industry, has been co-developed ...
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