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Japan will actively promote the development of solar cell technology

METI recent decision, will support solar cells placed on economic growth in Japan, the location of areas of technology, and actively promote research and development of its technology and expand the share of Japanese products in the world; amendment popularize and promote in Japan use of solar energy action plan to strengthen public facilities on the use of solar energy. Japan Patent Office (JPO) statistics, in 2006 Japan, the United States, Europe, China, South Korea in five countries and regions, the total patent applications in solar cells, applications from Japan to 5,449, accounting for 68.4%; One of the most popular application for silicon solar cells reached 75% -81%, far ahead of Europe (8% -11%) and the United States (5% -7%). In other words, in response to global warming green energy solar cells, Japan currently has the worlds...
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Japanese chip makers to reduce or freeze spending a substantial decline in November 71% of orders

According to industry data released on Wednesday, the Japanese semiconductor manufacturing equipment orders in November over the same period a substantial 71% decline, as chip makers have cut back or freeze spending. This is the 21-month consecutive decline from a year earlier, because of the financial crisis hit demand for consumer electronic products. 11 Yue orders for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the amount of 41.94 billion yen (471.3 million U.S. dollars), down from 1,469.8 billion yen a year earlier, but grew 7% last month. Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ) pointed out that the order amount the third consecutive month lower than the sale amount. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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Japanese companies targeting the next generation of standards for electronic components

Electronic parts and components to accelerate the pace of technology development, various Japanese manufacturers to meet the mobile phones, digital home appliances, automotive technology needs a strong, full use of cutting-edge technology, high value-added products. At the same time as "the next growth" as the subject for a new field of research and development activities, refining line with the key technology of the next growth. Continued expansion of the worlds electronic parts and components market demand in Japan electronic parts, components industry, the world market, constantly introducing new cutting-edge technology. October 2 opening of the CEATEC2007 exhibition is aimed at next-generation standards to manufacturers of new products, new technology, focus on appearance. Expected output value of electronic components in Japan in 2...
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Japanese consumer electronics industry have cut costs in order to protect themselves

- > SAN morning of May 25, according to Taiwan media reports, because of reduced global demand, export-oriented Japanese consumer electronics industry has been seriously affected. Previously announced cost reduction Toshiba also plans to take a bigger cost-cutting measures, its size only to Sony. It is reported that Toshiba plans to cut the 330 billion yen (about 35 billion U.S. dollars) in fixed costs, than the amount originally announced more than 10%. The company expects to take in the 2009 fiscal year (as of the end of March 2010) to save 100 billion yen operating profit. This is the latest Japanese electronics maker also cut the cost of action. Global economic downturn, resulting in heavy losses the Japanese electronics industry, forcing companies have cut costs, and to include the cut-off, integration of overseas production li...
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Japanese electronics giant pines: To search for comeback in China

According to rough estimates, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC and Sharp 7 companies total net loss after tax is expected to reach 22.3 billion. And by the end of October 2008, this nine electronics manufacturing giants have announced earnings expectations. Lapse of several months, profitability is expected to have "reversed." Panasonic earnings published yesterday, or will open a Japanese electronics makers prelude performance loss. Yesterday, Panasonic announced its third-quarter financial report, third quarter net loss of 63.116 billion yen. Panasonic also announced the expected lower results for the fiscal year, net loss of 380 billion yen is expected (about 4.2 billion), which will be Panasonic for the first time since 2002 the annual net loss. 2008 years of financial crisis, the Japanese consumer electronics compa...
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Japanese electronics industry, the same pattern of temporary

Japanese electronics industry has recently appeared in a huge loss, a public opinion that the fall of the Japanese electronics industry has a collective, the Chinese electronics industry is expected to replace Japans leading global electronics industry, I believe that this view is undesirable. Japanese electronics industry is a huge loss the U.S. dollar against the yen in the control results, so it does not directly mean that the competitiveness of the Japanese electronics industry downturn. Japans electronics industry still has a stable global control. The author believes that the electronics industrys global leadership and fundamental change in the pattern does not occur, we would not have China replace Japans electronics industry leader in the world situation. Competitiveness of the industry is actually an industry with the control s...
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Japanese IC manufacturers integrated production line

The semiconductor industry in Japan also showed a deficit, it plans to integrate the old production line. Fujitsu, NEC and Renesas are all listed in the production line shut down the old plan. SoC manufacturing technologies are discussing merger, chief executive of NEC and Toshiba showed the determination to continue the integration, and threatened to achieve their goals. Japanese semiconductor manufacturer announced a shut down the old production line and reduce duplication of production restructuring plan, NEC and Toshibas chief executive said it is discussing the issue of their merger SoC production and claim to be considered after the success of chip maker Mergers between. Mr. Toshiba CEONishida that the operation must first strengthen their own capacity, and then again consider the integration issues. And that the success of Toshi...
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Japanese maker Elpida Memory Hitachi intends to sell off all stock holdings plunge

According to Bloomberg reports, the Japanese computer chip maker Elpida Memory (6665) shares fell in early trading, marking the biggest drop in 7 months, the Nikkei said Hitachi (6501) will all be to sell off 9.9% holdings, to raise funds to cope pensions. In Tokyo 9:33 Elpida shares plunged 9.8% reported that 3120 yen is 17 August 2007 the largest decline. 2.6% reported frustration Hitachi 606 yen, the Nikkei 225 index fell relative to 1.3%. Hitachi spokesman Keisaku Shibatani that Hitachi has not decided how to deal with ownership. ...
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Japanese researchers have found that: the fiber can be transformed solar cells

Researchers from Japan have developed a "fibrous dye-sensitized solar cells without TCO (fiber-type TCO-less dye sensitized solar cell)"; this solar cell is the dye-sensitized solar cell layer, a length of around 3.5 cm (cm), 9 mm in diameter (mm) composed of glass fibers. The team is Kyushu University (Kyushu Institute of Technology, KIT) of the Institute of Life Science and Systems Engineering led by Professor Shuji Hayase; its researchers dioxide layer, a layer of pigment-sensitized and a layer of porous titanium (porous Ti) as the electrode (cathode); layer of electrolyte containing iodine and other porous layer, and a layer of platinum (Pt) and titanium as the other side of the electrode (cathode). Order of the above two electrodes surrounding the glass fiber; In addition to the two ends of the glass fiber, the solar cells are cov...
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Japanese researchers have invented a similar OLED with rubber

The University of Tokyo researchers have developed a new type of OLED display that can stretch and deformation - as with the rubber. They live demonstration of the deformation of a screen as a "human face" shape, the display side of the display constantly changing facial expressions, while the other side shows the meteorological data. This new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) on the surface by spraying a layer made of fluorine rubber carbon nanotube technology to produce flexible, a conductive material. Prototype created by the current 100 square centimeter, can display 256 color pixels. Scientists said that even a thousand times its collapse, its display will not change, efforts are being made to display a higher resolution and more colors. In the future, the display can be a variety of shapes. ...
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