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Japanese semiconductor manufacturers have recently started to slow down the pace of cuts

- > Recently reported that continued strong global economic crisis has cut the Japanese semiconductor manufacturers have recently started to slow down the pace of cuts. Reported to Renesas Technologys semiconductor giants, represented by the recent rate cut began to narrow. The semiconductor industry from January to March this year, the operating rate was as low as 40% or less, is expected during the period April-June operating rate can be increased to 50%. Major semiconductor giants are expected this summer, the average operating rate is expected to increase to 60% to 70%. Japanese semiconductor giant, however, put into production in the profit and loss line basically around 70-80%, that is, even if the average operating rate increase this summer to 60% to 70% still failed to reach can generate profits level, can only say that thro...
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Japans Elpida fourth quarter of last fiscal year loss of $ 500,000,000

According to foreign media reports, the worlds third-largest memory chip maker Elpida of Japan, the fourth quarter of last fiscal year loss of $ 508,000,000, the sixth consecutive quarterly loss and expects production to slow down. Weak personal computer chip prices dragged down its performance. Elpida announced that from January to March quarter operating loss of 49.4 billion yen, almost double the same period last year, more than market expectations of 430 billion yen. While Elpida did not provide full-year earnings forecast, but the average estimate, according to several investment banks, as of March 2010 for the fiscal year will reach 53 billion yen operating loss. Elpida also said that as of next March for the fiscal year, is expected to increase the output of total storage capacity will be reduced to 20% growth last year was 90%. ...
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Japans Elpida Memory Company will invest in Taiwan

According to Taiwans "Economic Daily" Economics Minister Yin Chi-ming on Sunday quoted as saying, Japans Elpida Memory (Elpida Memory Inc.) Memory company in Taiwan (Taiwan Memory Company) not less than the amount of investment which the Government of Taiwan amount of investment. Yin Chi-ming said the Taiwan government to Taiwan, the memory may be less than NTD 10.0 billion investment, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the company. Yin Chi-ming was quoted as saying the company is also working with Taiwanese memory 5-10 potential investors to negotiate. ...
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Japans government will invest 920 billion yen to encourage the development of LED business

To stimulate the economy, encourage enterprises to invest in Japan, the Japanese government has decided to establish in Japan for the determination of lithium and other LED related to environmental protection and production base, the government will set the subsidy system. LED lamps Although Japan and businesses on many occasions the introduction of subsidies, promotion of green innovation and is basically a way to subsidize low-carbon industries, direct subsidies to enterprises specified on the LED, but also the first time. Japanese government wants the government from the 2009-2010 fiscal year preparatory funds, out of a total of 920 billion yen (about 108 billion U.S. dollars) in new economic stimulus program, which will be held September 10, 2010 submitted to Congress approval and implementation by the end of September. ...
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Japans growth in residential solar panels per month 8000

METI Office of Natural Resources and Energy Watanabe, chief of the new energy measures rose rule June 22, 2009 at the Industrial Technology Research Institutes "5th report on the outcome of solar power research center will be" delivered a speech on . Watanabe said, "(due to recovery of the subsidy policy) residential installation of solar panels such as the number of steady growth. Currently installing 8,000 per month, 2 times last year." In addition, Watanabe also introduced the "great effect" of the organic thin-film solar cells, solar cells as a new generation of concern, not a separate province by the production of solar cells and batteries, etc. to promote the popularity, but to promote " into solar cells and the battery system. " "More sunny days will increase power generation, but in the case of Golden Week, when people go home ...
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Japans mobile phone ambitions reproduction defeat back at China

Chinas 3G era has finally opened, which means that the worlds largest mobile phone market will once again be activated, and those who want to glimpse of 3G mobile terminal manufacturers still have hope that this is a feast, have gearing . But in the domestic market prospects for a good time, shortly before Japans Kyocera Corporation has suddenly announced in the company have to give up tens of millions of debt and equity, to exit the Chinese market. Exit is not the case Kyocera, the Japanese mobile phone manufacturers in recent years, one by one almost all ended in failure in the Chinese market, these companies not in a mighty overlord of the Japanese market, or even Rush through the commercial war that global Nokia old also blasted the Japanese domestic market, resulting in the Japanese domestic market to become Japans domestic mobile ...
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Japans NEC Electronics, said FY08 net loss of $ 91,400,000

- > >>> due to continuous losses, NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology announced last month plans to merge, the combined new company will be Japans largest chip maker. Junshi Yamaguchi Toshio Nakajima will replace as president of NEC Electronics. (Zhi Xiang) --> ...
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Japans semiconductor business restructuring Nikon cut 1,000 jobs

- > SAN FRANCISCO, May 26 afternoon, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese digital camera and precision equipment maker Nikon (Nikon) on Tuesday announced that the company will be restructured and semiconductor related component business, and lay off about 1,000 people, most of which cuts the factory in Japan to complete. Nikon said it will fully check the precision equipment business, will also reduce the size of a subsidiary in Singapore, Singapore, part of the business will be transferred to China Taiwan. Nikon plans to cut annual costs of about 80 billion yen (U.S. $ 84,000,000). Nikon by the impact of weak demand. The company predicted earlier in May, ending 09 March 2010 fiscal year, the company will net loss of 17 billion yen. Recent months, many Japanese manufacturers have announced layoffs in response to the gl...
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Japans semiconductor industry staged vertical and horizontal

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba and NEC are two E-18, announced that it will expand IBMs semiconductor development in the most cutting-edge fields, the most advanced systems before the development of the integrated circuit, Panasonic and Renesas have to cooperate. Japanese semiconductor industry, "weave" will be exacerbated. Toshiba press release issued said the three parties will jointly develop 28 nm process CMOS process technology, the technology used in high-speed next-generation large-capacity data communication machine. The development will be located in New York in the IBM semiconductor plant. Toshiba and NEC Electronics respectively in December 2007 and September 2008 added to the core of IBMs semiconductor development camp. Two Japanese electronics giants to cooperate with each other, the technology from the IBM camp applic...
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Japans semiconductor industry, or easy to master boss

Japanese semiconductor industry is brewing for more than 6 years of a takeover of the largest - sales ranking of the Renesas Technology Corp., Japans second or merged with NEC Electronics, which formed over the semiconductor industry in Japan Toshibas new boss, in the world after the United States will be Intel and Samsung Electronics. Renesas Technology fiscal 2008 (April 2008-March 2009) sales are expected for the 680 billion yen (about 99 yen in 1 U.S. dollars), NEC Electronics is about 555 billion yen, the two the level of the combined sales are expected to more than 1.2 trillion yen. The semiconductor industry is currently ranked first in Japan, Toshiba, annual sales of about 1 trillion yen. Present, Renesas Technology is the largest shareholder of Hitachi, Ltd., holding 55%, Mitsubishi Electric holds a 45% stake. The current cons...
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