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Japans solar cell market in 2025 will reach 9 trillion yen, or

10 released Fuji economy solar related technologies, covering the development of market conditions and industry outlook and so the investigation report. Survey data show that the solar cell market in 2009 was 1.6801 trillion yen market size, market size in 2010 is expected to grow to the size of 2.1187 trillion yen by 2025, global solar cell market will reach 8.9978 trillion yen, market will be more than 5 times in 2009. Current annual demand for solar power generation system the top 5 countries are Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the Czech Republic, these five countries the demand for solar power generation system on the global demand accounted for 8 percent, the five expected in the future countries, the demand for solar power generation system was to expand the trend will continue. Meanwhile, the price of the further red...
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Japans solar cell market will reduce the system

Market research firm Fuji Keizai has published a system of energy-related findings of the Japanese market. According to the survey results to predict the future, solar cell systems in Japan market will shrink. 2007 (April 2007 ~ March 2008), the Japanese solar cell system related to 148.7 billion yen in sales, while the year 2016 is expected to be reduced to 114.3 billion yen. For raw materials do not use silicon or reduce the use of silicon, solar cell systems in the expanding market, the systems average price of a downward trend, and the stagnation of domestic demand growth in the field of fierce price competition, so Fuji economic forecast, calculated by the amount of solar cell market will be reduced. And organic solar cells, estimated 2016 annual sales will reach 08 in Japan about 2.4 times the annual, or 55 billion yen. This non-s...
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Japans stimulus plan will push trillions of dollars to promote solar energy development

According to Japans "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported that the world financial summit (G20) will be held April 2 held in London, the Japanese government plans to aggregate economic stimulus package and the previously announced. The amount of economic stimulus measures may involve up to 100 trillion yen (more than one trillion U.S. dollars), mainly for construction of public facilities areas. In addition, Japan also follow the example of Barack Obamas "green energy" program to promote domestic houses and public buildings using solar energy. Taking into account the employment situation, economic stimulus package will significantly increase investment in public utilities. In addition to further improve the airports, ports and highways, but is likely to consider early implementation of the new lines and Haneda Airports expansion plans. In additio...
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Japans ULVAC investing film equipment manufacturers set up factories in Shenzhen

- > Yesterday, Japans ULVAC Co., Ltd. established a joint venture with Shenzhen Howe ULVAC Optical Film Technology (Shenzhen) Company, the first phase of plans to invest 120 million yuan, the vacuum coating equipment and touch screen R & D and the whole plant equipment manufacturing. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Xu Qin attended the signing ceremony and met with President of ULVAC Co., Ltd. company three years in a row and part of the village at the "Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week," the foreign guests. ULVAC Co., Ltd. was established in 1952, is a global provider of three TFT thin film device in the world, 43 companies established in China, has 15 subsidiaries. Mainly engaged in manufacturing various types of large vacuum equipment and vacuum components, especially semiconductors, solar cells, flat panel displays and electr...
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JARO precision applications for high frequency inductance

JARO Components has developed a new type of THI series of high-frequency inductors and inductance compared to conventional wire wound or thin film is more economic. The THI inductor is designed for high precision applications. New single-layer ceramic inductors includes a thin film coating plate lithography, self-resonant frequency (SRF) is high, and high temperatures. New THI series of high-frequency inductors have 0402 and 0603, in 1nH to 68nH inductance between the rated voltage range of 70mA to 350mA. Inductance 0.2nH accuracy of 2% or accuracy of ± 1nH. SRF strictly controlled within 10%. New THI series of high-frequency inductive coupling for GaAs VCO and the requirements also apply to cell phones, pagers, GPS products, WLAN and other RF applications. Meet the RoHS requirements. When purchasing capacity of 4,000, THI160808-3N3B (...
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JEDEC released form the industrys first SSD interoperability standards to improve supply chain

Leading SSD standard-setting organization JEDEC Solid State Technology Association recently released a 1.8-inch thin and light form factor solid state drive up MO-297. These types of solid-state drives are widely used in consumer electronic products, including Internet and laptop computers. As the industrys first release for the JEDEC standard 1.8-inch form factor solid state drive, improve supply chain interoperability standards, MO-297s release marks the JEDEC standards in the development of SSD Integrated leadership. MO-297 defines a standard SATA interface SSD 54mm × 39mm size, layout, and connector locations. These solid-state drives use a standard form factor will be able to ensure interoperability across the supply chain in order to achieve the hard disk manufacturers, product designers and consumers of the three win-win situatio...
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Jennic wireless sensor modules provide digital and analog interface

Jennic has introduced JN5121 single chip wireless microcontroller based on the JN5121MOxxx series of modules, allowing automotive system developers in the design of the sensor network products do not have to design the process of RF circuits and testing program. The module also provides a proven reference designs, and for those the end-market for wireless sensor module, other modules package manufacturing services suppliers. The module provides access for the developers all the JN5121 chip, digital and analog interface capability, including ADC, DAC, comparators, timers, UART, serial port and GPIO. JN5121MOxxx the IO access ensures the module can be (separately) to use, without having to add additional circuitry to implement many low-power wireless systems need to function. JN5121MOxxx series has two versions: with 18mm × 30mm surface-m...
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Jerry Yang: Yahoo has been difficult to do business the dark side of increased international

According to foreign media reports, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, said recently that the countrys Internet policy is different from doing business in international markets is not an easy thing. Yang said: "In overseas markets, because of the law on the dark side, may also be challenged to expand their business. Therefore, even though I was a supporter of American values, but in overseas markets may not be entirely the value of the U.S. On the act. " Jerry Yang said that in international networking market, each country has different policies. Therefore, to ensure that legitimate business there. Yang said: "Compared with the past, Yahoo has been the dark side continues unabated. The question was not resolved." ...
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Jia Changrong: How to train well in the terminal block solar energy company effort

Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban released "on accelerating the implementation of solar PV building applications," and "solar PV building applications for financial assistance fund Interim Measures," the policy defined as the start of the photovoltaic industry support: each subsidies to 20 per watt, so in 2009 the capacity of subsidies amount to approximately 150MW. Deli Solar Energy President Dudley said: "The introduction of the policy for the winter trapped in the PV industry, the economy was not only an opportunity to revive, while" financial subsidies to "good news will stimulate the solar thermal industry rapidly upper. " Order to conform to the global trend of building energy efficiency, as early as last year, Sunshine Deli proposed "comprehensive application of solar energy transformation of ...
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Jiangmen: Use the "green light" will receive financial subsidies

However, not all policies in the "gold" we can easily "dig" to, especially in recent times, in order to help businesses cope with the current international financial crisis, national, provincial and the city issued a series of policy measures many "gold" terms have not been high that we fully understand. In order to implement policies better and faster, to make public more fully with good policy, with the full policy, this newspaper has set up special "policy which has gold" column to help large enterprises and the people in our city " dig "to" gold ", and jointly resisting winter. Policy Interpretation: 30% subsidies to bulk users, residents subsidizing 50% 2007 Nian 12 28, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "promotion of efficient lighting products, financial subsidies to fund Interim Meas...
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