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Jiangsu first megawatt rooftop solar photovoltaic grid-based investment and construction projects

Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission first approved by the Grid-megawatt solar photovoltaic power generation project - "Jiangsu Guoxin Suntech 1.5 MW solar photovoltaic power generation project," foundation stone laying ceremony Huaian City in Jiangsu Province Chuzhou Development Zone was held. As soon as the provincial government announced that the Secretary-General Han Qinghua, this by the Jiangsu Provincial Guoxin Asset Management Group Limited (: Jiangsu Guoxin) and Suntech Power Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Suntech Power Group) to jointly develop the province of solar photovoltaic Project officially started construction. Huaian Jiangsu provincial government leaders and city leaders attended the ceremony. The project will advanced crystal silicon solar PV modules, laying in the Jiangsu Guoxin Huaian Biomass Powe...
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Jiangsu New lithium battery separator and the project put into operation

Changzhou, Jiang Su Yuanyu Electronics Group in the Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Branch to party building and the new lithium-ion battery separator and storage battery project, officially put into operation last week. The project is far from Chengdu Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yu Electronics Co., Ltd. in cooperation crystallization of the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Currently, the companys new lithium ion battery separator and water-based adhesive, an international initiative, has applied for Japanese, Korean and American patents, they developed a manganese lithium-ion polymer batteries and lithium, are also highly supercapacitor applications prospects. The scale production in Changzhou polymer lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries have a higher than normal safety and longer life,...
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Jiangsu Phoenix home "backdoor" * ST Yaohua "media" West Side Story

Phoenix Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu decided to let its backdoor listing assets of Phoenix Properties Limited, a complete end to the * ST Yaohua investors the illusion of its media industry in transition. Now the trouble is, * ST Yaohua Road property is not a smooth transition. Since last December announced the Phoenix media was identified transferee China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation * ST Yaohua all of the shares held by the object, * ST Yaohua been given the dazzling star of the future media halo. Phoenix Media is the top 500 Chinese enterprises publishing group leader, which in 2007 reached 11.886 billion yuan of total assets and sales revenue of more than 90 billion * ST Yaohua is pushing the "cloud." But the reporter learned of the situation that, * ST Yaohua not already bound to the transformation of the media indu...
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Jiangsu Sunshine income to 1.5 billion silicon photovoltaic Hairun deposit

Jiangsu Sunshine announcement today, according to subsidiary Ningxia Sunshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. and Hairun Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. had signed a total of 2.7 billion worth of polysilicon supply contracts, the sun has already received Hairun Ningxia 1.5 PV million deposit. July this year, according to Jiangsu Sunshine Notice of polysilicon supply contracts, Ningxia Sunshine January 2009 -12 January Hairun year supply of solar grade native silicon science and technology 1000-1200 tons. If the output of Ningxia Sunshine more than the agreed number, then all of the excess supply Hairun technology, supply relationships with third parties shall not. Announcement said at the time, at prevailing market prices, the 1,000 tons of polysilicon is about 2.7 billion, according to the actual market price supply contracts when the ma...
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Jiangsu Yongxin thin film solar cell planning a new project investment

Recently, Shi Heping, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province in Yongxing, accompanied by Mayor David Ding, inspected the citys high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Yongxing Multimedia Limited. Multimedia Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Yongxing CD by the worlds largest manufacturers of Taiwan, Central Group and American Express Xing Technology, the tripartite joint venture Gangzha Economic Development Corporation. The total investment of nearly 2 billion U.S. dollars, Chinas fastest-growing manufacturers of recordable CD. Yongxing asked in detail about the history of the peace deal with the financial crisis Multimedia Co., Ltd and new investment plans. Last year, the financial crisis, Multimedia Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Yongxing first loss, the company timely response, enhanced cost control and market expansion, returning to profitability in the first quarter of th...
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Jiangxi Cable 500 kV XLPE cable project foundation laying ceremony was held

Recently, the total investment of 5.6 billion cable limited liability company in Jiangxi Province 500 kV EHV XLPE cable project groundbreaking ceremony was held in Jizhou Qu. Cable limited liability company in Jiangxi Jian "Industrial 50" companies, industrial enterprises in the provinces key scheduling, the State Science and Technology identified the "National Torch Plan project technology enterprises." We always tune the product mix to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in an important position, the project is implemented key scheduling Jian City in 2009 more than 100 million items. Smooth start of the project, mainly due to leaders at all levels attach great importance to and support, thanks to projects helping the working group, the functional departments of the effort to help and active co-ordination, thanks to the con...
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Jiangxi LatticePower innovative core technology to break the Japanese and U.S. monopoly LED

"Lattice Power" is a light-emitting materials and devices of Nanchang University, Education Ministry Engineering Research Center for technical support, from the Jinsha River, Temasek, Mayfield, Yong Wei investment, KPCB and a number of internationally renowned joint investment venture capital fund specializing in epitaxial silicon substrate GaN-based LED chip production materials and high-tech enterprise, registered capital of $ 50,000,000, with a total investment of 3.0 billion yuan. Pan Xiaofeng continuously between Beijing and Nanchang, is running for the project. Innovation-based economy have great room for improvement Any share of the investment is to seek higher returns in China, innovation-based economy has just started, there is still much room for improvement. "Silicon substrate blue LED materials and devices" is a new type o...
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Jiangxi Province, a number of measures introduced to promote business development

Recently, Jiangxi Province, introduced the "go all out to ensure growth and accelerating the stable and rapid development of commercial work a number of measures", the fourth largest industry in the implementation of key investment; organizations in the province to "boost confidence, expand consumption "as the theme of the shopping festival; Nanchang to build domestic service network center and provide residents with housekeeping services, telephone purchases, employment counseling, and other urban centers in the province gradually open. Fourth largest industry focus on investment Around the solar photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting (LED), deep copper, outsourcing and other key industries congress do a good job investment. Linkage to provinces, mainly in the form to the city, integration of investment resources, concentration of super...
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Jiangxi Yingtan electronic circuit industry base to build China

Recently, Yingtan City and the China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) in Shanghai, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly create a "electronic circuit industry base of China", the Yingtan electronic circuit industry to build into our transfer to the central region and expand the importance of upgrading to undertake base. China Printed Circuit Association by the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry Association in charge of the national level, nearly 800 units of existing members. Under the agreement, CPCA will actively guide the industrys leading enterprises to implement the transfer of industries to upgrade Yingtan to promote the citys copper industry chain extends to the direction of deep processing. Yingtan in Longgang District plans to build "electronic circuits Industrial Park", from the coastal are...
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Jim Anderson: LSI recipe for success and opportunities

After years of painful trial and explore the sweet, the help of a bold restructuring and merger, LSI successfully created in the network and storage semiconductor market leader in image, completed since 2005, as LSI Abhi Talwalkar Logic president and CEO after the magnificent turn. Reported a 2008 full-year revenue of 2.68 billion U.S. dollars LSI, an increase of 3%, and has up to 11 billion in cash reserves. Unlike many caught in the financial crisis peers, this result is undoubtedly compelling. But this expensive for the worlds top ten fabless semiconductor company established vendors are still trying to further optimization, the latest move is the beginning of 2009 the company has decided to field its two major storage and networking semiconductor products sector exposure to single line Under the semiconductor division. "We hope to be...
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