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Ka Luen Yick successful third quarter loss from profit

Ka Luen Yick worship market survival of the fittest, thanks to significant improvement in the third quarter of operations, yesterday revealed the third quarter than expected quarterly performance, while after-tax net loss per share for the first three quarters still up 0.2 per NTD, but the first three quarters of the single-season net earning per share reached 0.27 yuan NTD. Show business has improved markedly. In the overall PCB market under market conditions is unknown and look forward to the fourth quarter, Kerry is a small number of joint interest can confidently shouted out, there must be a positive fourth-quarter revenue growth of the company. Through growing pains last year, after another out of the market in a small factory, the soft-board restore order has driven economy in the doldrums, the first to be filled with good news, ...
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Kai-fu Lee involved in tax evasion scandal, Google or over 500 million individual tax evasion

Caused a hubbub of Google (Google) tax evasion case is currently with the latest developments. However, the focus shifted directly to Google China president Lee Kai-copy of the person. Shanghai Securities News yesterday access to reliable sources, the Beijing Tax Bureau has launched Google and Kai-fu Lee investigation. Informed sources said Kai-fu Lee suspected proceeds of tax evasion in personal income over 5 million yuan. Reporter then branch to the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau inspectors call the inquiry, has been "under investigation" confirmed. But the source said, the consideration for the protection of the taxpayer, will not do any further disclosure would be in the near future according to the procedures to provide detailed information to the informant responded. Source also revealed that Kai-fu Lee has been related in a few ...
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Kaiyuan magnetics magnetics 300 million building production lines and electronic transformers

Recent news, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, Kaiyuan Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. invested 300 million yuan in phases of 6,000 tons of annual production capacity of high-performance ferrite powder production lines and 50 million pieces of electronic transformer production line. After completion of the project, the company will realize annual sales income of 10 billion yuan, Chinas largest production base of soft. Welcome to upload information from vecuronium electronic market network ( ...
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Kane shares the development of the battery business

Recently, Kane shares announcement said the company intends to use its own funds and bank borrowings 96,488,600 yuan major shareholder of the transferee held by the Group Zhejiang Kane Kane Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kane batteries) 60.00% of the shares; by Kane held to natural Wu Eagle 16.22% stake in the battery; transferee natural Wang Chung-wei, Kane held 2.58% stake in the battery, the purchase price was 73,468,500 yuan, 19,861,000 yuan, 3.1591 million yuan. Tender offer is completed, Kane battery will become a subsidiary company. Data show that the registered capital of 50 million yuan Kane battery operating range of "power, chargers, batteries, battery materials, manufacture, sale, transportation." Board of Directors believes that Kanes main product is the battery nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batt...
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Keithley Semiconductor Characterization pulse measurement system provides functionality

Keithley (Keithley Instruments) announced the launch can occur with the measurement of pulse Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization Measurement System - PIV (Pulse IV) package. This is the companys Model 4200-SCS to buy new kit, perform laboratory grade DC device characterization measurements and real-time mapping, and high precision and resolution of sub-femto ampere analysis, such as high K value for materials, thermal components and high-end memory and so on. The company said that when the semiconductor technology to the 65nm node and higher order, in addition to the DC output measurement - measurement, the need to more effectively measure the components of new materials and new features, such as charge trapping and SOI high-K (solicon on insulator) devices will be self-heating. Although the developers have recognized the impo...
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Keithley USB-GPIB Interface Adapter released

Keithley (Keithley) instrument officially released KUSB-488-based USB-GPIB Interface Adapter. KUSB-488 type interface adapter with a USB port of any computer function changes sake of IEEE 488.2 controller that can control up to 14 programmable GPIB instruments. This small, lightweight KUSB-488 type interface adapter for a portable laptop computer or desktop applications applications, because some computers, the I / O slots with little or no, but they have several USB ports. KUSB-488 type interface adapter with a USB port for, install Windows 2000/XP/Me/98 operating systems, compatible with USB 2.0 and has 880K bytes / sec data transfer rate of IEEE. KUSB-488 type interface adapter with a cable length of 2m, and does not require an external power supply, very easy to use. KUSB-488 type interface adapter is easy to install and use, bec...
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Ken Wu Elva Hsiao sang Secret brand conference Unicom 3G

4 28 afternoon, China Unicom will be held in Beijing in the theme of "wonderful in WO" the conference will be a grand release Unicom 3G brand "WO" (WO). Recently, this reporter get the latest news, conference site will be invited to Elva and Ken Wu, the two stars to help out, while China Unicom Group Chairman and Party Secretary Chang Xiaobing, China Unicom Group, General Manager, Vice Chairman deputy party secretary Lu Yimin, will speak as the guest, and with the national media to witness the "WO" brand launch. Obtained from the reporters news conference process point of view, fantastic ball walking, movement of the "orange" hot dance "fertile" and other highlights of the song are singing is "WO" brand "dynamic, progressive, open, fashion "a powerful interpretation of the image, then release the" WO "LOGO is expected to vibrant orange a...
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Kenwood introduced the first car with two SRS technology, multimedia receiver

SRS Labs, Inc., a global internal audio, audio and surround technology design with leading edge technology provider, has announced Kenwood (Kenwood) the company will launch an integrated SRS WOW ? and SRS Auto Surround (SRS CS Auto) two new mobile technology, multimedia receiver, The receiver in the car on the market, after sales service. New Kenwood Exclon DDX8017 will be the worlds first integration of the automotive aftermarket and SRS SRS WOW ? technology control car around the two devices, which will provide surround sound processing enhancements and car two functions. DDX8017 is a wide and 6.5 inches, with DVD, WMA, MP3, satellite receiver, and HD Radio system features dual-panel display, so it can provide industry-leading digital audio enhancement processing and the most immersive experience WOW car SRS Surround sound technology....
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Kester mine cable on the ultra-low temperature technology projects

Cable Group Co., Ltd. Liaoning Kester investment 25.67 million yuan of annual output of 5000km for ultra-low temperature transformation projects for mining equipment, cable has been installed into the commissioning stage. Kester Cable Group Co., Ltd. was established in Liaoning in 2000, Diaobingshan industrial park is located, is a product of independent development, production and sales of private enterprises. Funds for technological renovation in 2007 the company invested 25.67 million yuan, started the annual 5000km ultra-low mine cable transformation projects, the introduction of advanced rubber cable production line and auxiliary facilities 31 sets. Present equipment has been installed, commissioning work in progress. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database ( ...
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Key enterprises in the implementation of export tax rebate Hebei

Hebei Foreign Trade television and telephone conference that, starting from July, the export enterprises in Hebei Province will focus on the export tax rebate policies before a single trial after rebate, so "that is out of the back." Meeting stressed the need to multi-channel, full range of international markets, do everything possible to steady foreign demand, as soon as possible to reverse the sharp drop in Hebei Province, the negative foreign trade situation. Hebei Province, will "not dare to take risks great one", "do not want to take the high cost of a single", "unable to access financing a single" guidance of export enterprises, the implementation of an enterprise, one policy, one to one help ; while retaining the premise of retrospective, screening 100 key export production enterprises export tax rebate policies before a single ...
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