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Kindle screen display supplier agrees to 215 million Taiwan companies acquired

- > SAN FRANCISCO, June 1 night, according to foreign media reports, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader and other products E Ink screen display supplier has agreed to Taiwans Prime View International to 215 million to buy . Prime View is with the production of E Ink e-book reader, Amazon and Sony partner on screen. The companies said the deal will help both developed color on screen, and now only black and white screen display. E Ink on Tuesday in San Antonio in the United States showcasing color monitor display prototype. ...
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King Liu Yiqian placement: do not lose money this year, BOE

1 Yue 7 morning news subscribe to 1.68 billion BOE placement of the "private placement king" Liu Yiqian speech at Tsinghua University yesterday said the BOE does not lose money this year, government subsidies have been more than 6 million. The BOE notice three quarterly cumulative net profit in 2009 was -10 million. Liuyi Qian said that the BOE has been loss of the panel, this is not the company itself, but the overall strategy at that time, China is a TV big country in the steering panel from the whole process, not part of the control panel in time, panel technology rests in the hands of foreign companies such as Samsung. However, the revitalization of industry, announced the top ten in the country, it includes the electronics industry, and the only BOE panel industry is the company with independent intellectual property. Liuyi Qian...
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King of the electronics industry can be seen at the dawn of the Ice Age

Material adverse global economic recession, the electronics industry into the Ice Age Electronics industry is now mature, the hundred years of the global economic downturn on the electronics industry had a significant impact. The main market for the electronics industry, computers, mobile phones, consumer electronics, such non-necessities in the face of economic recession, greater elasticity of demand led to the rapid decline in market demand. Sustained surplus in the supply, the industry has entered an ice age. Domestic manufacturers face large fluctuations in short-term results Overall extraversion as strong domestic electronics industry, the impact of the global economic downturn is more significant. Falling demand in overseas markets under the influence of the main components of domestic enterprises in the fourth quarter and first...
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Kingdee 2007 turnover of 767 million net profit up by 43%

Kingdee Group announced its ended December 31, 2007 ended the audited results for the whole period. Kingdee 2007 turnover of approximately 767 million yuan (Unit: RMB, the following abbreviated), compared with 610 million in 2006, an increase of about 25%. Gross profit increased by about 24% to approximately 6.07 billion. Profit margins than the same period in 2006 increased by 2 percentage points to 17.8%. Basic earnings per share reached 0.30 yuan. Reporting period, the Groups net profit rose faster than the increase in turnover and net profit of 1.39 million, representing an increase of 097 million yuan in 2006 about 43%. Kingdee International President Xu Shaochun said: "The benefit from the national policy and market environment factors that lead to the good, the Chinese enterprise management software market in 2007, the emergence...
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Kingsoft billion last year, total revenue grew 76% over

Since last Oct. 9 at the Hong Kong main board listing, yesterday, Kingsoft produce the first annual report. Report shows that the total annual revenue last year, Kingsoft reached 556 million yuan, 76% more than last year; last years net profit was 1.65 billion yuan, up 65% over last year. Kingsoft CEO Qiu Bojun and Acting Chairman, said net profit last year, created on the prospectus over 60.5% of the stated objectives. According to financial disclosure reports , online games and software Kingsoft two business revenues were accounted for 71% and 28%. Meanwhile, earnings for the first time disclosed, following Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions, Kingsoft online games officially launched in January this year into the Thai market. As of December 31, 2007, revenue from international markets accounted for Ki...
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Kingsoft to establish an equity incentive mechanism is valid for five years

Yesterday, Kingsoft (3888.HK) announced that the Board of Directors on March 31 adopted a share incentive scheme, since the adoption of the effective date of 5 years. Kingsoft, said the program aims to recognize the contribution of a number of employees and rewards, to retain its effectiveness continue to Jinshan, and attract the right talent. Under the scheme, Kingsoft, in due course the Board may select employees to participate in the program, and develop the number of shares awarded, the number of shares awarded will be based Jinshan equity split, consolidation, reclassification or re-adjusted in proportion to . But the shares as an incentive to the companys total issued share capital of not more than 10%, while the number of shares to be reward individual can not exceed 1%. "Notice mainly to explain to employees the company has est...
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Kingsun build semiconductor lighting technology with the Institute of Tsinghua University

Leading enterprises in Dongguan Kingsun and Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Institute to build the formal establishment of the Pearl River Delta marks the first high-end LED Technology Innovation Platform was born. Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Institute attended the listing ceremony, executive vice mayor of Dongguan City, Leng Xiaoming, said semiconductor lighting in the 21st century high-tech areas most promising one, with superior energy-saving features and Green functions. LED Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta emerging as one of the bases, the municipal government to encourage and support the healthy development of LED industry healthy. Kingsun with the National Key Laboratory of cooperation in innovative LED technology, personnel training...
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Kingsun LED industry leading R & D center located in Shenzhen

LED industry leading enterprises in Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. today revealed to reporters: the companys cooperation with the Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen in Shenzhen set up new R & D center set up in Shenzhen Kingsun Energy Technology Co., Ltd. . A "move" in Shenzhen, there are Kingsun market hub. For this decision, Chairman Li Xuliang Kingsun explained, "to make this decision, is rooted in our strategic positioning and a more clear direction, as a production base in Dongguan, Shenzhen hub for R & D base and market by accelerating research cooperation and market development efforts, encourage enterprises to achieve leapfrog development. " "Although the LED industry, with more developed in the Pearl River Delta region, but by the people, the environment, developing infrastructure and scale factors,...
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Kingsun Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Institute was established

The Kingsun and Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Institute to build the formal establishment of today, the establishment of the Institute for the Pearl River Delta LED high-end technology innovation platform erected a model. Dongguan Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Leng Xiaoming, Deputy Inspector of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province attended the ceremony, Cai Yan and the ground on a semiconductor lighting technology Institute inaugurated. According to reports, ground on the Institute of semiconductor lighting technology is based on "government guidance, enterprise subject, research cooperation, industrial development" principle, in Dongguan City, Changping Town, the Governments financial and policy support on the ground Optical and...
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Kinwa: tons of electrolytic copper foil project seeks to begin production within

Recently Kinwa announcement shows the company in 2008 private placement investment in key projects to raise funds - Qinghai West Copper Mining Co. Stock 10,000 tons / year electrolytic copper project is proceeding as planned. As of the end of 2008, the company has invested 3 billion yuan. Year, the company will continue to promote the management of project construction to ensure the projects funding needs, and strive to put into operation in 2009. Kinwa is the main production base of electrolytic copper foil, copper foil their joint subsidiary Huizhou Co., Ltd. with an annual output 2100 tons high-quality production capacity of electrolytic copper foil, is the only production of both 7 - ultra-thin copper foil of 18 microns, and can produce 100-420 micron thick copper foil business since 2005, lithium ion batteries in the domestic mark...
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