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KLA-Tencor profit earnings report earnings double down

According to EE Times website reported that the semiconductor equipment maker KLA-Tencor has reportedly ended September 30 of the first-quarter revenue was 5.33 billion, net income was $ 19,000,000, or about 11 cents per share. Net income for the quarter of $ 76,000,000 the previous quarter by 75% over last years $ 88,000,000 reduction of 78%. Revenue for the quarter 5.91 billion dollars the previous quarter of 10% over last years $ 693,000,000 a decrease of 23%. "Macroeconomic uncertainty, reduced consumer demand and limited financing channels for manufacturers of semiconductor equipment spending have a major impact." KLA-Tencor Corporation CEO Rick Wallace said in a statement. Wallace said KLA-Tencor is taking measures to reduce costs. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database (www.dzsc...
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knitter-switch multi switch height of only 1.55mm

Knitter-switch announced the new ultra-thin SMD lead-free RoHS Multifunction Switch - TSSJ 55, height of only 1.55mm, size is 10.4 × 10.4mm, which combines five independent switches without buttons, allowing the design teachers according to their specific product application needs a custom button, for telecommunications or consumer electronics, and menu selection / control applications. TSSJ 55 is a five-position switch, the user can select the four directions (operating pressure, respectively 180gf) plus the center button (360gf) to confirm the operation, the switch contacts rated at 12VDC/50mA, the maximum contact resistance of 100mΩ, Operating temperature is -20 ℃ to +70 ℃, Storage temperature -40 ℃ to +85 ℃, mechanical life of at least 200,000 times the operating cycle, and its buttons and switches itself with UL94V-0 standards for h...
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Knitter-switch: switch the direction of more and more to the development of customized

"Switch will be more customized to the direction, because each users requirements are different, their product positioning, size, sizes, bringing a wide range of switching needs." At the IIC- China Autumn Exhibition Components Zone, Knitter-switch Yaoji Kang, general manager of Asia about the future direction of the switch, said, "Although custom-made in terms of relative standard parts a little expensive, but the added value of more than this price, because their income such as the appearance and operation of the uniqueness of the value added to products will be even greater. "Knitter-switch to the exhibition brought a rocker switch for customized client products. Tailored to the satisfaction of switching products, in addition to quality, but more important is good communication. "Art is to switch the exchange of people, customers and ...
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Kodak shares: impact of termination of the limited cooperation with Japan Sanyo

Although the main source of profit for 2007, a subsidiary of experience stop, but the Kodak shares (600,986, it shares) (600,986) Deputy General Manager of the explanation has seemed more relaxed, he said, would cut short-term performance of the company However, compensation received by the second quarter to cut losses. In addition, the companys next phase of the focus has shifted to proprietary semiconductor research and development, the future will be the project as a new profit growth point, has been conducting plant transformation. Kodak shares Deputy General Manager also disclosed that the company has already announced a large contract amount has reached over 700 million yuan, the company main business in 2009 has achieved a stable growth. Kodak shares stop the British subsidiary of Dongying Branch Electronics Co., Ltd. is a pure ...
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Konka LED display to create a new landmark Southwest Tourism

Konka video constructed by the advanced high-definition LED display has shaped light in Chengdu. The display stands in Chengdu Jinniu, up to 9 floors. The project is to revive tourism in Sichuan, southwest of Tourism to create a new landmark in the important part. New Years Day this year, the public ring in and out of Chengdu, this junction will see the LED flashing towers. According to project construction Fang Kangjia person in charge of video, the screen a total area of nearly 350 square feet, the point spacing of 16mm. Konka a piece of video over the same period has also built a large indoor entertainment area southwest of LED display. The screen is located in Chengdu, the performing arts OCT built within the new theater, the total area of nearly 110 square feet, the total reached 760,000 pixel points. Chengdu Jinniu shaped screen...
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Konka quarter net profit increased more than 50% of the pre-rural areas or into a new battlefield

Deep Konka (000016.SZ, the "Konka") today revealed results of notice, the companys first quarter net profit this year than last year, up 50% to 100%, while last years first quarter net profit Konka is 26.259 million yuan. Konka said it was the company implemented a differentiated business strategy to improve profitability due to the larger capacity. Meanwhile, the company snowstorm this year, in the case of limited resources logistics, the main production, sale and transport of high-end products with high margin, high-margin product sales increased a greater proportion, which is also greatly enhance the profitability of the company . Violent attacks on foreign plates, Konka annual report in 2007, had disclosed "countermeasures", first differentiated products; followed by the foreign forces to speed up the weak flat-panel TV market pene...
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Konka white Jian Zhi sprint the first camp 08 million units sold

2007 years is the rapid development of the domestic market, white one-year, market expansion and industrial upgrading in the post-fat brands to provide a rare opportunity to accelerate development effort. Recently, I Konka white industrial strategy in conference was informed that, with the huge amounts of money in Anhui Konka white building industrial park completed in 2007, Konka white sales have reached nearly a million units, which also had to TV and mobile phone Konka wheel drive growth performance, was given a new growth pole of power. At the meeting, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Konka is also a high-profile Hou Songrong said, Konka will spare no effort will be bigger and stronger white power industry, and in the white of the industry chain there have been big moves, big as, through equity participation, investment and...
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Konka: never shares or mergers and acquisitions through collaboration with the Changling

Recent market news, Konka will be at the right time, by way of shares or merger won the "Changling." Today, the acquisition rumors have come forward to clarify the parties, said the rumor was not true about. Industry analysis, said Brand decline Changling serious in sales channels, technology and other aspects of self-no advantage. Although the heart to do Konka white power through mergers and acquisitions, but the Changling is obviously not the best acquisition targets. Shenzhen Konka A (000016,200016) said that after confirmation, the company has no senior management and stakeholders interested in acquiring the company disclosed the news of Changling. The company through equity or M & A has never been a way to cooperate with the Changling But the company acknowledged the plan has been the major domestic refrigerator, washing machine m...
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Konka: Walking on the flat front of the energy industry

CRT (CRT) TV market shrinking rapidly, the topic has become an indisputable, when everyones attention when the hot flat-panel TVs, CRT TVs are often masked the true performance. In fact, in the rural market, the performance is very good this year, CRT TV, the PRC, according to research firm statistics, this year the countryside is a CRT color TV in Bacheng TV, CRT TV is still the mainstream product in the countryside TV. It is understood that, although the price increased to allow more TV LCD TV to the countryside, while the implementation of trade-TV, but also boost flat-panel TV market adoption in the rural areas, but rural markets offer a variety of functions for CRT TV major position in the rural market is difficult to replace a time. Market: share of rural areas accounting for Bacheng Chinas color TV market in general is in shoc...
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Korea, MagnaChip Semiconductor foundry has filed for bankruptcy protection

Court documents show that South Koreas CMOS image sensor manufacturers MagnaChipSemiconductor Ltd. And its five subsidiaries were Delaware (Delaware) State of the District Court relied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed for bankruptcy protection. According to the report, MagnaChip listed total assets of 5,000 million, liabilities of the over one billion U.S. dollars. 2004 Nian 10 Month Since independence in MagnaChip Hynix headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Magnachip for analog and mixed-signal process advanced specialized semiconductor foundry, and Weili Wang, co-operation in South Koreas first semiconductor foundry strategic partners, long-term development of the layout of liquid crystal display driver chips, microcontrollers and other products, Wangs strategy and force cooperation, actively building embedded non-volatile memory and h...
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