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Korean MP3 manufacturers set up factories in China will be a large payoff component distributors

Considerations in the Chinese market larger market share and improve product competitiveness strategy, Samsung Electronics, electrical Friends, Cowon System and Mpio MP3 player such as South Koreas leading machine manufacturers, in March the initial plan to gradually move production facilities to China . The move cost advantage of more components distributor in China, no doubt, has stimulated business opportunities is a good opportunity. According to industry to media reports, Samsung Electronics, Power of Friends, Cowon System and Mpio such as South Koreas leading MP3 player manufacturers set up branch locations in China were concentrated in the sea state, Tongguan and Shenzhen. Some other South Korean MP3 player manufacturers have a small program in this year moved their production facilities to China. These companies move their prod...
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KPCB $ 10,000,000 stake in Beijing Huizhong puzzle

With KPCB (KPCB China) 1000 Wan Mei Yuan stake in Beijing Huizhong puzzle Technology Limited ("Huizhong puzzle"), which became the first private equity favored by the international animation vocational education and training institutions. KPCB yesterday did not disclose the basic share, a partner Tina said two years ago, met the chairman Li Huizhong puzzle Branch, so the company has been the development of sustained attention. KPCB she said in a statement released on Huizhong puzzle business team and business model, and the entire creative industry confidence in the future, is this a key reason shares. Li, chairman of the day Huizhong puzzle new division, also said KPCB has been capital and management experience in support, will benefit its 23 Huizhong Chi Institute of Direct Animation more competitive advantage in the market with...
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Kunming High-tech LED lighting business prospects

2 26, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Zhanguo, Liu JQ, ZHOU Xing, etc. 5 7 academicians visited the Kunming High-tech enterprises. , Said after visiting academicians, Kunming High-tech industries in considerable strength, these companies can closely linked to application needs, both in developing and marketing more successful and bright future, the future can take advantage of the unique advantages of Kunming, to continue to expand high-tech technology industries, the research and industry and services combined. Meanwhile, the academicians have also expressed hope that the future business cooperation with Kunming, the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the research results in practice. Image transmission in Yunnan Mountain Ba Technology Co., Ltd., your research Platinum, Queensland Shipbuilding Group, Kunming Infrared Technology Co., L...
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Kunming want to create the "Solar Capital"

"Kunming will rely on abundant solar energy resources, to develop solar energy industry, to Kunming, into Chinas Solar Capital." Wang Chunyan Kunming Economic Committee here today released. Wang Chunyan introduction, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Kunming is located in the central part of the annual average sunshine for the two thousand four hundred hours or so, extremely rich solar energy resources. At present, Kunming, mainly in the application of solar energy products, solar photovoltaic applications and solar thermal applications. In photovoltaic applications, Kunming implemented a number of solar demonstration projects, such as the East Third Ring Road, Kunming street projects, street projects, Kwong Fuk Road. In the light and heat applications, penetration of solar water heaters, the city is close to thirty percent annual energy sa...
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Kunming, even behind the solar industry investment in new energy industry projects are rewarded

To the Kunming into a "Solar City", the city has recently made clear: the total investment on the solar industry 2 billion (or more) be given a one-time award 100 million; on the construction of new investments in solar energy industrial park and other new energy industry, 500 million yuan in fixed assets of enterprises, the implementation of VAT "two and three half-free" and the corporate income tax "five five half-free" policy of fiscal incentives. 3 Yue 25 Ri to 27, the municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Yang goods inspection team was led his unit on 2008 16 Municipal CPPCC key proposal of the three things for supervision and inspection of a situation. Yesterday things into a focus of oversight for proposals No. 113,315, is member of the city CPPCC Yehs "on to Kunming, into the" China Solar City "proposal. Yesterday, the Municipal Po...
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Kunshan Zhouzhuang business acceleration sensors to gather

The total investment of 60 million yuan Jiaren Electronics Co., Ltd. Kunshan Zhouzhuang dug a foundation in the first shovel of soil, marking the sensor industrys first town settled in the upstream business official. At the same time, more than 4,000 million investment through optical sensitivity is stepping up construction, completion, will fill the gaps in Zhouzhuang Town, optical fiber sensing technology. To them as representatives of a number of sensor technology R & D institutions and production enterprises are accelerating the concentration of Zhouzhuang. This year, the town relies on sensors Kunshan industrial base of more than 30 companies within the industrial base, initiated chain investment, extend the industrial chain ends, and further improve the industrial infrastructure, in order to accelerate industrial agglomeration to ...
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Kuo decided that LED technology is able to promote revolutionary changes in lighting

- Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Ministry of renowned experts decided Guo LED development in the future if they can replace conventional lighting, the lighting in the area of the world revolutionary change ", which is China Electronic Information Industry Institute, Research Department, Guo decided renowned experts in the" 2009 China Electronic Components Industry Summit Development Forum "(hereinafter referred to as" Summit ") the first preparatory meeting Advisory Group on the current trend of LED development of his views published. Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Ministry of renowned experts Guo decided LED applications: LED light source with the energy saving, lightweight, durable, simple and easy to control, low security, and other advantages, as the clean green light is wi...
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Kyrgyzstan and China is expected during the laying of communications cable completed

Kyrgyzstan, vice president of Mobile Communications AG Anatoly? Jane held in Bishkek, "the Internet and the rule of law," international conference that the communication between Kyrgyzstan and China fiber optic cable is expected to be completed during the year. He said that in 2009, Kyrgyzstan plan and the two neighboring countries - Uzbekistan and China to establish optical fiber communication. Later also set up fiber-optic communication lines leading to Tajikistan. At present, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have only optical fiber communication. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the network operators the price of network services has created a significant impact. Leading to the establishment of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Chinas telecommunication cables in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization agreement is reached under the framework. Neg...
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