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Lack of core technology, the first three quarters fell Yu Sicheng color TV exports

Yesterday, the reporter from the China Customs website disclosure of information learned, according to customs statistics, the first 3 quarters this year, China exported 32.05 million color TV sets, down 46.1% over last year, worth $ 5,790,000,000, down 3.4%. In addition, the Department Statistics show that Chinas color TV exports are mainly to processing trade, exports declined significantly in the CRT TV at the same time, exports maintained a rapid growth in LCD TVs. Plasma CRT exports have declined Statistics show that Chinas color TV exports are still export-oriented processing trade. In the first three quarters, Chinas processing trade exports to 30.31 million color TV sets, down 44.2% over the same period accounted for over ninety percent of Chinas total exports. In addition, general trade exports 1.275 million units, down 68.5...
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Lack of scale LED lighting for industrial upgrading

Semiconductor lighting (LED lighting), is developed in the last century, a new generation of 90s cold light, with a long life, low maintenance costs, environmental protection and energy saving. These technical advantages for the promotion of LED and laid a good foundation. People in the Olympic Games opening ceremony, the Spring Festival Gala on-site and some great occasions, LED products can be found in the figure, it is cleverly technical staff to the stage in the plant, and program integration, showing a magnificent audience visual effects. In addition, a lot of infrastructure is also widely used LED product to use and more wide. Policy support to speed up implementation Lighting energy consumption in the larger proportion of electricity consumption, the U.S. Department of Energys survey data show that 22%% of the countrys electrici...
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Lack of standards hindered the use of Web services

Web services are making headlines, the market is everywhere, and also often been misunderstood. Like all new technology, Web services with a very short time into the application of peoples daily lives. Standards due to lack of implementation, Web services development were affected. Web services standards Web services built on top of a lot of technical standards by the worlds largest technology companies such as Microsoft and IBM and other support. These Web services to achieve specific standards including Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web services Description Language (WSDL), Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI). Problems arise: those who do enough? Answer is no. Although Web services technology provides a standard location, description and method of access to remote services, but there are some more important...
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Lambda front-end power supply for 1U standard rack mount

Lambdas new rack-mount single-output AC / DC front end power supply can provide adjustable output voltage. The new products include 24V FPS1000-24 and 48V FPS1000-48, for wireless communications, data communications and industrial equipment markets. FPS1000-24 and FPS1000-48s maximum output voltage is 960W and 1008W. According to reports, 1U 19-inch rack by the three components within the connector, the devices that maximize the power of 3000W. Both devices are acceptable to the continuing 85 to 265V input voltage, which is compatible with all standard. The product integration of the heat exchanger and redundant parallel operation function, with optional status signal communication interface, and optional front-end IEC interface, operating temperature range of 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, 100/200VAC typical voltage efficiency of 85/88%. FPS1000 family s...
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Lambda issued for the entire high-voltage power distribution rail line brick converter

Lambda has released for distributed high-voltage DC power structure and the user is offline power PAF600F280 series of full-brick DC / DC converters. The devices with over-current and over voltage protection, remote sensing, output trim, remote control switch, shunt and other functions, and the converter voltage status signals, and auxiliary maintenance functions. Nominal input of these converters is 300V (200V to 400V), 48V output voltage 12,24,28 and other four, the output current up to 50A, up to 91% efficiency , the output voltage at its nominal value can be -40% to 20% regulation. PAF600F280 series converter size is 2.4 × 4.6 × 0.5 inches, rated operating temperature of -40 ℃ to 100 ℃, through the CE certification and UL60950, CSA60950 and EN60950 and other safety regulations. Available now in quantities of 100 films, priced at $ 17...
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Lambda launch amplifier RF power for the 32V FPS

FPS family Lambda Inc. launched its 32V, 31A, AC / DC Products FPS1000-32, the product is suitable as a semiconductor-based RF power amplifier power, size 1.61 × 5 × 11.4 inches, can be installed in 1U chassis. 3 Ge FPS1000-32 power supply can provide close to 3kW of power, this power supply 8 can share a single bus, with optional address settings. The power supply has a built-in hot swap and parallel redundant work performance, but also has a remote on / off function (optocoupler connection). FPS1000-32 with I2C bus interface, read out the output voltage, output current, internal temperature and alarm conditions and other parameters. The communication failure, overheating and other normal and current state of the system can provide feedback signals. with fan cooling FPS1000-32 rated operating temperature range is between 0 ℃ to 50 ℃,...
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Lambda launched 100W output power of 1 / 8 brick DC / DC converter

Lambdas PAE50/100 Series 1 / 8 brick DC / DC converter with high output power, small size, high efficiency, can reduce the system heat. The device is compliant with RoHS requirements. PAE50/100 Series 1 / 8 brick DC / DC converter output voltage between 1.8V to 5V, output current 10 to 30A, the output power up to 100W, rated voltage of 48VDC, input voltage range of 36V to 76V. Output voltage between -20% to +10% adjustable, providing better load optimization, a typical accuracy of 1%, 90% typical efficiency. The converter has built-in voltage protection (manual setting optional auto restart), remote sensing and remote on / off function and over-current protection with automatic restart. PAE50/100 industry-standard package measuring 57.9 × 8.5 × 22.76mm, the pin with the companys 1 / 4 brick the same. PAE50/100 for telecommunications, d...
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Lanci, Acer laptop yesterday put rhetoric to become the worlds first 3 years

"2007 years is a milestone in Acer, we are the third in the global market stability. 2011, notebook brand to become the worlds first." Acers global president Samaranch, the big nose of the Italian led the Greater China in Shanghai yesterday, and other senior Laitai Yue, general manager of the Grand Theatre in Shanghai. They describe in detail the world in 2008, Acer, in particular target the mainland market and brand strategy. New and old three coveted global notebook first Lanci said the company revenues of more than 13 billion U.S. dollars last year. And patient lists, said: first in Europe, the U.S. Third, the Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) third. He predicts 2008 revenues will reach 20 billion U.S. dollars, PC sales of about 2,500 million units. He was thrown out of the notebook business objectives of the next 3 years: 2011, main...
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Lang of the solar energy industry by winning the Obama magic

After Obama took office, the discussion of new energy sources more and more. Today, just as we analyze one of the photovoltaic industry. PV refers to the conversion of light energy into electrical energy by the a function of (PhotovoltaicProcess), made it clear that the solar power generation. Solar power is not at this stage is very popular, but I think the photovoltaic industry is has unlimited potential. Reduce costs is the key PV industry chain at the upper, middle and lower reaches of three parts: the upper reaches of solar grade silicon, including refining, manufacturing silicon ingots and silicon ingot and wafer cutting; middle enterprise responsible for manufacturing batteries; downstream of the battery module assembly and sales focus photovoltaic power generation system. PV industry is a typical pyramid model in which relative...
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Lanhuakechuang new energy undercover vigorously Chongqing

A-share market in the concept of a new energy surging, eager to share the occasion of the coal, the coal industrys leader in Shanxi Lanhuakechuang (600,123) have quietly vigorously silicon project in Chongqing. Yesterday, solar power companies in Chongqing orchids always told our reporter Li, Chongqing owned by the Lanhuakechuang orchid companys silicon solar power project is currently ranked the top ten in the country. Possession of photovoltaic industry base in Wanzhou New energy concept as a national economic stimulus plan as part of the most dazzling, from Tianwei change, extension of renewed energy, big A party to the CSG A, all the time recently in the frenzied speculation by the market. However, investors in the securities market in Chongqing, finding new energy sources around the concept of dark horse, the never once thought, t...
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