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Large LED display industry profits geometry?

"Maybe in the eyes of outsiders LED large screen display is a sunrise industry, lucrative, but only true talent into this market will understand how hard. In my 99 years of LED large screen display into the industry began, the outside world has been claimed that this industry is a sunrise industry, but until now none from the company to the industry can achieve a qualitative breakthrough in the industry has been tepid state. tell the truth, LED large screen display of the profits are usually only 10 % or so, "- a large screen in the LED industry, while more than ten years of scratching their heads while being almost vice president. Currently there are Tophere Zhongguancun, E world, Dragon, Electronics, Silicon Valley and other major IT stores, which operate produce everything from servers to notebooks, from the SD card into the overall ...
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Large LED display industry will be expected to increase rapidly

Large LED display is the fastest growing areas of traditional use areas, mainly because with the LED color performance and brightness of the enhanced display of large full-color LED display capabilities and the display has shrunk This is from our side is the gradual emergence of a new type of LED display can be seen. Outdoor full color LED display is currently the visual effects have been described can be shocking, but also energy saving, long life, modular easy to maintain. People in the future that a large number of such screens in airports, railway stations, libraries, sports and business centers in major cities for use as large display; and such products will be great in the commercial advertising use. One is the roof of a building advertising, the other is the large billboards along the airport, can be a face-lift for the LED displ...
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Large LED light source does not apply to the lighting system

3 years, Shanghai is all the landscape lights will use the new light? Recently, this frequent online message to connoisseurs repeatedly shook his head. Landscape Management Environmental Sanitation Bureau Director Guo Hua said that although the LED ("light-emitting diode" abbreviation) has become a new urban landscape lighting, light field, "favorite", but in the present circumstances, not to promote large-scale setting. Even if technology and cost bottlenecks to overcome, once the landscape lights to LED light sources are based, can also cause monotonous landscape lighting at night, the lack of layering. Only the traditional combination of light and LED light source, to create the perfect night view of Shanghai is light. LED with a power-saving, environmental protection and many other advantages, the market began to "herd" trend. Guo H...
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Large scale integrated circuit packaging materials to achieve a breakthrough

January 31, 2005, Institute of Chemistry has developed can be used for ultra large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) Advanced Packaging Materials - photosensitive BTPA-1000 and standard BTDA-1000 polyimide resin and has applied for seven national patent. At present, a number of semiconductor companies and research institutes to prepare this new type of resin used in the chip and the manufacture of optoelectronic devices, dozens of tons of annual output of the industrial pilot plant is under construction, is expected to be put into operation in July this year. Institute of Chemistry of the high-tech materials laboratory director of the Project Leader Yang Shiyong researcher, as the world IC chip to the high integration, cabling miniaturization, the chip large, thin direction of the development, packaging materials have become increasingly...
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Large solar silicon project started construction in Hohhot

Invest 25 billion yuan, annual output of 1,000 megawatts of solar silicon production project in Hohhot started. Central European semiconductor materials technology, Tianjin and Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co. Ltd jointly decided to set up in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the Central PV Material Co., Ltd., annual production capacity of 1,000 megawatts of solar silicon, silicon production base, a project is expected to trial production in November this year. China is the worlds largest solar cell manufacturing country, but a long time, Chinas solar cell materials mainly depend on foreign supply, in 2008 Chinas photovoltaic industry needs about 20,000 tons of silicon materials, domestic production is only about 4,000 tons. By the international financial crisis in 2009 is expected bottlenecks restricting our silicon photovolta...
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Large-scale installation of LED lighting in London, vending machine

London Transport Bureau (TFL) has said it has in the London transport hub area of the 3,500 solar bus stop shelters and 640 passengers, LED lighting is enabled, not only for the city to save energy, and improve the public transport network in London the overall environment. Vending machine with LED lighting, power consumption is 0.8W, with the traditional lighting of the power consumption of 32W, compared saving 31.2W. If the 1109 system power supply with automatic ticket machines work continuously for one year (365 days), it will result in 170 tons of carbon dioxide produced each year. London Transport Bureau that compared with traditional lighting systems, low-power LED brighter vending opportunities, and more easy to operate. Only two years of traditional life of fluorescent tubes, and LED lighting, the average life expectancy of...
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Large-scale promotion of Weifang City of LED lights have been covered

6 1 March, in Changhua Road, Qingdao City 4, multi-functional conference hall infirmary of Posts and Telecommunications, Weifang semiconductor lighting (LED) Product Development conference held in Weifang City, Shandong Province, in the dim light as with the electronic ( Weifang) Co., Ltd. 30,000 LED lights, and to become the worlds first LED lights cover all cities. In the dim light of Electronics (Weifang) Co., Ltd. is the production of semiconductor devices as the core source of high-tech multinationals, the company launched a series of independent intellectual property rights of the worlds leading high-quality high-power LED street lamp products, such lamps 50,000 hours MTBF, start time is less than 50ms, starting current, power efficiency is greater than 90%, has a unique optical design of lighting, light pollution, glare, no flic...
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Large-screen flat-panel TV prices "avalanche" fall into the million mark

About 1.3 yuan the previous 47-inch full HD LCD TV fall into the million mark, in the past 2 million 52-inch LCD TV priced at 15,999 yuan ... ... "May Day" period, 46,47,52 inches large-screen flat-panel TV prices emergence of the "avalanche" scene, many models of the price to historic lows, causing a boom market, but also to promote the "May Day" Golden Week, the overall trend of higher sales. Price of the "avalanche" started before January Large-size flat-panel TV prices in the "collapse" begins "May Day" golden week ago. April 4, TCLs LCD TV first to 52M71F price reduction of 20%, down from the 18,998 yuan 15,999 yuan. Which opened a large flat-screen TV "avalanche" of the prologue. Last year, a war against "price card" Sharp, the main push during the period May 32-inch and 46-inch, 46 inch HD price is only 8800 yuan, including 46-i...
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Large-size LCD panel shipments over 4 months up by 38% in ten million

DisplaySearchs latest report, in March this year, the global large-size (10 inches) LCD panel shipments topped 40 million, representing a substantial increase of 38% over the same period last year. Mainly due to notebook computer panels and LCD panel shipments were up 41%, 31%, while prices to stimulate demand by the panel of manufacturers, LCD TV panel shipments increased by 58% year on year. Strong downstream demand 2008 years, the LCD panel industry needs to maintain steady growth in the downstream momentum. According to DisplaySearch, shipments of statistical data, in March 2008 the global large-size (10 inches) LCD panel shipments reached 40 million, for the first time in a single month large-size LCD panel shipments more than 40 million. Industry believes that the notebook panel and LCD panel demand for good, while panel makers ...
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Large-size panel supply capacity utilization rate has not worsened

Information Institute for Information Industry (MIC) of new market research report published in 2009, the first quarter of the overall global large-size panel supply exceeds demand, but the manufacturers for the clearing inventory, capacity utilization is lower than in 35% of cases, large-size panel market supply and demand has not produced the actual deterioration. Manufacturers in Taiwan are expected in the second quarter to tie brands to enhance the effect of inventory levels, the large-size panels will gradually increase capacity utilization, and LGD, Samsung and other Korean manufacturers to ship with the usual peak in the third quarter but will full capacity, the struggle between manufacturers will be more intense. 2008 in the second quarter to the first quarter of 2010, large-size panel demand forecast MIC Senior Industry A...
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