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Largest semiconductor lighting industrial base located in Chenzhou

Recently, Hunan Hua Leiguang Electric Co., Ltd. and Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, marking a total investment of 20 billion yuan, the countrys largest semiconductor lighting industrial base located in Chenzhou Export Processing Zone. Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences semiconductor lighting in Chinas most authoritative scientific body, the agreement signed, the hospital will Hualei Guang power LED industry base project to provide technical and personnel support. It is reported that the project will pilot production in June this year, at the end of production, and strive to achieve output of 5 years over a hundred billion. In the Division Vice President Ding Zhongli, Chen Zhaoxiong Provincial Vice Governor, Provincial Information Industr...
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Last year IC industry slowdown in 2009 growth remained slow

Last year by the world economic downturn and the international financial crisis, the global IC industry growth slows this year, Chinas IC industry growth remained low, sales and revenue growth flat to down, to further accelerate structural adjustment, increase in corporate mergers and acquisitions, market structure and development of the industry there are many new changes. Operating characteristics Sales flat to down "Fifth" period, Chinas IC industry growth of 30% or more annually, but in the fourth quarter of 2007, the global IC industry downturn, industry sales growth has declined. In 2008, sales revenue of IC industry, 210.73 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2%, the growth rate down 6.8 percentage points over the previous year; complete the export 24.3 billion, an increase of 3.4%, an increase of 12.6 percentage points decline over...
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Last year, Chinas net purchases of about 25.4 billion market trend is clearly oligarch

5 Yue 29 news, a senior Microsoft on Wednesday said it expects the next financial year (from July 1 this year began) sold in China will double the number of Windows Mobile phones, estimated at 30 June deadline for the fiscal year, the market sales of Windows Mobile phone number will be close to 2 million. Yesterday, is looking Consulting released the "2007 China Online Shopping Survey Report." The report shows that in 2007 the rapid development of online shopping, to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen as the representative of the central city has more than ten million consumers online shopping. Guangzhou last year, the amount of net purchases 3.1 billion Report shows that in 2007 in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as the representative of the National Center for Urban Consumers in the online shopping penetration rate of Intern...
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Last year, Chinas software export value of more than 1.8 billion agreement

According to Commerce Department statistics, in 2007 China signed a total of 12,447 copies of the software export contract (excluding embedded software), the amount of $ 1,876,000,000 contract agreement, an increase of 64.8%, execution of the contract amount of $ 1,106,000,000. For software exports registered a total of 1,179 business enterprises, including through the development of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) certification levels above 167 enterprises, accounting for 14.2%; by software companies and software products Certification (double soft certification) 386 enterprises, accounting for 32.7%. 2007, the software exports maintained rapid growth momentum, a single month export value was significantly higher than the year-ago levels, the annual growth rate of exports in 2006 inc...
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Last year, expanding the scale of the global semiconductor equipment market by 6%

U.S. market research company reported SEMI survey: in 2007 the global semiconductor manufacturing equipment market expanded by 6% over the previous year, to 42.77 billion U.S. dollars, the second highest on record. 300mm wafers and memory areas to increase the proportion of large-scale investment driven demand. From different regions, China Taiwan and mainland China grew significantly. Among them, China Taiwan up 45.7% over the previous year, 106.5 million, more than Japans top position. Japan grew 1.1%, only $ 9,310,000,000. Mainland China increased by 26.2% over the previous year, to 29.2 billion U.S. dollars, and European considerable. In addition, South Korea 4.8% over the previous year, 73.5 million; North America fell 10.6%, 65.5 billion dollars. AU-inch LCD panel developed 14mm24 WASHINGTON China Taiwan AU Optronics has develop...
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Last year, sales of electronics and information industry 5.6 trillion

National Development and Reform Commission released the 2007 economic operation of Chinas electronic information industry milestones, show Chinas electronic information industry in 2007 sales revenue of 5.6 trillion yuan, up 18%; the added value of 1.3 trillion yuan, up 18.2%. Which software revenue 580 billion yuan, an increase of 20.8%. The scale of electronic information industry continues to lead among the various sectors in the national economy, the countrys total industrial sales accounting for 12% of the added value of the proportion of the countrys total GDP reached 5.27%. According to statistics, Chinas electronic information products in 2007 imports amounted to 345.18 billion U.S. dollars, up 20%, accounting for 36.1% of foreign imports, import growth of the countrys foreign trade contribution rate of 35%. 2007, Chinas elect...
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Latest 20 models of ST microcontroller reset IC innovative process, power consumption by half

STMicroelectronics (ST) has introduced 20 models of 3-Pin Microcontroller Reset IC STM18xx series, the power control chip for high-volume cost-sensitive applications specifically designed micro-controller can be directly inserted to replace the industry standard DS18xx products and similar components. According to reports, the series consists of 8 basic reset circuit: 4 5V components, each component has 4.62V and 4.37V (nominal) threshold voltage options; 4 3V components Each component has 3.06V, 2.88V and 2.55V (nominal) threshold voltage options, a total of 20 products. Reset circuit is the supply voltage control system components, micro-controllers are widely used to monitor the supply voltage, and lower than the allowed voltage (LVD: Low Voltage Detect) and starts (POR: Power On Reset) to generate a reset signal. with push-pull out...
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Lattice introduced sophisticated software configurable power management IC

Lattice Semiconductor (Lattice Semiconductor) has introduced sophisticated software configurable power management IC - Power1208P1. The new device is its ispPAC Power Manager programmable mixed-signal product line, through the programmable analog and digital functions can provide the power output and 8 12-way power controls. Power1208P1 power monitoring with 12 analog inputs, each analog input has programmable threshold (384 steps) synchronous comparators, precision of 0.5%. Also includes a 80mV reference potential close to the threshold voltage to detect off. The product can monitor the power output up to 0.7V, the input comparator thresholds and power control sequence, such as digital functions such as programmable, IEEE1149.1 boundary scan protocol based non-volatile E2 CMOS components. Power1208P1 for power monitoring with progr...
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Lattice introduced to simplify network design for zero-delay clock generator

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation high-performance communications and computing products for the launch of the second generation of zero-delay clock generator, which can generate 20 clock outputs, each output of the conversion rate can be independently programmed to provide standard input and output and frequency selection. ispClock5600A phase-locked loop (PLL) and the separator system can be integrated from a variety of reference input clock frequency. the generator system based on non-volatile E2CMOS, with the companys first-generation ispClock5600 compatible devices, but adds many new features, various parameters have been significantly improved performance. Maximum voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) operating frequency has been upgraded to 800MHz. It supports the 33.33-, 100 -, 133.33-and 50MHz clock frequency. Input clock frequency...
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Launch full-featured HP Color One Printer-HP Photosmart 3108

(Electronic markets Reuters) drag racing, water skiing, fly ... ... more and more people are interested in speed of movement, only to enjoy the kind of comfortable life at high speed. Today, HP Photosmart 3108 color all-one machine can also bring this extraordinary experience. For fashion and home entertainment and small office soho user, HP has introduced a full-featured color-One Printer - HP Photosmart 3108. SPT-based HPs new print engine technology, full-dimensional, this one machine has the worlds fastest print speed - print a 4x6-inch photo in just 14 seconds, excellent print quality and economic energy-saving features, plus The both high quality color fax, three-dimensional scanning, color copying three-dimensional features that make HP Photosmart 3108 has just appeared, became one of the machine in a dazzling pearl. HP Photosmart ...
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