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Launched a new high-speed printing machine DEK Photon

(Electronic markets Reuters) DEK has announced the launch a new high-speed, high-performance printing, called DEK Photon, its speed is very much like there are two machines at work, Leading the Way. Photon rack optimized the printing press, can provide higher accuracy and repeatability, and contains all the printing variables real 6-sigma process platform (@ ± 25 ? m). DEK Photon core cycle is only 4 seconds, and its capacity is double the other machine platforms, but only take standard size fuselage area. With such high energy Photon reason is that cutting-edge technologies with DEK and creative engineering concepts, including DEK fast delivery technology (RTC ?); easy to use Instinctiv ? user interface; optimized press rack technology; and DEKs Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network (ISCAN ?) technology. In addition, Photon also giv...
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Launched the third generation of Actel Flash-based programmable logic solutions

Actel Corporation announced the launch of the third generation of the Flash-based programmable logic solutions, is the worlds lowest-cost field-programmable gate array (FPGA) device, called the ProASIC3 and ProASIC3E series, successfully driving the company into a new era of competition. ProASIC3 / E series is a response to the market for Actel fully functional, cost-effective FPGA designed for strong demand, mainly for consumer, automotive and other cost-sensitive applications. This "value-based" (value-based) in the range of the fastest growing in the FPGA market this year is expected to reach 5 billion dollars in size. Based on its success ProASIC Plus family, Actels single-chip device with a new 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI performance and is the industrys first on-chip user Flash memory FPGA. The device of the system gate densities range fr...
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Launched the worlds first mixed-signal Actel FPGA system development to create a new world

In a single chip programmable system chip integrated analog peripherals than ever before, Flash memory, and FPGA architecture, product design gives a new definition of Actel Corporation announced the launch of the worlds first mixed-signal FPGA family - Actel Fusion ? Programmable System Chip Fusion (PSC), and are immediately available, the series can meet the system engineers can simplify the design of the device for a strong needs, and fully release their creativity. Single-chip Actel Fusion programmable system chip devices integrated mixed-signal analog, Flash memory and FPGA architecture, allowing designers to quickly move towards a complete design from concept to market with feature-rich system. Actel Fusion programmable system chips for these applications to bring the advantages of programmable logic, application areas, including...
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Law of the LCD industry to survive

BOE into liquid crystal display industry for almost ten years, we have experienced a brutal baptism of the industry cycle, step by step grow up. However, we are well aware, the BOE from the "Show the world leader in the field of" vision, there is still a long way to go. In recent years, we have been exploring: how to nurture and build their own core competencies, get rid of liquid crystal display industry, "roller-coaster cycle" impact of a "value creation driven" model of development, achieve long-term stability of earnings. Survival Law Years of research and exploration, we found that a law of liquid crystal display industry: every three years, liquid crystal display panel prices will drop 50%, to survive, product performance and efficient technology ownership is necessary to improve more than doubled. We call this the "law of survi...
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Layoffs are not a panacea 3G/LTE recipe

From the fourth quarter and full year 2008 earnings view, layoffs and cost cutting as the major telecom equipment manufacturers invariably choice. However, this is not a panacea, although difficulties may be temporary solutions, but not the long run. How, then, the international financial crisis through the winter? Most companies are optimistic about 3G. Meanwhile, for the future and consider the dual reality, LTE become a "meat and potatoes", the company announced its own competing LTE is the pioneer in the field. Just past most of 2008 for foreign telecom equipment manufacturers are not destined for a memorable year. From the fourth quarter and full year 2008 earnings view, layoffs and cost cutting as the major telecom equipment manufacturers invariably choice. However, this is not a panacea, although difficulties may be temporary sol...
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Layoffs or by Nokia to accelerate the decline of

On Thursday (October 21), Nokia released the 2010 third quarter earnings, financial good news people, but Nokia also announced that it would lay off 1,800 workers worldwide, earnings and job cuts have a significant positive stock price on the Nokia . MeeGo yet to be introduced in the market the occasion of great uncertainty, layoffs most likely will lead to the development of Symbian related business slowed, the price of 300 dollars in low-end mobile phone market following the loss of dominance, leading to further decline in business . Nokia layoffs, but will Symbian already precarious serious negative impact on the ecological chain, before the introduction of the MeeGo, making one of the few around the Nokia platform, third-party companies and individual developers taking a step forward to reduce. Nokias third quarter results of 201...
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Layout of lighting giant step up the pace of the adjustment of product to seize market

Century-old business on the Yaming bulb factory has finally taken the first step of reform. April 2009, with the chairman Liu Jingweis some statement, an official from the light source on the Yaming commercial lighting industry into the domestic market. Product line expansion, not only shine on the new look Yaming, leaving people on the Yaming dealers excited, enthusiastically signed up 78.5 million yuan, reflecting the distribution of their products on the Yaming sufficient confidence. Shanghai Yaming bulb factory into commercial lighting field, the reasons for this change generated from national and local expansion of domestic demand, growth initiatives, timely introduction, more importantly, more lighting companies represented Yaming seize the opportunities of domestic demand, is timely adjustment of product structure to rapidly expa...
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LCD market to see which technology is changing into a Lenggong

Avalanche recent market price of liquid crystal displays to attract a lot of consumer attention. Continued to decline in the price under the demands of consumers also rise, after a lot of people staring at the purchase price of LCD monitors is the point of view, try to choose low-cost products. LCD prices have now bottomed out, some consumers have begun to show concern for the appearance of a liquid crystal display, performance, function, price is not the only determining factor, a number of outstanding design, performance, outstanding products, but also become The focus of the consumer blitz. Performance in many hot spots into the liquid crystal display, the dynamic contrast ratio is undoubtedly the most beautiful. After 2 years of development, dynamic contrast technology is now becoming a standard LCD monitor, without using dynamic co...
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LCD panel industry, the market may recover in 2011

Financial crisis that began late last year to all of the global LCD panel into a loss of business difficulties. But in March 11s FPDChina2009 Market Forum, LCD industry chain AKT Applied Materials, Inc. Vice President and General Manager Jiang Yan fighting display business is expected to actively demand this year will stabilize market supply and demand, flat panel market could recover in 2011. E-newspaper, according to Taiwan when president yesterday, Hwang Chin-yeong data provided in the forum show that in the fourth quarter of last year, Samsung, LG capacity utilization were 85%, while AU Optronics, Chi Mei, CPT capacity utilization only 53%, 41%, 40%. Weak market for all companies regard the Chinese market, the LCD panel exceptionally valued. Samsung gathered yesterday FPDChina exhibition, LG, AUO, BOE, horses and other LCD panel bu...
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LCD panel investment of "hot" should be determined by the market

CCID Consulting statistics, last year alone, investment or proposed investment in LCD panel production line for up to six, launched a number of production lines set off a round of vigorous "build-screen movement." For this phenomenon, some experts said heat behind the screen is indeed created worries: too many investors will lead to scattered resources, is not conducive to the formation of competitiveness. For "making screen Craze" controversy, SAN sectors specially interview in Guangzhou. LG LCD panel production line has an advantage LG 8.5 generation in Guangzhou Development Zone project has been on 3 November 2009 in Seoul, South Korea signed a cooperation agreement with a total investment of 40 billion U.S. dollars, the construction of 8.5-generation panel production line on behalf of the ultimate production capacity of 120K / mont...
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