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LCD panel makers AU Optronics net profit of 889 million U.S. dollars in the first quarter

Recently, the worlds one of the top three LCD panel makers AU Optronics announced first quarter financial report, first quarter operating income of 136.63 billion yuan of its new Taiwan dollars (about 45 billion U.S. dollars), net profit of 30.31 billion yuan of new units dollars (about 889 million U.S. dollars), the profit margin up to 22.2%, compared with a year earlier loss of 51 billion Taiwan dollars, the Friends of achieving strong growth performance. AUO in the market share, turnover, profits are beyond the second-largest LCD panel makers LGD (LGDisplay, formerly known as LG Philips). LGD in the first quarter turnover of 4.08 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of 7.35 billion. ...
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LCD panel makers rush continental high generation lines hidden risks

"6 on behalf of the line, 7.5-generation line, the 8th generation line," panel on the Chinese mainland enterprises, these dreams seem to overnight at your fingertips. Faction with the domestic industry lofty contrast lining, but it is the overall downturn in the global LCD market. 2009 Nian 3 months, in FPDCHINA the show, one of the three major panel makers - BOE said in April this year, the company will officially start building in Hefei 6th generation LCD panel production line, with a total investment of about 17.5 billion yuan, the fourth quarter of 2010 is expected to be mass production, planning capacity of 90,000 / month. Meanwhile, the 8th generation line of projects Beijing has entered the stage of the EIA. According to preliminary estimates, the 8th generation line of investment of 28 billion to 300 billion yuan, annual outpu...
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LCD panel production costs will be significantly reduced

LCD TV industry chain from top to bottom, including LCD glass substrate, LCD panels, LCD modules, machine and other sectors, the most important core components - LCD glass substrate is still in the foreign companys "technology blockade" state , making China LCD TV industry has been controlled by others. Recently, China National Building Material Group Corporation ("China National Building Material Group") LCD glass substrate Chengdu Project was formally signed, with a total investment of 2.7 billion, three 0.5 mm LCD glass substrate production line in Chengdu High-tech Zone. As TFT-LCD (liquid crystal panel) of the main material of the LCD glass substrate upstream from the industrial character of view, is a typical double capital and technology intensive industries, with significant economies of scale, entry and exit barriers are highe...
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LCD panel size grew and grew out of control

According to Electronic Times reported in Taiwan: Corning (Corning) recently held in Taiwan to Showcase Optoelectronics seventh-generation LCD glass substrates, size 1870mm × 2200mm, Bi Kangning vice president of Display Technology Peter L . Bocko height is higher. Corning said the next largest LCD glass substrate can be three meters square (estimated in the ninth or tenth generation production line can be realized), big enough to have even jumped up and not touch the top of their work will become increasingly moving difficult....
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LCD Panel What is the significance today?

LCD panel What is the significance today? Ian Yang Intel will have the number of people living next summed up as "three screens" - the living room TV screen, the study of the PC screen and portable mobile terminal screen. Display meaning in the present and future is evident. Small cell phone, MP4, large outdoor display screens and medium-sized notebook PCs, LCD TVs, LCD screens around us has become an integral part of electronic products, but also become an integral part of life. "Confucian Book of Rites, the line," said: "Love the dead to be also, promising also to raise their body." Enemies waited for opportunities in the environment, more and more obvious trend in the monopoly market situation , decided to join the LCD panel manufacturing this road quite a bit "knowing they are impossible," the tragic color. However, even though it...
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LCD price cuts are frequent failures to blame?

With the popularity of LCD price , LCD TV quality is also a substantial increase in complaints. Statistics from the China Consumer Association, many consumers will buy a LCD TV home, less than six months to frequent quality problems, resulting in consumer products, the overall quality of LCD TVs have misgivings about. Recently some manufacturers have tip lines to the reporter who said the video out of the LCD power quality problems, mainly with the consumers right to know when buying LCD TVs missing, shoddy manufacturers reduce cost. Comprehensive China Consumer Association, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce offers the case of LCD TV complaints found that majority of the failure of LCD TVs are bought in the last Olympics, but this time the LCD TV price promotions is the peak period. The rebellion say, last year, the collective involve...
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LCD TV can not afford to replace the screen can afford repair costs of 1 million

A 37-inch Sharp LCD TV, because after a 1-year warranty, the replacement cost of the screen as high as 1 million, than to re-buy a TV set is also expensive. Complaint against Mr. Zhang, the reporter recently found that before the end of last year to buy the joint venture or foreign brand LCD TVs, most only 1 year warranty. LCD screen scrap a year 2006 Nian 8 20 May, members of the public Zhang Suning stores in North Huaqiang with 13,900 yuan, purchased a Sharp LCD-37AX3 37-inch LCD TV models. Unexpectedly, a year later, turn on the TV, there are two red lines on the LCD screen, Suning Appliance send staff inspection concluded: LCD screen is damaged, in need of replacement, the TV is over a 1 year warranty. To screen for the estimated cost of 10,000 yuan or so. "Even for an LCD TV than you to re-buy!" Zhang complained that the Sharp ...
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LCD TV panel prices continued to rise in short supply

- > SAN May 26, according to Taiwan media reports, the recent series of price hikes price of LCD panels, Samsung Electronics Taiwan, said Associate Laijun Xing, 3,4 month has been raised by 300 yuan to 500 yuan NT (the the same), more recently, may rise. Laijun Xing pointed out that the global economic downturn from last year, the panel falling demand, the major panel makers have cut production deal, but Chinas recent promotion of home appliances has been high demand for LCD TVs, resulting in a panel of supply and demand tension Even in short supply situation, leading to higher prices. LCD TV stores and desolate and therefore increase the price. Laijun Xing said the 22-inch LCD TV is about the average price of 4900 yuan to 54,900 yuan, the market share of about 35%; 19-inch LCD TV, the current average price of 3,600 yuan to 4,000 yu...
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LCD TV panel supply of the mainland accounted for 5 percent market share

Home appliances in China to promote effective strategies to enable the local market has become a global panel industrys contested, mainland China due to Taiwan industry hard earlier, according to estimates, Taiwans AU Optronics panel, double-Tiger (2409), Chi Mei Power (3009) this year, with his hand under the LCD TV panel supply of the mainland accounted for 5 percent market share, means that a strong pre-emptive. A market research firm predicts that by 2009 China LCDTV panel source, accounting for 17% of AUO, Chi Mei Optoelectronics as high as 33% of the total domestic market share will reach double tiger panel 50%. Analysis that: 1) As China LCDTV penetration into only about three, plus 2 months since the policy to increase home appliances TV, LCDTV Chinas growth momentum is expected to follow-up is still strong; 2) on the current la...
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LCD TV semiconductor industry chain, market-driven dance

After a year of the pilot, our home appliances is now in full swing, from February 1, 2009 onwards, work from home appliances to 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. The new situation, promotion of home appliances in the country for the expansion of domestic demand and maintain stable and rapid economic growth is important. Policy of home appliances in China, in Taiwan, causing acute single effect, not only bring the economy back to the panel industry in temperature, together with the upstream and downstream firms also followed benefit, Hsinchu Science Park, in the Division, South 1, will be abolished without paid leave, the staff back to work about 4 million people. Many employees back to work, said, "can no longer work, nice!." As an indispensable household appliances parts, semiconductor devices wil...
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