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LCD TV: the small size of the recovery chain selling

Research leaves just back flat told the "China Electronics News" reporter, LCD TV in three or four markets gradually on the rise, consumer groups or replacement of many young TV users will be aiming for LCD TVs, and as income limit and below their 32-inch LCD TVs attention, much higher than other LCD TV. Domestic brands greatest advantage relative to foreign brands in three or four markets, thanks to the leading of the channel construction, and many domestic brands in the market will break through the lock. Reporter noted that the current 19-inch, 22 inch, 26-inch and 32 inch LCD TVs accounted for small and medium size enterprises TV increasing share of overall sales. To Skyworth example, 32-inch LCD TV Skyworth all LCD TVs accounted for the proportion of the total sales of more than 60%. The following other brand 32-inch LCD TV LCD TV ...
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LCDTV will drive towards the development of high speed up 200/240Hz

LCD driver liquid crystal molecules due to the way to display the image, so self-luminous than the way CRT, PDP and OLED and other display, the animation slower response rate, but the main LCD screen on the display monitor use of static, problem is not too large, but mainly in the animated TV show purposes, has become one of the topics to be addressed. LCD TV animation to improve response rates, are most of the implementation of speed drive technology. Europe is now sending an average of 50 frame per second video signal, Japan, North America and South Korea and other countries are sending an average of 60 frame per second video signal, while the double speed drive can become an average of 100 cells per second, or 120 cells, to to improve the animation smear phenomenon. International LCD TV manufacturers, to JVC introduced the first spe...
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LDK LDK 2.81 Yi Mei Yuan three expansion projects

According to Information Daily reported, the reporter was informed that 1, the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently have approved the LDK LDK Solar polysilicon three projects with a total investment of more than 281 million. LDK, told reporters on the three expansion projects are expected to be completed before end of next year to meet the needs of the company to expand production capacity. LDK Solar LDK three new projects were approved, the LDK LDK Solar Hi-Tech companies expand annual production capacity of 100 megawatts of polysilicon film projects with a total investment of $ 97,440,000; LDK LDK Solar polysilicon expansion of annual output of 1,000 companies tons of high purity polycrystalline silicon material, the project total investment of $ 90,600,000; LDK PV Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. LDK expand annua...
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LDK, development and transnational giants PV market in Europe and China

LDK, and the worlds largest solar cell maker Q-CellsSE today announced a joint venture to work together European and Chinese PV market development. Currently the cooperative project, the supply chain is ready, the first 40 MW joint venture project has begun. According to Shanghai Securities News reported on April 10, the worlds largest silicon wafer manufacturer LDK, Solar Limited ("LDK Solar LDK") and the worlds largest solar cell maker Q-CellsSE (hereinafter " Q-Cells ") 4 Yue 9 announced a joint venture to work together European and Chinese PV market development. From the LDK, was informed that currently the cooperative project, the supply chain is ready, the first 40 MW joint venture project has begun, the joint venture will use the LDK, the production of silicon wafers, and Q-Cells production of batteries. Joint venture has also...
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LDK, the expected increase in third-quarter earnings

Polysilicon film producers in China - LDK LDK Solar Co., Ltd. (NYSE: LDK) has released the latest financial forecast third quarter, the company expects third quarter revenue of 5.3 billion -5.4 billion, wafer shipments of 230 MW -240 MW. LDK, also announced earlier in the third quarter of 2008, annual production capacity of 1.2 GW of silicon wafers to achieve the goal. Previously, the company expects third-quarter revenue -4.96 billion U.S. dollars 486 million and wafer shipments of 210 MW -220 MW. Peng Xiaofeng, chairman and CEO, said the company completed 3 months ahead of target wafer production capacity and publish financial reports better than expected, reflecting the LDK based on the industrys largest and lowest cost solar wafer business determination. Previously, polysilicon plant and for the expansion of silicon factories, LDK...
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LDK, the first two quarters of sales revenue 675 million

August 12, according to LDK, published semi-annual filing shows the first two quarters of this year, LDK, sales income 675 million. LDK, was established in July 2005, commissioned in 2006, in June 2007 in the United States listed on the NYSE. End of this year, LDK, will become the worlds first production into "G-watt" club of the photovoltaic business. Current orders scheduled to 2018. In another development, LDK, Applied Materials has recently signed a $ 220,000,000 contract ordering precision wafer processing system, the equipment planned for early 2009, the factory shipped LDK, Xinyu, LDK, previously announced in 2010 its solar crystallization round production capacity expansion to 3.2GW. LDK, location - Jiangxi Province PV companies are currently 8 in the first half, the PV industry were realized main business income of 4.67 billion...
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Lead Hua Fu voltage inverter drive with variable torque load synchronous motor Summary

2006 Nian 4 18, Beijing Fu Hua Lead Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. manufacture of high-voltage inverter synchronous machine drive in our plant CO 2 synchronous motor driving the compressor and put into the production system successfully tested operation. I plant the CO 2 compressor variable torque load, high voltage inverter for variable torque load of the high-voltage synchronous motor speed control to fill in our high-voltage synchronous motor speed control in the gaps. For reasons known to the industry that the change in the habits of high-voltage synchronous motor torque load soft start and speed control difficult. On the other hand, the production process and requirements for such load speed, ease of production load adjustment and energy saving. Therefore, the variable torque load of the high-voltage synchronous motor speed t...
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Lead-free conversion of the most critical aspect is made of circuit board components

- Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute for Reliability Analysis Center Deputy Director Luodao Jun We know in the industry, lead solder is a very important material. However, due to China, "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "China RoHS") and the implementation of relevant environmental laws and regulations, contains hazardous substances such as lead 6 of the materials or workmanship will be banned, because of lead solder containing high levels of lead which will be gradually banned. In electrical and electronic manufacturing, from materials to components to the components and then to machine equipment, closely associated upstream and downstream, while the transition to lead-free process of the most critical aspect is the component part made of...
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Leading foundry TSMC prices brewing

Slowdown in the market situation, foundries are pregnant wine prices. Recently, TSMC foundry Long officially announced, will assess the following advanced 0.13-micron process hike the price of feasibility; UMC and SMIC also said that order flow is to evaluate them, as well as rising oil prices, inflation and other factors, TSMC plans to follow the pace. Leading foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company plant in the May 27 announced the annual Technology Forum will offer an official hike, this is the first time, TSMC announced hikes offer. TSMC vice president worldwide sales and marketing, said Chen Junsheng, TSMC to adjust pricing and the foundry industry is directly related to structural changes in the foundry industry is a capital, technology, labor-intensive industries, the need for adequate resources to support, was able to...
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LeCroy launched WaveJet Series portable oscilloscopes

LeCroy Corporation (LeCory) has announced the introduction of new WaveJet digital oscilloscope series, to expand its easy to carry, easy to use, with a bright display of economy oscilloscope product line. WaveJet in portable oscilloscopes provides unmatched performance and very economical. WaveJet 500 k samples per channel memory allows the capture point of time is the same kind of other products 50-200 times. WaveJet series of new 2-channel oscilloscope models and four channel models are available in 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz and 500 ; MHz bandwidth. 2 GS / s maximum sample rate and 500kpts / channel memory combine to make WaveJet a similar instrument in the performance-leading products. This long memory to provide a maximum sampling rate of the leading 250μs capture similar levels of time, and similar other oscilloscopes in the same...
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