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M1-ATX: Auto PC, DC / DC smart power supply (Figure)

Ituner Networks Launches Intelligent stable noise-free power supply M1-ATX, eliminating battery drain and remove harmful power surges. This has just launched the M1-ATX is the lowest cost in the Smart car Mini-ITX power. M1-ATX is designed to give VIAs small form factor x86 Mini-ITX motherboard power supply, this board in the car, boat and home entertainment systems are increasingly being used. M1 -ATX main properties are as follows: intelligent voltage regulation and surge protection. Input Voltage 6V-24V (M1-ATX can operate at voltages as low as 5.7V and up to 30V voltage). M1-ATX Protection Auto PC against overvoltage and undervoltage conditions and the surge generated by the engine of vehicle damage or destruction of PC. to provide accurate adjustment of the input voltage clamping and reverse protection. minimize battery drain,...
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Ma Taobao additional 20 billion investment in e-commerce world power scheme

Taobao last weekend the 5th anniversary of the birth of the Alibaba Group chairman Jack Ma said, "Taobao Group will invest an additional 20 billion yuan, and must be spent within 5 years." However, Ma is the problem of how profitable it Taobao avoided and that "the issue is not interested in making money." It is reported that the 20 billion investment is the second in 2003 after the establishment of Taobao, Alibaba Groups third investment in Taobao. Taobao by Alibaba Group in May 10, 2003 investment of 4.5 billion was founded in October 2005 a second investment of 10 billion yuan. Up to now, accumulated on Taobao Alibaba Group invested 34.5 billion yuan. 20 billion of this investment is Ma in order to achieve its global dominance of online shopping bets again. Ma said, Taobao and Alibaba the next 5 to 10 years, the task is to create a ...
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Ma: Do not rule out the opening 12-inch wafer fabs to invest in the mainland

Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou said future semiconductor suppliers in Taiwan to relax investment in the mainland, do not rule out opening 12-inch wafers, the idea is by the "ministry" which assessed. "Ministry of Economic Affairs," another pointed out that the manufacturing sector will be made in the open by the end of July to review the landing report. "Presidential" press release quoted Mr Ma pointed out that Intel (Intel) is go to China, Taiwan is not only the continent as the factory, but the market, the hope that Taiwans products to place in the mainland market, which is the financial crisis brought important lessons. "The mainlands domestic market is very important for us, the shows potential is quite amazing," Ma said. Ma Ying-jeou on Friday in the "Office of the President" interview to the U.S. Applied Materials (Applied Materials...
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Ma: eBay and Amazon to regret that time did not cooperate with us

Yesterday, Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Group Jack Ma in the fifth anniversary ceremony Taobao suddenly announced that it would Taobao additional 5 years to 20 billion yuan of investment, business will go to the world Taobao, eBay and Amazon ultimately defeated, into the world of e-commerce leader. Taobao expect world-class competition The impromptu speech Ma for the industry by surprise, but recalled that he has always been like "shooting" character also is not as strange. According to data provided Taobao, Alibaba over the past 5 years Taobao invested a total of 13.5 billion after the capital increase on Taobao Ma made the betting has reached an alarming 33.5 billion yuan, the investment of the domestic competitors far behind them. In fact, after the successful listing of Alibaba, Ma has repeatedly said, the next 3 to 5 years, wi...
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Ma: First of all SMEs to survive the subprime crisis by re-shuffling

BEIJING, March 17 electricity Alibaba Business Forum kicked off in Beijing Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, Ma as guest speaker, entitled "SMEs in the subprime mortgage crisis survival," keynote speech, which is Ali Baba listing, Ma for the first time in Beijing. It is reported that Alibaba business forum held in various places every year. The Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board, CEO Jack Ma is visit this site, and the direct exchange of foreign trade enterprises in Beijing. 3 "China Top Ten Internet Business": Changshu City Star Fiberglass Insulation Products Co., Ltd. Yiu, general manager of Jinxi Chun, Hangzhou Import and Export Co., Ltd. Manager of the Shun Wang Qun, Ningbo Cheuk Chun Yang Xiaohui, Deputy General Manager is also Bedford Clothing the scene for the Beijing Foreign Enterprise "Weapon" - how much more effective application of...
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Macroeconomic moderate slowdown

21, National Bureau of Statistics released the first three quarter economic data. Statistical calculation, the first three quarters of gross domestic product reached 26.866 trillion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 10.6%. September consumer prices rose 3.6%, chain 0.6%, or 23 months since the new record high. Data revealed that two copies of information: on the one hand, Chinas economic growth rate gradually slowed down the basic trend stopped, and the growth rate basically stable at a high level; the other hand, continues the momentum of rising prices. In this context, the central bank announced the increase of 19 1-year deposit and lending rates by 0.25 percentage points. Most economists believe the central bank intended to control the accident rate hike may be rising inflation, the CPI data release 21 clearly co...
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Made full commercial 3G dual-mode 3G handsets and then near the new standard

with the domestic business is approaching full 3G, 3G mobile phone-related technical standards have gradually introduced. Yesterday, the China Communications Standards Association, announced that "domestic 3GTD-SCDMA/GSM (GPRS) dual-mode digital single standby mobile terminal technical requirements" and "test method" draft standard draft for approval two communications industry has entered the public notice period, the approval by the competent authorities telecommunications equipment into the network will become the technical basis for the test. Because different parts of the level of consumption, 3G networks will be batches to promote, 3G networks and existing telecommunications networks will be common for a long period of time there. In order to meet the needs of users, to promote dual-mode dual standby as the best choice, and the rel...
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Made in China next months first solar cell phone overseas for sale cheap

"Mobile phone in enough sunlight for 1 hour, 15 minutes to talk; full charge will take about 8 hours" - Do not think this is a late-night TV shopping program to see, "Bluff" and "unauthorized" solar cell phone. This is the worlds first genuine "cheap" solar cell phone, next month will be in Central America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific offering a number of countries, is expected to sell only about 40 dollars. Not only that, this phone is truly a "Made in China", the manufacturer said in an interview, this phone is the lack of electricity, sunny location, "tailor", from design to manufacturing R & D , by their completion. Solar mobile phone market has great potential In Central America and the South Pacific many countries, energy is the same as a luxury thing, even for people without electricity will need to pay agents charge the...
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Made life difficult for the three major mobile phone giants have suffered financial crisis

Last weekend, the former national phone giant ST Kejian (000 035) released 2007 annual report, the companys main business last year, mobile phones and related equipment manufacturing income of only 378,300 yuan, up 98.51% dropped significantly. A few days ago, while shares of a domestic phone giant Bird (600 130) released 2007 annual report, 593 million net loss in 2007, and Amoi Electronics (600,057) had also notice a loss in 2007. Since then, the former Big Three domestic mobile phone were encountered severe financial crisis. Mobile phone giant cut Kejian shares annual results for 2007 show that in 2007 operating income of 10.57 million yuan, of which achieve the main mobile phone operating profit 31,100 yuan, down 99.06%, but net profit was 1.18 billion yuan, up 291.67 %. This reporter has learned, ST Kejian main business phone is b...
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Magma has LogicVision provides automatic test pattern generation technology licensing

Chip design solutions, Magma (Magma) Design Automation Inc. today announced that leading semiconductor companies have built self-test (BIST) and diagnostic solutions provider LogicVision provides automatic test pattern generation ( ATPG) technology licensing. Through this agreement, LogicVision will be able to quickly expand the product portfolio, providing customers with more comprehensive design for test (DFT) capabilities to improve test quality, reduce nano-nanometer IC design cycle and reduce IC costs. In addition, the two companies also signed a separate agreement that allows Magma distribution LogicVision products to its strategic customers. "When the ATPG LogicVision provides advanced technical support, technical expertise of DFT, Magma will continue to focus on implementation, physical verification and circuit simulation aspect...
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