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McAfee great risk of the acquisition of Infineon Intel

Intels recent acquisition of intensity is very large, over the past one month, the company has acquired the Texas Instruments has a cable modem business, security software company McAfee and wireless solutions business of Infineon, the total amount of up to 100 billion U.S. dollars. In last weeks Intel Developer Forum, the companys CEO Paul Otellini (Paul Otellini) when talking about the tone of these acquisitions will be successful if the same move. But if he look at history, we will find that the past misdeeds of the acquisition of Intels records show that this statement is the truth. From 1999 to 2003, Intel spent 110 billion to acquire 40 companies, most of which ended in failure. In fact, the top 15 in history from the merger, each acquisition of Intels products will eventually have been closed or sold, only the recent acquisition...
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MCU to create a cost-effective services to win market diversification

By the consumer electronics, telecommunications and automotive industry, driven by the rapid development of Chinas MCU market is growing rapidly. Consumer electronics intelligence, integration, miniaturization trend for the MCU provides a new product development; the automotive MCU market has become a new growth point, where motor control, security systems, car entertainment systems will be the 32 bit MCU products, the main driving force. The same time, new applications demand performance and power consumption of the MCU products, higher demands. Low-power, high integration, small size, processing power has become the development trend of the new MCU. MCU products to integrate more functions, such as to be able to support USB, flash memory, LCD drivers, A / D converter, and connected to the Internet used to provide capacity MCU TCP / IP...
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MCU, embedded and DSP companies not because of recession worries

According to market research firm Semicast the report, despite the current volatile economic situation the United States, Europe and Japan, market confidence is under attack, but the 32/64 bit microcontroller (MCU), embedded microprocessors (eMPU) and Universal signal processor (DSP) market will continue to steadily grow. The agency predicted that overall sales of these products in 2008 will reach 8.6 billion, higher than the 8.1 billion in 2007, and 10% compound annual growth rate in 2013 reached 14.2 billion. "These products are widely used, but also on the industrial, medical, automotive and communications infrastructure equipment, development and stability of the market, will enable them to become the struggling semiconductor industry, one of the few bright spots." Wrote the report Semicast ColinBarnden, principal analyst, said. Th...
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MCU: Dispute Qu Dan median low-power, the difference favored

Median dispute aside, MCU manufacturers pay more attention to the needs of customers on product performance; and low power consumption, low cost and product differentiation is the industry pursued the goal. As an important part of embedded systems, MCU (Micro Controller) is to promote the object system, an important force to achieve a comprehensive intelligence. As technology continues to upgrade, MCU from the early 4-bit, 8-bit to todays 16-bit and 32-bit, or even factory is now a 64-bit product; and product applications are throughout the communications, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical , security, transportation, aerospace, defense and other areas. Application integration dispute median dilution Product areas in the MCU there has been a "median dispute" argument, and the different performance of the median MCU mark...
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Mean Well 120W single-output switching power supply for four medical equipment

Ming Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd. launched the switching power supply rated output power of 120W, dimensions 177.8 × 108 × 35.5mm. This open-frame switching power supply for medical equipment, the leakage current of 180mA. One MPS-120 single-output switching power supply output voltage 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V. MPD-120 dual-output switching power supply for the power supply, the output voltage of 5V and 12V, or 5V, and 24V. MPT-120 switching power supply has three outputs, MPQ-120 switching power supply with four outputs....
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MeanWELl PLC launched its new LED Power Supply Series

Order to meet the LED lighting / decorative lighting needs of this emerging application areas, the Taiwan factory Ming Wei (MeanWELl) launched its new PLC-30/60/100 Series LED power supply. PLC Series LED power supply products in the existing PLN-30/60/100 improvements on its use of new plastic shell designed to change the I / O wiring connection plate can be brought for the cabling work more flexibility. PLC enclosure series also adds two small holes on the rubber stopper, the user can adjust the PLC-30/60/100 series of output current or voltage without removing the covers. Meter for the measurement data in terms of potential, PLC series of output current can be rated between 75% to 100% (or 75% ~ 103%) to adjust the output voltage at rated value between 85% to 100% (or 95% to 110%) to adjust. PLC-30/60/100 series of energy is limit...
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Measurement Control and Instrumentation Engineer Qualification

General first in order to meet economic development and reform of the system engineers, professional norms of social evaluation, approval by the China Association for Science and Technology, under the guidance of the governments macro, China Instrument Society to carry out measurements control and instrumentation engineers and qualification formulated standards. Second measurement and control and instrumentation engineer for the measurement and control and instrument manufacturing, survey and design, scientific research, application maintenance, marketing, technology development and management of the engineering work qualified staff and technical positions set. Qualified third technical positions as: engineer, senior engineer. Article mainly based on qualification and technical positions are: access to qualified engineering and te...
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Measurement must be out of the "greenhouse"

measurement is an integral part of the production process of manufacturing means. Because of its precision, its application environment has been greatly restricted. Past an old Retroflex Suffixation: "Product quality is manufactured rather than measuring out", this sentence has some truth, but there are biased. In other words, if you do not measure, how do you know the product quality is good or bad? Anyway, in the modern manufacturing, the combination of measurement and production of increasingly interlinked. In CIMES & CMTFO4 show, more and more shows measurement equipment supplier of precision measurement technology advanced, the trend line with the global trend of development. This situation indicates that Chinas market demand for precision measurements, both in quantity and quality, are consistent with their level of manufacturing...
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Measuring Chinas power industrys latest technical standards come

At present, Chinas power industry at all levels to perform the measurement inspection technique, and finally compiled into a book. By the Liu Kai edited by "latest power industry technical standards and measuring instruments measure maintenance and repair technical manual verification," come out. The application of the book to the measurement of the power industry technical standards and certification of measuring instruments in the compilation of maintenance and repair techniques, which greatly accelerated the metrological verification testing personnel at all levels of efficiency, the implementation of national standards for the implementation of paving the shortcut. Measurement of quality control personnel at all levels of business provided the basis for raising the level. In the "latest power industry technical standards and mea...
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Mechanical and electrical equipment based on embedded control remote monitoring technology

Todays increasingly competitive market, manufacturers are constantly seeking new methods and tools in order to achieve more with less, based on the development of the market. Toward the large volume of mechanical and electrical equipment, control system complexity, customers in the direction of decentralization, which gives the manufacturers service brought great inconvenience, remote monitoring system is required to reduce after-sale costs. Communication technology and the rapid development of the Internet, making remote monitoring and control as possible. Present, the embedded technology is showing the flourishing trend. Embedded system with its low cost, small size, can work under poor working conditions and other advantages have been widely used in marine, oil, military and other fields, for data acquisition, industrial control and ...
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