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MediaTek in March is expected to weigh 2.1 billion yuan revenue

According to Taiwan media reports, in March after the Chinese New Year, revenue is expected to return 2.1 billion yuan (100 billion New Taiwan dollars) or more, MediaTek approved by the Board to allot 26.02 yuan per share dividend of NT, a record high, 26 yuan in cash dividends, stock dividends 0.02 yuan, about 4.8% cash yield is expected to become Taiwan stock dividends this year, the largest allotment of listed companies. . IBT said MediaTek February consolidated revenue fell to 1.7 billion (7.879 billion yuan NT), month by 41.99%. Total revenue of 4.6 billion before the February (214.6 billion Taiwan dollars), the annual growth rate of 51.78%, in March after the Chinese New Year, on revenue of 100 billion yuan is expected to return to first-quarter revenue 32 billion yuan, growing season rate of 9.93%, gross margin fell to 56.5%, net...
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MediaTek jumped ship globally flat digital TV IC Champion

According to DisplaySearch data suggest that the first quarter of 2008, the global flat digital TV IC shipments with 6.6 million to 2 thousand, an increase of more than 26% over the same period last year, but fell 6.4% in the fourth quarter of last year, shipments fell The main reason is because in the first quarter due to shipments of off-season. From all major IC supplier ranking in MTK (Mediatek) with 19.5% market share for the first time won the first seat, prompting a substantial growth in MTK two major factors for successfully imported Samsung Taiwan OEM manufacturers product line and customer demand. The Trident from the fourth quarter of 2007 15.7% 18.9% decline, relegated to the second; recession factors in addition to adjust the product line beyond the companys video IC in the Samsung and Sony and other major clients there is ...
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MediaTek June sales are still 2.7 billion in the second half by cottage

MediaTek chip design company has announced consolidated revenues of 8.94 billion yuan in June Taiwan dollars (about 270 million U.S. dollars), down 4.48% compared with May. NTD 28.086 billion yuan revenue in the second quarter, exceeding expectations, and set single-season record.MediaTek June consolidated revenue of NT 8.94 billion yuan, up 31.15% over last year, second quarter revenue of 28.086 billion Taiwan dollars, compared with growth of 17.5% in the first quarter, better than expected quarterly growth of the companys previous rate of 6% to 15% and slightly over the third quarter of last years record revenue of 28.052 billion NT. Revenues of 51.82 billion yuan in the first half of NT, the annual growth rate of 25.15%. Analysts expect MediaTek August consolidated revenue is expected to rush to 100 billion Taiwan dollars, third quar...
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MediaTeks era is over profits

Recently, the father of black MediaTek mobile phone released in October revenue and earnings estimates for the fourth quarter of 2009. MediaTek as the largest provider of mobile phone chips, especially China, cottage chip provider, and its every move is cause for concern. Announcements, MediaTek October consolidated revenue 9.637 billion Taiwan dollars, compared with 11.382 billion yuan in September fell by 15.33%; MediaTek forecast fourth quarter revenue decline of approximately 13% -19% margin, gross margin would fall to 60%. In addition, sources said, MediaTek is reducing its 6225 main baseband chip prices, leading to the main chip set chip prices fell about $ 1. Combined with the recent development trend of mobile phone industry and mobile phone chip industry trends, I believe that in the low-end phones MediaTek era is gone quietly,...
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Medical electronics market prospects

In other sectors of the financial tsunami, the occasion of the significant downturn in the market, increased demand for medical electronic products to avoid because of the impact of the economic environment, while China has just introduced the "new health care reform" plan behind the huge investments in the health care plans and a wide equipment market is attracting many international companies focus on medical electronics market. In the upcoming April 22nd China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference CMET2009, in addition to TI, ADI, Actel, Xilinx, Wind River and other medical electronics market leader in the semiconductor industry for many years, Intel and Microsoft also will attend the scene introduces the in the medical electronics industry and the future vision of technology solutions. The audience is already regist...
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MEERKAT three coaxial digital-to-fiber media converters video

Switzerland Remo (LEMO) original self-locking connector plug is widely used in various aspects of the field of radio and television, in the development of high-definition fiber optic interconnection systems and applications is a world leader. LEMO triax New MEERKAT to all-digital fiber optic video media converter is a compact "plug and Biography" communication system, which in three coaxial connection between the camera and broadcast vehicles to provide a fiber optic connection. SMPTE311M mixed with high-quality LEMO3K.93C cable HDTV connector. Camera connected to the central controller by a mixed fiber optic cable on the power supply. Camera signal and monitor the return signal through fiber optic cable transmission. LEMO media converters can provide professional equipment manufacturers, system integrators and broadcasters an appropri...
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Meiling refrigerator and then join the foreign chains to diversify sales channels

Reporter recently learned from the Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd., with the RT-Mart, Tesco China headquarters communication, Meiling, respectively, two companies recently reached with the full intention to cooperate in 2008. This is the second Meiling and Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Auchan and other foreign chains cooperation, once again join hands with foreign chains. Meiling relevant person in charge told reporters that cooperation with foreign chain of Meiling is an opportunity. As foreign chain in comparison with the traditional national chain has high traffic and other advantages, therefore, to use its terminal network and media advantage, Meiling refrigerators reputation will be further enhanced. It is understood that, with the presence of foreign chains have accelerated the pace of China, the Chinese home appliance sales model is gradually ch...
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Meiling refrigerator manufacturing base in Mianyang, 120 million units annual production

As a refrigerator in the pipeline to be tested packing yesterday, Southwest Chinas largest refrigerator manufacturing base - Meiling refrigerator manufacturing base in Mianyang Mianyang put into operation. This is the layout of the Southwest Meiling success, to build base market, an important step, and shows that its doing "King of Chinese refrigerators, cooling the worlds aircraft carrier" ambition. Mianyang, one of the Golden Triangle into Meiling Meiling is the first listed company in Anhui Province, also has A, B shares, "Meiling" trademark is the first piece of Anhui Province, "China Famous Brand." November 2005, Sichuan Changhong Electric acquired 20.03% stake in Meiling, becoming its largest shareholder. The two sides then signed a strategic cooperation agreement, decided to expand the production scale Meiling, Meiling Electrica...
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Meiling Rongshida transfer of state-owned shares may be shot Midea Changhong

Recently, Hefei Meiling Group Holdings Ltd., Hefei Rongshida Group Co., Ltd. in Hefei, China Merchants Property Rights Exchange Center released a notice of the transfer of two groups of 100% state-owned shares. As well-known home appliance brands, Meiling and Rongshida the move concern. Independent listed companies listed According to the investment announcement, Meiling Group 100% state-owned equity transfer, without the Meiling Group holds 7.49% stake and Hefei Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 31.25% of the shares of Changhong; Rongshida Group 100% state-owned equity transfer, nor Hefei Sanyo with the Group held 33.57% shares. This shows that the two groups are independent of listed assets of listed companies. Since the transfer of investment is not the official notice bulletin, the current transfer of the two groups reserve price has ...
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MEMC polysilicon supply soared to re-assess the capacity expansion plan

MEMC executives said on a conference call with analysts, demand in the semiconductor and solar silicon wafer demand downturn, MEMC began to re-assess the polysilicon capacity expansion plans. MEMC previously announced plans to expand polysilicon production capacity of 8,000 tonnes from the end of 2008 increased to 15,000 tonnes in 2010. Analysts noted that while 1.3 billion in cash MEMC hand, but the company production capacity expansion plans and other major polysilicon manufacturers appear less radical than, market share has declined in recent years. MEMC are under price pressure, and to recognize that recent layoffs is to enable the operating costs and future wafer demand is expected to match. Rapid growth in the global polysilicon supply, the spot price of a substantial downturn, MEMC, and several major wafer customers to renegoti...
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