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MEMC polysilicon supply soared to re-assess the capacity expansion plan

MEMC executives said on a conference call with analysts, demand in the semiconductor and solar silicon wafer demand downturn, MEMC began to re-assess the polysilicon capacity expansion plans. MEMC previously announced plans to expand polysilicon production capacity of 8,000 tonnes from the end of 2008 increased to 15,000 tonnes in 2010. Analysts noted that while 1.3 billion in cash MEMC hand, but the company production capacity expansion plans and other major polysilicon manufacturers appear less radical than, market share has declined in recent years . MEMC are under price pressure, and to recognize that recent layoffs is to enable the operating costs and future wafer demand is expected to match. Rapid growth in the global polysilicon supply, the spot price of a substantial downturn, MEMC, and several major wafer customers to renegotiat...
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Memory chip industry bankruptcy: cut chicken game or the self-help

As a maker of memory chips in Taiwan, ProMOS Technologies in the Feb. 14 encounter that is not at the sweet "Valentines robbery." Day, a sum of 11 billion yuan Taiwan dollars (about 3.2 billion U.S. dollars) in overseas bonds expire, but until 13, ProMOS raised only to 33 million. In fact, since January this year, the financial crisis triggered a new wave of global IT industry layoffs, as of now the number of IT companies have laid off more than 8 million people, and is located in the upper reaches of the chip industry, the electronics industry to become one of the " disastrous. " 1 23, the German DRAM maker Qimonda memory (NYSEQMNDQ) submitted to the Munich District Court for bankruptcy. February 10, the largest U.S. chip maker Spansion NOR Flash memory, announced its Japanese subsidiary has filed for bankruptcy protection. February 1...
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Memory continued bearish outlook, reduced capital spending Hynix transfer $ 1,000,000,000

Foreign yesterday (Nianqi) days came out, Department of Korean memory maker Hynix intends to cut capital spending in the second half, and the amount of fear that up to one billion U.S. dollars; if this identification, the second time will be reduced this year, Hynix capital expenditure, but also highlights the sea Hercules continued on the subsequent memory industry bearish attitude. Came yesterday to consider the deletion of Hynix Documents Previous Er ○ ○ amount of one trillion won investment, conversion of about billions of dollars, compared to the original three. Six trillion won in capital expenditures, reduce the rate of more than twenty-seven%; this, Hynix official response to last night, said the company does is considering whether to reduce the expenditure for this year, but in the end still must depend on market conditions, ...
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Memory industry in Taiwan this week or rare reorganization plan announced

Beijing March 2, according to foreign media reports, the Taiwan government will announce this week the islands memory chip industry restructuring plan to help the islands survival is threatened chip makers out of a long period of products for more than sum of the plight of a shortage of funds. Analysts said the Taiwan government may begin to form a DRAM of a new holding company, foreign companies may give the company into the newly formed advanced technology. In return, foreign companies will get the new companys shares. After the government may also seek to second-tier manufacturers in Taiwan with one or more foreign companies to merge to better memory chips with the worlds top two giants South Koreas Samsung Electronics (SamsungElectronics) and South Koreas Hynix Semiconductor (HynixSemiconductor) to compete. 12 since late last year,...
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Memory industry or have bottomed out stock prices, but the long road to recovery

"The Wall Street Journal," the author says, from last weekend, Samsung and Hynixs financial results can be seen, the memory chip industry seems to have bottomed out, which on the whole semiconductor industry is a positive signal. Although the memory chip industry revenue accounted for only 260 billion U.S. dollars global semiconductor industry, 14% of total revenue, but as a widely used chip, the chip industry in a similar position of household goods, it is difficult to distinguish from other departments to the chip, Therefore, the overall performance of the chip industry is the main target. Memory industry downturn began in early 2007, followed by the chip industry in 2008, began a full recession. On Friday, two of the worlds largest memory chip maker Samsung Electronics and Hynix are the release of the first quarterly report, said th...
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Memory industry or the economy has passed the bottom, but still can not see a bright future

After memory chip industry boom in the past two years, after a landslide appeared to have been down at the end, but unlikely they will ever regain the future cash cow industry and courtesy. Worse, some analysts think the recent memory chip prices, the urgent need for industry to re-work disruption, making the industry is still showing over-crowded state, vulnerable to the impact of cyclical economic ups and downs. "In addition to industry leader Samsung Electronics, the other dynamic random access memory (DRAM) industry come up with countermeasures are necessary to preserve cash and survive." Fubon Investment Consulting Research Associate Like Yang said. The long term, some firms hard alone out of the way out. Earlier this year, Taiwans government set up Taiwan memory company (TMC), in order to promote industry consolidation in order...
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Memory is expected to realize miniaturization of CNTs

Since the invention of integrated circuits Since 1958, the computer industrys development trend is to make the hardware size getting smaller and smaller. Now, British scientists are trying to use the unique properties of carbon nanotubes to produce low-cost, small size of the memory components, which the original low power consumption, but it can record information at high speed. According to Moores Law, a fixed-size integrated circuit chip can be integrated on the number of transistors will increase exponentially, doubling approximately every two years. This is a very important feature, because almost every measure of computer performance, and other digital devices and their physical size are closely linked, including memory size and processor speed. However, scientists believe that the traditional process of micro-foundation will soo...
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memory market, iSuppli said the report exaggerated the recovery

Threat of bankruptcy in the face of the occasion, many memory suppliers in order to protect their image, have emphasized the potential of the market recovery, trying to the outside painted a more optimistic picture. However, although the overall memory chip prices are expected in 2009, the time remaining stable, iSuppli believes that these firms do not really recovered in the near term demand and profitability.Following the first quarter global DRAM and NAND flash memory revenue declined compared with 14.3% in the fourth quarter of last year, these markets will grow in the rest of the year. DRAM and NAND flash memory the second quarter, total revenue will grow by 3.6%, respectively, the third and fourth quarter growth of 21.9% and 17.5%. Shown in Figure 4 for the quarter, iSuppli DRAM and NAND market revenue forecasts. While this may...
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MEMS integration from a global consideration

In the microelectromechanical system (MEMS) integrated into a larger electronic system engineer must consider the overall situation, but at present the problems faced by engineers is: how to divide and package system? Is a form of integrated electronic circuit chip, or the use of discrete components? "MEMS integration is nothing less than the sensor, electronics, signal processing, and possible integration of wireless back together so that they can work together." NSF Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS) Research Khalil Najafi, deputy director, said. WIMS aim is: for medical implants or portable devices such as gas chromatography instruments used by the MEMS device to develop the test bed. Najafi will be held October 27 in Boston at the theme of "the real world of MEMS" one-day conference and keynote addresses, Embedded Systems Conf...
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MEMS market opportunities continue to grow

According to Yole Developpement, the worlds MEMS industry is facing the stagnation never had before, in 2008 sales fell 2% to 6.8 billion, and its growth rate in 2009 is very likely less than 1%. However, when the automotive electronics, industrial pressure sensor and the print head when the market as the global economic downturn, many new MEMS applications has been effectively increased. MEMS in consumer electronics products, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes of the market continue to be optimistic, to promote the supplier, such as STMicron (Geneva), Invensense (Sunnyvale, California), a 10-30% increase in sales. With the MEMS electronics and diagnostic equipment in medical applications to expand, its market continues to increase. Endoscopic measurement of this new product (IMU) started. It integrates multi-axis accelerometer and gyro...
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