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MEMS pressure sensor used in the broader industry environment needed to create

MEMS in the domestic market is very large, but domestic companies in the MEMS industry is still very small, the domestic industry to develop MEMS should be national policy and financial support. Last year, MEMS inertial sensors in consumer products is rapidly growing in the future, we believe that MEMS pressure sensor will slowly open the domestic market. The development of MEMS requires the domestic government policy, industry environment and investment environment, to boot. IPhone and Wii driving MEMS development With the iPhone and the Wii last year, the success of these two products, I think this year will further expand the MEMS market. The one hand, Wii games such sales in China is very large, in fact, consumer entertainment products are now many computers from the previous page, the page orientation to the development of perso...
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MEMS sensor market-driven smartphone sales peak

company recently forecast that while the overall mobile phone market is expected to decline, but this year the smart phone shipments will grow 11% in 2008. This prediction for the micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor manufacturers is glad of the good news. Inertial sensors has quickly become the standard configuration of these platforms. Apples iPhone and Research in Motion (RIM) of the Blackberry Storm and other popular models, and Samsung Omnia, HTCs Diamond and Nokia N95 and N96, have adopted this sensor. These phones are used in common is a large display with touch sensitivity, through the motion sensor can determine the direction of the screen display, but the motion sensor function is not supported by more than this. 3-axis motion sensor is a MEMS accelerometer, has also been used in low-end mobile phones, for example, S...
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MEMS: leveraging consumer electronics market, the leverage

With the MEMS captured from the traditional areas of consumer electronics, automotive map, with a large consumer electronics user base, its shipments are growing at a geometric level. According to In-Stats report, MEMS unit shipments within the next few years, a compound annual growth rate of 19.87% growth in 2009 is expected to reach nearly 60 million. 2008, there were 10% of the mobile device using the MEMS accelerometer, and this proportion was only 2% in 2007. Boost the number one MEMS sales rose hero is none other than non-iPhone. IPhone, 2007, the subversion of the traditional meaning of mobile phones can be said that invented the cell phone again. Its unique multi-touch, vertical and horizontal screen automatically switches to become a pioneering demonstration of MEMS for mobile phones. Since then, many mobile phone brands compe...
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Mentor LSI Logic ZSP processor introduced support for core support package

Mentor Graphics and LSI Logic Corporation today jointly announced: introduced support for LSI Logic ZSP400, ZSP500 the latest digital signal processor core Seamless processor support package. As a platform to the support package, ZSP core users in the physical prototype (circuit board or chip) produced before the SOC system can be complex software / hardware development in parallel simultaneously, thus shortening the design cycle, reduce design input. "Seamless can ZSP core for SOC designs provide the perfect hardware and software co-verification coverage. Seamless intensifier enables customers to use traditional RTL co-simulation time required to complete a small part of the validation of the whole system." LSI Logic Vice President, ZSP Products Division, said Tuan Dao, General Manager, "by reducing the burden of co-verification, Mentor...
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Merging the two brewing giants vertically integrated photovoltaic industry tide

Reporter learned yesterday from the industry, two world-class solar energy giant - the leading PV modules manufacturer Q-Cells and the worlds second-ranked manufacturer of photovoltaic wafers RenewableEnergyCorp (REC) is brewing merger. The two companies hope to achieve the vertical integration of solar energy supply chain, the industry is expected that this merger will result in the pattern of the global PV market changes. Understanding of the world photovoltaic industry, according to a person described the situation, REC and Q-Cells exists the potential merger, first, because both have a common shareholder GoodEnergy. In addition, the two companies also complement each other in an early stage, when Q-Cells lack of raw materials, the once strong support by REC, which jumped to 2008, the former worlds leading solar cell. Learned, Q-Cel...
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Merrill Lynch is expected to move in 2007 net profit increased 25% to maintain buy rating

Merrill Lynch issued a research report, China Mobile is expected to net profit in 2007 increased by 25%, maintaining its Buy rating, target price of 165 yuan. Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to media reports, Merrill Lynch, said that net profit of 07 to move up to 82.59 billion yuan, due in 2007 and stable average revenue per user increased by the average number of minutes the user calls strong growth, and wireless data services support the development of its mobile phone business growth will be very strong. Statistics show that China Mobile in January 2008 a record number of new users, a total of more than 7 million, is expected to sustainable strength. Merrill Lynch said the move will continue in a leadership position this year, maintain Buy rating, target price of 165 yuan. China Mobile will be released March 19 performance. ...
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MES market turmoil spread to bring opportunities for the revitalization plan

With the deepening of the degree of industrial information, originated in the early 90s of last century MES (Manufacturing Execution System) has become a strategic and agile manufacturing enterprises to achieve the workshop production of the basic techniques of agile, an enterprise CIMS (modern integrated Manufacturing System) information integration ties. With the expansion of the scope and extent of application of the deepening, MES and industrial development has been the development of solidarity. The international financial crisis impact on industry has been spread to MES market. However, the Government plans for the revitalization of key industry survey will no doubt have been introduced in the development of MES positive. Focus on different industries varied Different manufacturing site with the industry, its products, manufac...
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Metal industry affected by the central bank financing of the deposit reserve ratio increase of

Learned for the implementation of tight monetary policy, continue to strengthen the banking system liquidity management, guide reasonable growth of monetary credit, the PBC decided March 25, 2008, the raised deposit-taking financial institutions of RMB deposit reserve ratio 0.5 percentage points. The first 5 months of this year, Chinas urban fixed asset investment growth of over 30% growth rate over the previous 4 months 0.7 percentage points; while RMB loans of financial institutions added 1.78 trillion yuan, accounting for the year into seven or eight goals, but Mays increase of 0.4 percentage points over the previous month. Experts believe that these two indicators increased, suggesting that since the central bank in April increased the benchmark lending rate, central bank bills issued to increase the effect of austerity measures suc...
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MGEs power rating of 450W switching power supply

MGEs VIGOR 450 Power Supply for Intel P4 and AMD CPU, with 80mm and 120mm fan, the fan speed of 1,500 rpm to 3,500 rpm. The product size is 149 × 85 × 140mm, MTBF of 5 million hours, rated at 115V to 230V, 7.5A to 4.5A, the work of 12dBA to 35dBA noise...
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MIC Taiwan PND industry continues to grow but the range is limited

Information Industry Information Market Intelligence Center (MIC) estimates that Taiwans PND (Portable Navigation Devices) industry in the second half of 2008 to enter the traditional peak season, but faces pressure on oil prices rise and inflation is difficult to calm down in the short term limit factors, the overall shipment growth will be limited, predicted in the second half is about 1,611 million units shipped, compared with the same period last year grew almost 10% over the first half of 2008 grew about 77%. Second half of 2008 the global PND market outlook, with the holiday season in the oil price and other factors affect each other, the expected trend of PND in the second half will continue to show growth, although its growth momentum is limited, it is better the growth of the past, several times the performance at every turn. E...
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