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mica class 1 GB / T 5019-2002 based on mica insulation material testing methods 2 GB / T 5020-2002 based on mica insulation material definitions and general requirements 3 GB / T 5021-2002 Commutator separators and materials 4 GB / T 5022-1998 mica plate for heating equipment 5 GB / T 10216-1998 mica paper 6 JB / T 900-1999 liner mica plate 7 JB / T 901-1995 mica foil 8 JB / T 6488.1-1992 Glass alkyd Mica Mica 9 JB / T 6488.2-1992 Silicone Glass Mica Tape Mica 10 JB / T 6488.3-1992 Epoxy Glass Mica Mica 11 JB / T 6488.4-1995 mica vacuum pressure impregnation Epoxy Glass Mica 12 JB / T 6488.5-1999 fire safety cable mica tape mica tape 13 JB / T 6488.6-2002 mica polyimide film mica tape 14 JB / T 7099-1993 plastic mica plate 15 JB / T 710...
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Micrel after the introduction of high-sensitivity amplifier, limiter 1.25-3.2Gbps

Micrel launched a series of 1.25Gbps to 3.2Gbps limiting post amplifier SY88903ALKG, SY88149CL, SY88313BLNG and SY88343BL, with 3.3V power supply, with high gain, high sensitivity, and can be instructed to provide signals or signal loss. post amplifier in the series is designed for Fast Ethernet speeds up to OC3 to OC48, and parallel 10GE data rate. They monitor a variety of input levels of vibration were optimized sensing fiber optic network and PON products in a variety of input signals diminished. SY88149CL, SY88313BL and SY88343BL detectable signal or signal loss and hence low gain TIA can be used to reduce the system cost. They use MSOP package, backward compatible with Micrels existing 10-pin MLF package, post amplifier. SY88903ALKG, SY88149CL, SY88313BLNG and SY88343BL have mass production, in quantities of 10,000 pieces, priced ...
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Micrel launched low-noise high 1MHz PWM Step-Down Regulator

Micrel Inc. has announced a high 1MHz pulse-width modulation (PWM) buck regulator - MIC2203. The device can generate a very low 650μA supply current requirements for low noise DC / DC conversion applications, such as 802.11 wireless cards, USB applications, mobile phones, Mini Disk and MP3 players. MIC2203 regulators input voltage from 2.3V to 5.5V, in the case of 300mA, the output voltage adjustable down to 0.5V. It can be synchronized with external clock, or multiple devices with SYNCLOCK MIC2203 features a daisy-chain (daisy-chained) connected together. In addition, the product also has high loop bandwidth to correspond to the ultra-fast transient response time, it was introduced, this feature helps to reduce the size of the output capacitor, which requires the application of fast dynamic response (eg, high-performance mobile phones a...
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Micrel low-power RF module in the 433/868MHz bands

Micrel Inc. to its family of low-power QwikRadio RF module released two new products - MICRF610 and MICRF620. Both push the work of the new devices without 433MHz and 868MHz band applications, mainly for building control, industrial automation and advanced remote control products. MICRF610 and MICRF620 are independent of the frequency shift keying (FSK) transceiver module can be used for half-duplex and two-way RF connectivity, both dimensions are 11.5mm × 14mm. The solution for small batch production or lack of expensive equipment and network analysis of RF circuits spectrum of users, two modules with Micrels MICRF505 and MICRF506 RadioWire transceiver compatible. The module complies with the EN300 220 ETSI standard, has been test marketing, is expected to measure in the fourth quarter of 2005 production, in quantities of 10,000 or mor...
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Micrel Semiconductor has introduced a new micro-power voltage comparator MIC845

Micrel Semiconductor has introduced a new micro-power voltage comparator, which uses on-chip 2.55V reference voltage source. It can be used for voltage monitoring products, and an external resistor divider used to detect voltage, no external resistor can directly monitor the high input impedance CMOS input voltage. MIC845s power supply current is 1μA, voltage threshold accuracy of ± 2%, it has a voltage reference and comparator, a fixed internal hysteresis. When more than 2.55V internal threshold, it will change the output polarity. Open-drain output can be achieved 6V. MIC845 can be used for PDA, cell phones, pagers and other battery-powered devices, it has a push-pull or open-drain output stage. Push-pull output stage with active high or active low output, and open-drain output stage are the only high-effective. MIC845 5-pin SC-70 p...
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Micro motor: Linquan motor production base of 2 billion investment in foundation

Linquan Electric Co., Ltd. of Guizhou Guizhou Aerospace R & D base in the ground breaking high-tech zones. According to reports, Guizhou Aerospace Linquan Motor Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of specialized aerospace micro motor development and production company, in accordance with the requirements of the development of equipment manufacturing industry in our province and the Aerospace Science and Industry Corporations development plan, the enterprise, "Eleventh Five-Year "weekend to reach 10 billion economy of scale. Understand that the enterprise plans to build in the medium-sized motor production line situation, the city seize the opportunity to actively consult with the company, hoping to settle high-tech production line areas to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry in our city. Since then, the citys multi-party...
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Microchip 22 Wei Δ-ΣADC Adds new products, as low as 0.6mW power consumption

Microchip Technology (Microchip) low-power, high-resolution Δ-Σ (Delta-Sigma) ADC Adds New Series, MCP3550 said to be the lowest power on the market, with more than the smallest 16-bit resolution and the ADC. The new device uses eight 22-MSOP (3.1mm × 3.1mm × 1.18mm), can be as low as 120μA typical of current operations. In addition, the new device can inhibit the 50Hz and 60Hz line frequency noise, for consumer, industrial, battery-powered and portable equipment to provide highly accurate measurements. MCP3550 ADC integral nonlinearity (INL) is typically ± 2ppm, the 5V voltage maximum power consumption of 0.6mW, the lowest output noise of 2.5 micro-volts RMS (RMS). Inhibit new device under 50 and 60Hz line frequency noise above 120 dB, so that measurements from the noise from the impact of power supply equipment, it can provide highly ...
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Microchip 8-bit microcontroller launched, with performance up to 40MHz 32KB Flash

Microchip (Microchip Technology, Inc.) launched the new PIC18F45J10 microcontroller family. New 28-pin package, with 32KB Flash program memory, said to be the worlds fastest one 8-bit microcontroller. The devices are built-in Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), comparator, USART, SPI, I2C, and PWM peripherals. When working voltage is 3V, the performance up to 40MHz, compared with the 5V MCU, 30% cost reduction, consumer electronics, home appliances, medical and industrial applications. consumer products because the higher price sensitivity, so the designer in the design of home appliances, consumer electronics equipment and other products needed for low-cost high-performance 8-bit microcontroller. PIC18F45J10/44J10/25J10/24J10 four products not only reduced by 30% of the cost, but also in the working voltage is 3V, the performance is sti...
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Microchip accurate temperature sensor wire

Microchip Technology (Microchip Technology, Inc.) today announced the industrys most accurate digital temperature sensor. New devices in a compact SOT-23 package, the maximum temperature error of only + / - 1 degrees C, temperature data can be captured and converted to digital later sent to the microcontroller or central processor. The device occupies only a very small panel space, to more accurately measure the temperature, protection and / or calibration system and provide temperature information that can help designers to effectively protect the applications, and faster response to temperature changes. Microchip MCP980X devices in about 30 milliseconds, the temperature data within the 9-bit resolution into a digital number, and through the I2C? Or industry-standard SMBus interface to transfer, can be quickly detected temperature cha...
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Microchip analog front-end wireless identification sensitivity can be adjusted to provide 3mVpp

Microchip Technology (Microchip Technology) has released its first low-frequency 125kHz for intelligent wireless identification applications independent analog front end (AFE) device MCP2030. The new device is equipped with three-channel analog front-end response with programmable antenna tuning modulation depth as low as 8%. MCP2030 can be used in a passive-keyless-entry, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), data acquisition and other wireless authentication applications. According to reports, MCP2030 has reached 3mVpp, adjustable input sensitivity, the three-channel architecture to achieve a three-dimensional input receiver, which can significantly improve coverage, antenna orientation and environmental noise and other aspects of performance. Each channel of new devices are equipped with 1pF progressive, dynamic tunable up to 63pF c...
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