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MagnaChip release capsules special CMOS image sensor camera

MagnaChip Semiconductor has launched a capsule camera is designed for CMOS image sensor. According to reports, this new product provides users with high-quality images with low power capsule camera technology. Capsule camera technology is a substitute for the human digestive tract endoscopic examination of the technology. MagnaChips imaging products are designed to be swallowed, capsule camera to two images per second velocity imaging, and wirelessly transmitted to the patient or by medical personnel wearing the hand-held recording device. The capsule camera is capable body of work up to 8 hours up to 50,000 images taken. New sensor mass production scheduled for second half of 2005. ...
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Magnet wire market status

U.S. economic growth fell by 1.4% over last year, but Europe and Japan have a moderate in the first quarter GDP growth (which in Europe is 2.5%, Japan 2.3%). Similarly, levels of economic growth in developing countries fell last year by 0.6% to 6.7%, unchanged from 2005. Chinas GDP growth 11.1%; rapid economic growth has brought a huge trade surplus and huge investment from third countries. This makes the banks capital increase, leading to the increase in bank borrowings in the stock market, but also increased the real estate investment. Magnet wire in Japan reduced in size from 30 million tons per year of about 1 / 2, to the present 17 million tons. Magnet wire manufacturers in Japan have lost economies of scale, these manufacturers have to find another way to survive....
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Magnetic International Electrotechnical Commission standard (IEC) standards

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 1 IEC 60404-1:2000 magnetic classification (see JB / T 10129) 2 IEC 60404-1-1:2000 electrical steel sheet, and laminated with the surface of insulation 3 IEC 60404-2:1996 measurement with the Epstein-magnetic properties of electrical steel sheet and strip method (see GB / T 3655) 4 IEC 60404-3:2002 measured with a single magnetic properties of magnetic steel sheet and strip method 5 IEC 60404-4:1995 DC magnetic properties of iron and steel measurement method 6 IEC 60404-5:1993 permanent magnet (magnetically hard) materials, magnetic measurement methods (see GB / T 3217) 7 IEC 60404-6:2003 in the frequency range of 20Hz ~ 200kHz measurement of soft magnetic samples with a ring of metal material and powder metallurgy soft magnet...
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Magnetic materials industry in China, the main problem facing the development of

Magnetic materials are widely used in information and communication industry, electrical engineering, automotive, biotechnology and aerospace high-tech areas such as basic materials. China Magnetic Material Industry after forty years of construction and development, especially since the reform and opening up the pace of development has attracted worldwide attention, has been basically formed its own industrial system, the production of various magnetic materials are basically first in the world to become the largest producer of magnetic materials and magnetic materials industry center. Magnetic materials industry in China the main problems facing the development of: An enterprise economies of scale, not big enough. Although Chinas magnetic materials industry in total output has been achieved in the world, but in terms of economic scale...
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Magneto magnet products successfully certified the EU REACH regulations

Xiamen million has been committed to reduce or even eliminate the magnetic products produced by our environment and human health could have negative effects. To achieve this goal, Magneto develop and strictly implement a comprehensive environmental management rules, and is applying for ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system. In addition, to prevent Magneto products may produce chemical substances harmful to human health and the environment, Xiamen million to the relevant inspection bodies for the magnetic detection REACH and REACH successful certification. EU REACH system Detailed REACH means "Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and registration," the European Union on access to their markets for preventive management of all chemicals of a chemical management laws. It is similar to a special property (commercial) ...
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Main drive industry innovation and rapid development of the brand change

Recently, Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, released a converter on the 18 large-scale enterprises operating conditions of 2009, the survey results. In 2009, industrial output value (current prices) and the industrial sales output value of indicators were up 0.07% and 5.78%, gross profit increased by 15.57%, industrial added value down by 2.10%; the allocation of resources from the industry situation, 18 home industries and enterprises totaled 6.009 billion yuan of assets, an increase of 22.66%, of which net fixed assets of 8.4 billion yuan, down 7.28%, current assets of 5.035 billion yuan, an increase of 29.47%. Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, vice president of the inverter, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Large Drives Automation and Drives Group, said Fu Qiang, general manager in 2009, the...
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Main function of the status and trends of ceramic components

MLCC (multilayer ceramic capacitor) is a variety of electronic, communications, information, military and aerospace, and other consumer or industrial electronic products, an important component. MLCC due to their small size, compact structure, high reliability and SMT technology for the rapid development advantages. At present, the capacitor market in terms of quantity and market potential of view are the largest share of the ceramic capacitors. Global MLCC production IT industry development with the growing domestic production in recent years, the proportion of total global production is also a larger increase, China has gradually become the worlds manufacturing power MLCC. MLCC current international trend is on the miniaturization, high specific volume, low cost, high frequency, integrated complex, high reliability products and techn...
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Main large-size LCD: 120Hz TV with LED backlight NB

According to DisplaySearchs latest published large-size LCD panel (LCDpanel) shipping address, 120Hz LCD TV panel with LED backlight with NB panels for large-size LCD panel shipments two of the important trends. According to DisplaySearch statistics, in the fourth quarter 120Hz LCD panel shipments reached 3.3 million, although the same number with the third quarter, but accounted for 32-inch LCD TV panel shipments increased from 15% in the third quarter rose to 16% of the seasons, while the 40-inch and above LCD TV panel shipments, 120Hz increased from 27% in the third quarter rose to 31%. LED backlit NB panel shipments in the area, due to lower cost LED backlighting and brand manufacturers launch new models, making use of LED backlighting NB fourth quarter panel shipments estimated to reach 3.7 million, 2.3 million over the third quar...
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Main PCB plant in Taiwan last years performance review

The main PCB and Taiwan TFT LCD plant in 2007 earnings are announced, have good performance, in which the best performing technology, Yang Cheng, 7.75 yuan per share after-tax earnings (NT, the same below) dominate the equipment industry, the Board resolved the dividend up to 3.5 million, also the highest pick in the equipment industry; and sub-intelligent technology last year EPS 2.35 yuan, 1.8 yuan dividends. Yang Cheng 2007 by CPA Technology reported a revenue of 2.24 billion, operating income 308 million, pretax profit 461 million yuan, after-tax surplus of 361 million yuan, 7.75 yuan per share after-tax surplus Meanwhile, Yang Cheng Technology Board Resolution 3 per year dividend allotted 0.5 yuan cash dividend and stock dividends, for a total of 3.5 million. Yang Cheng 27 years technology has been established, Huang, chairman of ...
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Mainland China arrived in Taiwan on 8 LED purchasing groups

6 Yue 5 news, following the mainland TV panels, communications equipment, purchasing groups, China LED visiting delegation also plans to arrive in Taiwan on June 8; consider the release of the mainland is as high as 1.4 million of LED lights business opportunities, plus on the Shanghai World Expo rising demand for large-scale LED billboard, LED industry group this trip that the mainland will also be for the Formosa Epitaxy, crystal and other electric and other Taiwan-based LED optoelectronic industry into substantial orders. LED to Taiwan next week groups of related industries, including Technology Group Chairman Xiao Zhiguo Lu Ming, chairman of Dongguan Kingsun Lixu Liang, general manager of Wuhan optoelectronic Di source across the Country, etc., and officials from mainland China Ministry of Science and local government counterparts...
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