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Mainland China continued to grow polysilicon not escape the initial stage of Taiwan

Representatives of mainland polysilicon industry, in addition to Xuzhou in the energy and Sichuan Xinguang Silicon has been the outside certainly, the Luoyang Sino-silicon, Chongqing Daquan Taiwan companies in 2009 was also above 2 industry as a "4, King Kong," though has been shown yet to be subjected to external assessment of quality improvement, but actually getting the overall operation of the track, while the other hand, the development of Taiwans current polysilicon, due to the impact of the financial turmoil, the majority of water skiing is still a duck under the table, even the really do not enter the production stage, said on. 2008 Nian coincided with the occasion of polysilicon material shortage, the mainland market, the development of polysilicon has been considered a very important area of concern, to the mainland was Taiw...
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Mainland China last year, HP 4Q consumer PC shipments grew 153.4%

Mainland China HP Personal Systems Group (PSG) has announced some operating data in 2007, said at the 4th quarter (10 ~ 12 months) PC shipments jumped 84.5%, doing well. HP PSG Mainland China Zhang Yongli, vice president and general manager pointed out that one of the commercial PC shipments rose 84.4%, consumer PC shipments grew 153.4 percent; terms of product categories to distinguish, commercial desktop Computer (DT) shipments grew 29%, commercial notebook computers (NB) shipments rose 80% DT and NB in the consumer market, shipments were 98%, 273%. Zhang Yongli said that as the HP DT sales in mainland China and secondary cities due to the slow growth rate, leading to slower growth DT business was once the case, but with the HP channel depth 3-6 cities, these region grew significantly to fund the cause of HP PSG has 40% of its revenu...
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Mainland China LED Optics Valley has become the most complete industry chain

Present, Hubei Province, the Optical Valley, East Lake High-tech Zone has initially formed from the production of epitaxial wafers, chip preparation, packaging products to the application as one of the LED industry chain, LED industry chain in mainland China one of the regions best . By 2008 industry sales revenue of RMB 10 billion yuan, in 2009 will reach 20 billion yuan. Can the introduction of the implementation of Optics Valley of China, Di source, Yuan Mao, renewed in the LED industry chain and a number of major projects of high-end, made a breakthrough development. Optical Valley in the semiconductor lighting technology has made a large number of significant achievements in scientific research: If 100lium / W white LED power-based production technology, wide color gamut white LED manufacturing technology, hybrid quasi-vertical N-t...
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Mainland China PCB Industry Status

I. Introduction 2007 the Government in Mainland China in society based on social justice and healthy development of the dual considerations, environmental regulations and tax system are announced, the labor contract and other regulations, shows that the mainland has made the national forests will be included in the preparation of advanced countries, China must abide by the domestic industry promote national development, maintaining environmental sustainability and to ensure that the people ... the multi-standard working conditions. PCB industry is also faced with considerable impact, environmental impact assessment by the various PCB manufacturers is not easy to obtain water line, refused to apply for new factories, though so, but compared with other countries, market-based consumption and industrial refining awakening complete, the cu...
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Mainland demand for thin film solar equipment was polarized

Amorphous silicon thin film solar plant output of 2009, those firms, but in the mainland market, demand for the device having a polarized, the industry pointed out that mainland China is mainly due to government policy, depending on whether the Government is to foster enterprise, not every enterprises have access to subsidies, resulting some film factory is also actively expanding plant, but some plant equipment was deferred entry of polarized time. In the financial turmoil, the film plants also increased the difficulty of financing, especially in the mainland market, the Government support has always been an important decisive points for enterprise development, Taiwan-based device industry pointed out that some mainland film factory in cash due to the hands of government grants ample, a pair of engineering advances is 50%, far exceedin...
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Mainland enterprises shouted "took the opportunity to overtake"

According to reports, Representative Director Sharp President Mikio Katayama, today admitted for the first time to negotiate with the SVA LCD panel cooperation. And including LGD, CMO, AUO LCD panel giants such as China recently and frequently contact the relevant government departments to discuss the construction of panel production line, financial crisis, the LCD panel industry chain is accelerating the migration to the Chinese mainland. Reported that, for the details of cooperation with SVA, Sharp said, "also depends on the progress of the negotiations with the partners." Almost the same time, "LGD talks with Guangzhou, China Taiwans Chi Mei to the Foshan region discussed, March 30 has just arrived in Taiwan, AUO has visited." Giants of the worlds major LCD panel turns to visit to discuss construction of production line Guangdong Pr...
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Mainland LCD panel: excess capacity as inevitable as planned up to

The BOE as the representative of the local panel makers could rise? LGD as the representative of the foreign panel makers can "visit"? Special Guest: Shenzhen City Government and Citizens Sun Flat Panel Display Industry Association Zhang Bing, director of China Market Research DisplaySearch Lin Lin researcher at the Institute of Taiwan Topology The PRC, Beijing Peng Yu, director of market research Xue-Zheng Li, vice president of BOE Technology Group Editors Note: Beijing, Hefei, Nanjing, Kunshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, just a few months, China-generation LCD panel production line of the building has been in full swing. Half water, half fire. For LCD panel industry is concerned, half of the high cost investment in high-income, half of the excess capacity of the high risk. China launched the concentration of high-generation line will ...
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Mainland stock market crash shrunk by half in six months worth of the top ten richest

The stock market ups and downs so rich in worth as thrilling as riding a roller coaster. Yesterday, the Report Research Institutes data, "2007 China Rich List" of top ten richest in 5 worth more than a month later dropped 222.6 billion yuan, with an average shrinkage of up to 41%. Capital markets had been amplified in a round of the wealth of stories before the crash appears to be sustainable. Yang Yan loss of 68 billion "2007 China Rich List" was released last October 10, when the top ten richest are worth 300 billion yuan, a figure that last September the selected data. And 5 months later, in addition to country the United States President Huang Guangyu, the other nine billionaires shrink to varying degrees worth of real estate entrepreneurs wealth is particularly serious: Ms Yangs fortune has shrunk more than 50% loss of about 680 b...
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Mainstream 10-inch netbook could fall below 2,500 yuan mark

- > Recently, Hewlett-Packard for the Chinese market starting a new Internet HPMini110, the product weighs only 1.06 kg, the price is 299 U.S. dollars (about 2100 yuan). It is understood that the Guangzhou market, the 10-inch mainstream Internet offer in between 2500-3500 yuan, Hewlett-Packard as an international brand with such a low price to enter the Chinese market, causing concern to the industry. Industry analysts pointed out that HPs new low-cost Internet access to enter the Chinese market, the second half of the Internet will lead to many brands in this price war between the mainstream 10-inch netbook could fall below 2,500 yuan mark. Information Times reporter from Lenovo, Asus, BenQ and many other PC makers officer that the current mainstream 10-inch Internet price has fallen below the 3,000 mark, at 2,500 yuan fluctuate. As...
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Major manufacturers competing to enter the Taiwan LED lighting industry

Taiwan power | voltage regulator | Regulator supply maker Delta Electronics (2308) with crystalline electric (2448), since the first two quarter of Taiwan and the mainland together bids and tenders LED lights, and full snatch LED lighting business opportunities in the world, due to the current low grain price of electricity, and other interested DELTA LED lighting business into the giant is very attractive and is expected to further investment in the future crystal power, crystal power which makes 2009 the directors and supervisors meeting Select market much attention. Delta will use the crystal grains of electricity, and joint development of LED lighting technology will help power the future operation of grain development. And despite the global economic downturn, LED downstream firms are to take a more conservative approach, but with ...
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