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Major reorganization of the global Siemens business in China do not want to have any layoffs

When our reporter asked about the "great global business reorganization," the impact on China, Hausmann said that Siemens has not yet been finally determined based business restructuring in China, but three years ago from his new Siemens Chinese president begins to have the business structure in China by industry, energy and health to gather the three major areas, so adjust the Siemens business in China and will not be great changes. Filed Siemens, general consumers are those who first think of a household refrigerator, washing machines and other appliances on the impressively printed in the "SIEMENS" brand identity. However, this has a 161-year-old multinational companies, these are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, from the Siemens presence in China began 100 years ago, its core business to focus on the energy and transport, and ...
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Major role in relays and

With the isolation relay is an automatic switching device, widely used in remote control, telemetry, communications, automatic control, mechatronics, and power electronic devices, is one of the most important control elements. .... Relay will generally reflect the input variables (such as current, voltage, power, impedance, frequency, temperature, pressure, speed, light, etc.) of the sensor body (enter the part); have charged circuit can "pass", "off" control of the implementing agencies (output part); part in the relay input and output between the parts, as well as the coupling of the input isolation, functional processing and the output part Driving the middle of the body (driver section). .... As control components, sum up, the relay has the following several roles: ..... 1) expand the control range. For example, the multi-contac...
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Makes Chao raises corporate profits continue to be diluted

Spent nearly three decades in the "good old days" after the wave of the salary increase appreciation of the RMB and the export tax rebate policy under the impact of factors such as Dongguan, life and death come to the edge foundry business. Computer company is located in the Yangtze River Town, Dongguan City, is a typical foundry, the company produces the main computer chassis plate and the radiator shell, as do Dell, and many other OEM brands. "A while ago, when I report to the boss, general workers (production line workers) monthly salary, the boss was surprised, that our accounting costs accounting quickly." Jing is a computer company in Dongguan Changjiang financial officers, he said, the boss The reason is simple stop them, because the company did not increase profits. If you press this trend, the company will be out of business. ...
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Malaysia to invest in Dongguan plant completed construction of PCB production

Malaysia to invest in Dongguan plant completed construction of PCB production, Malaysias PCB manufacturer PNE.PCB company in Dongguan, Guangdong, China completed a new plant. Commissioning of new plant in March, April started volume production. The plant is 41 million yuan investment in Ringgit Malaysia (10.79 million U.S. dollars), construction area of 24,000 square meters, the initial 100 employees, the production of single-sided PCB 100,000 square feet / month, plans to reach 600 employees within 3 years , production of 300 thousand square feet / month....
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Man Yue International variety of aluminum electrolytic capacitor products will be put on the market

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturer Broadband International announced that, with the Shenzhen Institute of Tsinghua University signed a second 5-year cooperation agreement, and a variety of joint research and development of new electrolytic capacitors and energy storage products will be put on the market . The Centre is on the development of second generation polymer solid capacitor research work is expected to be put on the market in 2010; The Centre also actively studying the application of renewable energy and environmental protection equipment of the new energy storage devices, mainly for new generation electric vehicles is expected that the product will be put on the market 2010 to 2011. ...
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Mandatory standards for instrumentation

GB6738-86 instructions and recording electrical measuring instruments and their accessories for safety requirements GB7667-87 electron microscope X-ray leakage dose GB9316-88 requirements for electronic flash photography Safety requirements GB10320-95 laser equipment and facilities, electrical safety GB11921-89 copying machine security GB12977-91 balance machine guards and other security measures JB5517-91 optical instruments basic safety requirements of electrical protection JB5518-91 industrial thermoelectric Even with the conditions of thermal barrier Blasting JB6257-92 near electric alarm JB6827-93 mechanical safety requirements for laboratory centrifuges JB6852-93 vehicle exhaust analyzer storage container of calibration gas mixtures required JB6853-93 cylinders of calibration gas mixtures color JB7496-94 welding, cutting...
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Manganese will open a new world of LCD and semiconductor

"Mn" ─ ─ another chemical element symbols. Headache ah. Is manganese, right? Ah, anyway, is not "macho" of the fierce. Ado, in our daily lives, manganese dry batteries using anode is MnO2 (manganese dioxide). Speaking, in recent years, alkaline manganese batteries were robbed of the limelight, we are hardly aware of its existence. Today, the manganese is also actively play a role? In the watches do not need to use an instant large current consumption, since cheaper than alkaline batteries and longer life expectancy, so there is still useless manganese batteries, but this field may be replaced by solar cells. In addition, manganese is one of the elements essential to human beings. Related to bone formation and metabolism. LCD panel Cu wiring Mn I recently met, in May 2007 press conference held in Tokyo. Junichi Koike Tohoku University a...
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Manufacture and application of innovative instrumentation industry Passing out of touch

Industrys "nerve center" and the final security barrier result of economic globalization, is likely to result in some countries is the mind state, while some countries the national body. China as a big developing country, there must be both body mind, and instrumentation is precisely minds of the "nerve center", and finally the security barrier. According to the China Instrument Industry Association Xi Jiacheng introduced species in various categories instrumentation. Among them, the pillar industry of national economy and major equipment, the greatest impact is the backbone of automation control systems and field instrumentation and key sophisticated testing equipment, have great market development. Widely used in industrial fields with DCS (distributed digital control system), for example, China is in the DCS market is growing up an...
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Manufacturer: air-conditioning costs by 10% increase in prices will rise this year

Yesterday, the National Peoples Congress, President Dong Mingzhu, Gree air-conditioning as well as NPC chairman Li Xinghao CHIGO respectively, air-conditioning costs this year, an increase of 10% or more. Among them, Li Xinghao said that this year would definitely CHIGO prices. Two representatives said that the current air-conditioning manufacturing costs rose about 10%, copper and other factors including rising raw material prices, labor costs increase, fuel prices result in increased costs and other logistics. Li Xinghao said that this year is the trend of air conditioning prices, ironclad CHIGO prices, price increases will be determined depending on the market. Dong Mingzhu, said that although the Gree can withstand the pressure of rising costs, but still will maintain the flexibility of price policy. In addition, the reporter inte...
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Manufacturers covering stocks in January increased LCD monitor shipments

WitsView global liquid crystal display according to system integrators (SI) shipments survey, in January 2009 the top ten contract manufacturers reached a total of 9.04 million units shipped, compared with growth of 5.5% last December. Because most brand customers through the end of digestion and clearing inventory after the new year began actively covering inventory, coupled with the Chinese New Year holidays, shorter working days, leading to the urgent short-term single foundry effects emerged, and thus the overall shipment growth. The other hand, the top ten brands LCD shipments survey showed, the Department of Taiwan and South Korea, Department of brands in the January sales plan for the new year began sprint, with a slight Chinese New Year holidays in China market demand driven Therefore, in December last year, shipments in the cas...
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