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Manufacturers expressed support for social CDMA channels

At the recent "China Telecom mobile terminal Industry Cooperation Forum" on, CDMA major companies have expressed support for China Telecom CDMA socialization. CDMA GSM market you want to copy the experience Meeting on that date, China Telecoms Deputy General Manager Ma Daojie Tianyi said telecommunications terminal, in 2009 through various measures to increase the purchase and sale of CDMA terminals social efforts, the introduction of the heavy policy and implementation will on the CDMA industry chain have a significant impact. Samsung, cool and ZTE CDMA old company is stepping up a strong channel strategy corresponding to the layout of the intention of containing this "wind" to cut the cake more CDMA industry. According to the survey agency released data show that in 2008 Chinas telecommunications market, operators market share of a...
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Many equipment developers to jointly promote the interconnection and roaming testing WiMax

Mobile WiMax network and roaming the world interoperability a major step forward; to be held in Amsterdam before the WiMax Forum (WiMax Forum) World Congress, there are 14 mobile WiMax chip and equipment developers announced the first joint promotion time interconnection and roaming commercial WiMax trials. These companies, including Intel, Aicent, Cisco, Alvarion, Motorola, Bridgewater Systems, Clearwire, Comfone, DigitalBridge Communications, iPass, Juniper Networks, MACH, Syniverse and Transaction Network Services. WiMax Forum President Ron Resnick and chairman, said the current test cover-end WiMax network roaming testing WiMax roaming services for global consensus on the establishment and to provide benchmarks. He added that the leadership level in the implementation of the network operators network and equipment testing, for all ...
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Mao IIC Show new standards in the display 8-bit MCU package

New exhibition shows Mao in the IIC standard package 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) SM59D03/D04G2 (12T/6T 8052 core), well received by customers. This series supports 3.3V or 5.0V single voltage power supply, dual DPTR, PCA, Watchdog, EEPROM function, suitable for general industrial, consumer, security and other control systems. 6T mode choice in the series, and its performance under the same operating frequency of 2 times 8051 for the traditional, built-in flash memory capacity of 12K to 16K (Flash ROM), 256B +768 B SRAM. New Mao SM59D03/04G2 with high anti-jamming features, and has a low voltage reset function, so that customers can be more stable product, to achieve high quality while adapting to harsh working environment. ALE output may be prohibited in order to achieve the purpose of reducing EMI. Use SM59D03/04G2, supports ISP (In S...
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Maori fear of NT-liter compressed semiconductor plant

Continued appreciation of the NT, the semiconductor industry in general worry about fear adverse operational performance, revenue and gross margins will be compressed. The appreciation of NT dollar exchange rate today, 1.5 angle, to 31.47 yuan against one U.S. dollar to close; semiconductor packaging and testing plant of ASE, said the performance of Taiwan dollar stronger than expected, probably will be revenue and gross margin compression. ASE estimates that for every 1% appreciation of NT, will affect the revenue of 0.6-0.7%, gross margins will be compressed by 0.2 percentage points. Another silicon semiconductor packaging and testing plant products also pointed out that the strong appreciation of the NT will indeed adversely affect revenues and gross margins, but impact remains to be further estimates. Foundry UMC, said, for every...
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March 1-8, 2007 economic operation of electronic information hundred Analysis

1-8 months, the electronic information hundred enterprises maintain steady growth of income and exports, overall better efficiency. Hundred enterprises operating income totaled 773.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%; to achieve a total profit of 23.1 billion, an increase of 144%; taxes paid 22.1 billion, up 24%; an export value of 195.6 billion yuan, up increase of 17%. One rebound in revenue growth, export growth, stable 1-8 months, hundred enterprises operating income totaled 773.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%, an increase over the previous month to pick up. Operating income of over a hundred billion enterprise has 17, three more than last year, including Lenovo and Haier are more than 80 billion yuan. Steady export growth. 1-8 hundred enterprises month export value totaled 195.6 billion yuan, growth of 10%, an increase of 17%. ...
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March orders back to the UMC temperature of 16% revenue growth

Wafer planes in March with orders back to the temperature of revenue growth, UMC has announced March sales of 8.498 billion Taiwan dollars, up 16.6% over February, representing a growth of 12.57% over the same period last year, total first quarter revenue NTD 24.002 billion, representing a 13.1% decline in fourth quarter, but in line with expectations; As TSMC revenue in the recently announced, the market expected TSMC March results will be re-registered more than 300 billion Taiwan dollars, in the first quarter slightly higher than the company expected revenue opportunity. The first quarter of the off-season has been the electronics industry, coupled with a strong appreciation of the NT, the wafer planes full of variable revenues in March, but the law in the last quarter, UMC said the first quarter when the estimated capacity utilizati...
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Market Analysis of domestic electronic equipment

Electronic equipment is the material world to measure and control the basic means. It combines micro-electronics technology, computer technology, communication technology, network technology, new components, new materials technology, modern testing technology, modern design and manufacturing technology and modern process technology, is a modern industrial products, most new technologies, the fastest products. Since 2001, the global IT industry slowed down by the impact of other markets in the world economy and the economic situation is grim and tense situation in Iraq continues to slump, to the world market, the development of electronic devices has created a great impact. Comparison of electronic equipment industries sluggish. The major production and sales of electronic equipment manufacturers have experienced serious decline. In...
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Market Analysis: China Mobile 3G market, after the layout

Domestic 3G market, the competition has just begun, China Mobile started in the TD-SCDMA (China-made 3G, hereinafter referred to as "TD") follow-up to increase investment on research and development of technology. In order to avoid paying high patent fees, number of domestic telecommunications equipment manufacturers have joined the camp of China Mobile. First commercial trial networks in Shanghai Recently, China Mobile, insiders say, to achieve the level of the TD-LTE 4G network trials will be the Shanghai World Expo next year test at the Expo, which will be Chinas first 4G mobile commercial trial network, the company is expected to trigger intense the right to compete for construction. Then, the Shanghai World Expo will achieve 100% complete coverage of TD networks. Meanwhile, China Mobile will pilot TD-LTE Expo mobile communication...
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Market demand for components, ceramic capacitors, the highest growth potential instability

Market demand for electronic components is still in an unstable state, the demand for almost all products are not prosperous. When the off-season into the spring and summer, when there is no market demand for components, signs of improvement. Overall, this month, the market price of components will decline slightly, but according to market conditions, it does not rule out the components of the market price would be more significant decline. The special circumstances of memory, memory prices have been lower than the cost of production, its supply chain and financial distress, the cost of storage or no down, only up. However, the market still appears to survive, the Internet and high-end mobile phones are heavily marketed, at least in the current market environment, the Internet and high-end phones already are expectations. iSuppli expec...
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Market downturn is the perfect choice of semiconductor equipment manufacturers time to

---- Entrepix vice president of global sales and marketing JimMello Downturn in the semiconductor industry will bring each new challenge. Attenuation of the severity of the market in various parts of the market result in different degrees. But one thing never changed, the customer would like to see providers to adopt extraordinary measures to mitigate the impact of industrial decline, to prepare for future success. Concerned about the needs of customers for suppliers to bring positive effects, its security through the industry downturn. In China, the used equipment market is the main source of equipment for the tremendous flexibility of suppliers. By providing full support, including in-depth technology skills, and "MorethanMoore" camp to provide refurbished equipment, access to a small increase in fab productivity, reduce manufacturi...
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