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Market downturn the semiconductor industry innovation is a good time

The international financial crisis, the sharp contraction in demand for electronic products, on a serious impact on the entire semiconductor industry. Semiconductor industry as the most upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, but also by the most direct impact of the semiconductor materials industry this year will most likely occur the first time in 7 years of negative growth. However, the "crisis" also means "danger" in the possession of "machine", while the current international financial crisis on the domestic enterprises, their products more price and localization advantages; the other hand, the crisis also provide a hurry, practicing internal strength of the opportunity. Who can step up innovation, the introduction of competitive products, who can in post-crisis to seize the opportunities of economic prosperity, and then win t...
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Market is large, difficult to make money in China to actively adjust the LBS industry, business

According to iSupplis latest market research reports, as revenue growth has slowed down, falling profits, China Location (LBS) content and service providers are adjusting business, the resources from the mobile navigation equipment to car OEM aspects. ISuppli said that Chinas LBS market, content and service providers have been in confrontation with many unfavorable factors, such as rampant piracy and so on; In the meantime, Chinas auto OEM manufacturers are introducing more models to provide the navigation function Some foreign investors have started to provide advanced OEM and even links to services such as traffic information and telematics. In view of these emerging trends, China LBS content and service providers are adjusting their product mix to meet the current market dynamics. Piracy in China can be said to destroy the personal ...
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Market stabilization of electronic components

Current component prices, iSuppli update focused on the electronic components market and the overall LED market situation. Good news is, iSuppli Corporation that most components seem to have hit the market bottom. Present a major problem: the market will linger long at the bottom? Even substantially reduce costs, the demand in the current situation, the majority of suppliers will also be difficult for long-term profits. Demand started to show signs of some recovery, but suppliers can increase production to proceed, you must determine the demand exists. If demand picks up too fast, slow to respond to the supplier, the current situation could lead to extended delivery, and may cause some short-term supply of goods. According to the current round of recession duration and severity of judgments, iSuppli expects suppliers will be very cauti...
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Markets continue to rely on solar energy enterprises in China to pick up price war

By the global financial crisis slow down the pace of construction of the solar energy industry, although after the first quarter of this year ushered in the price and order improvement of the "warming period", but the reporter from the recently held "Asian Photovoltaic Summit" learned At present both upstream and downstream prices of polysilicon solar cell component prices began to experience heavy pressure. The coping strategies of Chinese enterprises is significantly lower prices. UK senior analyst at New Energy Finance, said Julia at the meeting, Chinas polysilicon feedstock production 20% cheaper than international counterparts, while the price of PV modules as low as $ 2.4 watts or less, but the disadvantages caused by the price war has begun exposure. Battery component prices continue to decline in 2008, the price of solar modules...
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MarketWatch Comments: Atom is Intels future

MarketWatch author says is true, Intels first quarter performance was remarkable, and they released this week reported a computer server, mobile and desktop chips, driven by strong sales of the company each kinds of indicators rose across the board, but at the same time, some careful investors worried that the flaw is worthy of their worth - sell low-price Atom processor, there are signs of decline. Atom is Intel (INTC) newer products, mobile devices as a small, low prices, such as the Internet or smart phones the heart of the design. The price of the Intel Atom are more complex than the mobile chip is much lower, such as the Core series processors. Has been listed since 2008, this mini-processor sales have been very strong, mainly of course, because in a recession environment, low-cost access to the Internet is becoming more and more p...
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Martin Professional and Lighting Science Group announced a distribution agreement signed

Lighting Science Group Corporation (Lighting Science Group Corporation) is a global intelligent LED lighting solutions for developers and integrators, Martin Professional A / S is a leading supplier of dynamic lighting system, The two companies announced the signing of a distribution agreement, which will allow Martin Professional A / S available to Lighting Science Group X16 DOTZ LED light bars global distribution channels. From X16 DOTZ LED light bar is the introduction to the company at Martin Professional LED video products sold under the name of FlexDOT and has been well received by the market. FlexDOT has been used in the lighting market over the project. FlexDOT include a series of ultra-light (RGB) LED products, designed for a variety of dynamic lighting applications, including video and other entertainment shows. DMX512 lightin...
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Marvell and Nexthop teamed up to launch integrated wireless LAN switching solutions

leading global provider of ultra-broadband communications and storage solutions, Marvell ? (NASDAQ: MRVL) with the authority of network software solutions provider NextHop has recently held in Las Vegas a large network NetWorld + Interop 2005 exhibition showcased the latest wireless local area network switching solutions can significantly reduce the enterprise-class secure wireless network operating costs. new wireless LAN switches using Marvells Prestera chipset, integrated NextHops WCS (Wireless LAN Controller Software), can support Gigabit Ethernet ports 24-48 Ethernet, with Gigabit (10-gigabit) Ethernet link uplink. Each switch supports up to 48 WLAN network bridge (Access Point, AP), to access the network for each WLAN user security, management features and flexible mobility. , including SMEs, are rapidly growing popularity of wire...
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Marvell introduced several high-speed water MiniSD Card

The development of digital technology in todays world can be said that with each passing day, with the camera phone, PDA phone, MP3, MP4 and so high-tech digital products in large numbers, especially with the megapixels camera phones become popular, as these digital products without exception, need to use digital memory cards, digital memory card followed by a large number of applications. Recently, in order to meet the needs of small mobile phone, mobile phones have begun to support a growing number of ultra-small flash memory cards, which MiniSD card because individuals with ultra-small, high speed, good compatibility and scalability, thus has been widely used. To this end, Marvell International (HK) Co., Ltd. in the domestic market with a series of high-speed water MiniSD cards, 128M, 256M and 512M, respectively, offer 111 yuan, 165...
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Marvell Jiang Peng: Innovative chip technology to promote the development of intelligent terminals

12 Yue 9 news, 2009 (third) mobile internet seminar today at the Beijing International Convention Center, entitled "OPhone and intelligent terminals" held in conjunction with the sub-forum. Marvell said Jiang Peng, innovative chip technology will promote the development of smart terminals. Following is the speech Record: Jiang Peng: Hello everybody! Very grateful to China Mobile for giving us this opportunity to introduce the Marvell products. I will brief you Marvell company, we are relatively young company, established in 1995, listed on NASDAQ in 2000 and now offers a wide range of products in all aspects. Marvell is now about 5100 users, of which there is a lot at the Shanghai team, more than 600 people, including the development of chips and software. From the network itself is concerned, we have a lot of IT, not just the CPU, ...
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Mascotte wish to buy polysilicon technology is not more than $ 125,000,000 related

Mascotte Holdings announced the purchase consideration is expected to be no more than 125 million, the acquisition of Sanyo Technology 50.1% of the issued share capital in cash, the price of shares or issue convertible bonds to pay for. Technology has developed and Sanyo in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Mainland patent registration of a new and innovative technologies to significantly reduce the time in the manufacture of polysilicon production costs and reduce environmental damage; Sanyo estimated technology in Taiwan The construction of production plant will be completed in August this year. According to the preliminary agreement, the seller will Mascotte granted a call option can be in the next 12 months to 36 months purchase the target company to buy the remaining 49.9% of the issued equity share capital. Mascotte said that ...
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