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Mass production in 09 years, China thin film solar cells

At the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre "Solarcon China 2009" exhibition can be clearly felt in the year 2009 China will start mass production of thin film solar cell modules. German Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Pepsi (Best Solar energy technology), Zhejiang Chint Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Chint Solar), Baoding Tianwei thin film PV Co., Ltd. (Baoding TianWei SolarFilm) and Suntech Power Co., Ltd. (Suntech Power Holdings ) and other companies have demonstrated thin film solar cell samples and announced the future production plans. In addition to these companies provide a package of (Turn-Key) production line Oerlikon (Oerlikon, Shanghai) and Applied Materials (Applied Materials) and other companies also demonstrated the companys business expansion in China, emphasizing the attitude of the Chinese market th...
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Master Flash memory technology can save Taiwan DRAM industry

It digitimes website reported earlier the industry into the business cycle downturn, followed by another rare encounter in the history of global recession, DRAM industrys situation to the second half of 2008 has reached a very dangerous point. This occurs not only at home, but also in worldwide DRAM factory. Taiwans semiconductor memory industry is one of the two pillars of industry, Taiwans semiconductor industry are fab, not to foundry to make memory. If these manufacturers do not come to the point that, following its home in the financial sector crisis caused by at least 10 times the input-based Lehman Brothers crisis. But also in its upstream and downstream industries such as semiconductor equipment factory, packaging factory, the module works, the computer industry, will also be a chain reaction occurs extremely serious. Leaving asi...
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Material in the acquisition of the wind blowing

Early July of this year, Dow announced price of 150 billion acquisition of Rohm &Haas; 5, the U.S. semiconductor manufacturers AmberWaveSystems announced the acquisition by the Caltech isolated AonexTechnologies, to establish its position in the field of solar energy materials ... ... it seems a new round of industry consolidation material trend is quietly rising. As oil and raw materials, rising prices, resulting in the first half of Dow Chemical raw material and energy costs are relatively the same period last year, an increase of 40% or more. In order to maintain profit margins, the end of May this year, Dow announced that it will raise product prices 20% less than a month later a further rise in prices up to 25%, starting from August $ 300 per truck transport cargo surcharge increase Each section of railway transportation income $ 6...
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Mature domestic electronics industry growth rate will be more consistent with the global

The global electronics industry to mature, future growth is difficult to reproduce. The global electronics industry through the rapid development of the growth period, the current industry has to mature, mainly for two things: growth has slowed down and the weak cyclical fluctuations. Rate of the domestic electronics industry will be more consistent with the global. As the global electronics manufacturing industry to the domestic transfer, in the past 5 years, domestic growth is far higher than the global average growth rate. According to todays investment, "online analysts" more than 70 domestic and more than 1,800 brokerage analysts Institute of the investment rating of statistical data, investment rating rise last week, the top 30 stocks, more dispersed distribution industries: food production and processing, electronic equipment and...
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MAX4886 EV kit provides a complete 2:1 HDMI-compatible programs

Maxim MAX4886 contains four high-speed introduction of HDMI? / DVI? MAX4929E low-frequency digital video switching and 2:1 control switch fully assembled and tested surface-mount PCB MAX4886 EV kit. Evaluation board can handle high-frequency TMDS? HDMI signals and low frequency control signals, a single HDMI port 2-way multiplexed video streams to provide a complete solution. MAX4886 EV kit can be easily embedded in a system, almost no modification. Evaluation board with HDMI source (or an external 5V DC power supply) power supply, and provide on-board 3.3V regulator. HDMI board input / output connectors can be easily compatible with HDMI devices. EV kit also includes a separate test circuit for eye diagram evaluation. MAX4886 EV kit is available now, priced at $ 75. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dim...
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MAX5060 / 1: 96% of the 30A step-down controller

Maxim has introduced two PWM buck controller MAX5060 and MAX5061, with a minimum of external components make the design compact high output current power supply. These devices can be internal voltage regulator to 5V, 12V or 24V power bus very suitable for working .MAX5060/MAX5061 30A output current applications. more DC / DC controller modules can work in parallel to get higher current output. Both devices include an average current mode control scheme, so that designers and accuracy of available limit of + / -10% of the current sharing. This capability has led to less use of small inductor and small number of external MOSFET, thereby reducing the floor size and cost of power supply. external current sense resistor to ensure current sharing accuracy of parallel modules in the + / -10%. Both devices of the current sense threshold of onl...
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Maxim 3 × 3mm package introduced dual DAC, providing optional interface SPI and I2C

Maxim (Maxim Integrated Products) has introduced the 2 3mm × 3mm TQFN package, Dual, 30mA, current-output DAC - MAX5548 (8 bit) and MAX5550 ( 10). With the use of 6mm × 5mm TSSOP package, compared to competing solutions, the devices can be used TQFN package saves board space. Reported that these devices can be pin-selectable SPI or I2C interface. In the -40 ℃ to +85 ℃ operating temperature range, high accuracy, and to ensure monotonic. This series of low-cost, current output DAC, such as base stations and wireless applications for the PIN diode biasing, RF attenuator control and VCO tuning applications. MAX5548/MAX5550 +2.7 V to +5.5 V using a single power supply, power supply current as low as 200μA/DAC. Software-selectable shutdown supply current can be further reduced to 5μA (max). The devices have a +1.25 V internal reference, but...
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Maxim has introduced a two-chip power line networking solutions

Currently, Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) introduced two-chip powerline networking solutions, the program is a highly integrated PHY / MAC digital transceiver MAX2986 and MAX2980 analog front-end components. Maxims powerline networking chipset with high flexibility and cost-effective. Use its full capability and MAC application programming interfaces (API) access feature, just slightly modified the software, you can make the hardware design to meet regulatory requirements in different regions. Maxims highly integrated system-level orientation programs and help reduce overall costs and accelerate time to market consumer products. Power line network development process Maxim Power Line Products business manager Michael Navid said: "As early as ten years ago, had developed a power line network devices, but because of the qualit...
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Maxim introduced for the TFT-LCD with two op amp DC / DC converter chip

Maxim Integrated Products (Maxim Integrated Products) has released two high-current operational amplifiers of the TFT-LCD Step-Down DC / DC converter IC - MAX8739, for notebook computers and automotive applications of active matrix TFT- LCD. MAX8739s input is 1.8V to 5.5V, including logic-controlled, with adjustable delay of the high voltage switch. The step-down converter for the source driver IC to provide an adjustable power supply, energy and input voltage as low as 1.8V to work with, and has high efficiency. The converter is a high-frequency (600kHz/1.2MHz) current-mode regulator integrates a 14V N-channel internal MOSFET, to allow the use of ultra-small inductors and ceramic capacitors. MAX8739 able to provide fast transient response to pulsed loads, and efficiency over 85%. High-performance operational amplifiers drive two LCD bac...
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Maxim introduced non-volatile, full swing, buffered 8-bit D / A Converter

Currently, Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) introduced non-volatile, full swing, buffered 8-bit D / A converter (DAC) MAX5108 * / MAX5109 (dual) and MAX5115/MAX5116 (quad). These devices are the industrys only 2 lines with up to 400ksps high-speed interface, I2C ** nonvolatile DAC series. The devices in the entire operating temperature range have high accuracy, and ensure monotonicity. These low-cost 8-bit DAC is ideal for applications such as digital gain and offset adjustment, programmable attenuators, portable instruments, and power amplifier bias control applications. MAX5108/MAX5109 and MAX5115/MAX5116 +2.7 V to +5.5 V using a single supply, the write operation, current consumption of each DAC is only 200 microamps. In contrast, the other with which the performance closest to the consumption of non-volatile DAC flow 3mA. S...
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