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Maxim introduced single-ended current-mode PWM controller, start the current is 35μA

Maxim (Maxim Integrated Products) has introduced a single-ended current-mode PWM controller, MAX5094, for Isolated Telecom DC-DC or universal offline input AC-DC power supply. According to reports, the device supplied by a number of manufacturers and industry standard components UCC28C43 UCC28C45 series of pin-compatible. And compared with the UCC28C43 and UCC28C45, MAX5094 has a lower starting current, more accurate oscillator frequency tolerance and higher accuracy of current detection, the design of basic components without changing the external power supply can easily upgrade existing designs to achieve more high performance. MAX5094s switching frequency by the external setting, the range of 20kHz to 1MHz. In addition, the switching frequency tuning accuracy to ± 7%, the current limit threshold and start / stop voltage accuracy of...
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Maxim introduced spread spectrum D amplifier for flat panel displays

Maxim has introduced a low-cost high-power, no filtering, spread-spectrum Class D Amplifier MAX9741, for flat panel display (FPD). Which the amplifier output power per channel continuous 12W, power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) is 80dB, harmonic distortion and noise (THD + N) 0.07%, signal to noise ratio (SNR) to 100dB. According to reports, without the use of this digital amplifier heat sink, using Maxims proprietary spread spectrum modulation (SSM) technology to reduce the external filter to break FCC EMI limits. Compared with similar digital amplifier, SSM technology enables the device to save the cost of 15 cents per channel. MAX9741 does not require large electrolytic capacitor or a Schottky diode, which provides differential input for a comprehensive click-and-pop suppression of the internal circuit and four selectable gain sett...
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Maxim introduced the industrys smallest 256-tap, nonvolatile digital potentiometer Dual

Currently, Maxim Integrated Products introduced the industrys smallest 256-tap, nonvolatile digital potentiometers dual MAX5477 * / MAX5478/MAX5479 and the MAX5487 * / MAX5488/MAX5489, the potentiometer built EEPROM, with 3mm x 3mm TQFN package. The integrated memory can be saved when the power position of the wiper, the same work as the mechanical potentiometer. However, compared to mechanical potentiometers can greatly reduce the chip size. MAX5477/MAX5478/MAX5479 and MAX5487/MAX5488/MAX5489 also has as low as 5ppm / ° C temperature coefficient and the ratio of 50ppm / ° C of the end of the temperature coefficient. These new devices standby current less than 1μA, 2.7V to 5.5V using a single power supply, with power-saving features. And a 10k, 50k and 100k-end resistance of the three options. MAX5477/MAX5478/MAX5479 use an addressable...
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Maxim launch HD filter / amplifier, suitable for many video applications

Maxim (Maxim Integrated Products) today announced the industrys first high-definition video filter amplifiers MAX9500/MAX9501. As high-definition (HD) filters and amplifiers, they 44.25MHz frequency has more than 40dB of attenuation, which is to 74.25MHz sampling rate required by HD video signals, can provide a good HD video signal filtering and buffering . The device can be used in set-top boxes, DVD recorders, DVD players and satellite / cable receiver HD video output reconstruction filter is also used as high-definition television (HDTV) analog input anti-aliasing filter. MAX9500/MAX9501 Both HD filters, amplifiers have the following characteristics: 1. attenuation 44.25MHz frequency after the "undesirable" aliasing signal set-top boxes, DVD players and AV receivers Most MPEG decoders to 74.25MHz frequency re-HD video signals. Howev...
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Maxim launched four power tracker / sequencer

Maxim Integrated Products (maxim integrated products) introduced the MAX6876 EEPROM-programmable, multi-power supply tracker / sequencer can monitor four system voltages, the required voltage tracking and / or providing the right sort of system power and power conditions. MAX6876 resolution of critical threshold can be set, through the I2C interface to adjust the timing parameters, these parameters are stored in internal EEPROM. MAX6876 also provides monitoring capabilities and over-current detection circuit. The device provides programmable for each input undervoltage and overvoltage thresholds. When all the provisions of the voltage are in range, open the external n-channel MOSFET devices for system voltage sequencing or tracking. All voltage can sort, track, or to a combination of both methods on the power. In the tracking process, th...
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Maxim launched notebook computers with low-voltage DC / DC converter

Maxim Integrated Products (Maxim Integrated Products) introduced a constant off-time, pulse width modulation (PWM), to provide / absorb the current step-down DC-DC Converters - MAX1515. The device is designed for notebook and laptop standards (sub-notebook computer) in the low-voltage active-termination power or chipset power. MAX1515 n-channel MOSFET built two power switches, can improve efficiency and reduce the number of components, no external Schottky diode. It also integrates a boost switch, without the use of an external boost diode. The internal 40m NMOS power switch to provide and absorb the maximum continuous load current of 3A. MAX1515s adjustable output range of +0.5 V to +2.7 V, the efficiency of up to 95%. The device can be used as DDR regulator, the output voltage is half the memory supply voltage. Power stage input can be...
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Maxim MAX6814 5 new push pin watchdog timer circuit

MAX6814 is a low-power watchdog circuit, a 5-pin SC70 package. The device monitors the operation of the system software code errors to improve system reliability. When the watchdog input detects a transient edge, the internal watchdog timer is cleared and restarted, then re-starts. If the watchdog timer exceeds the watchdog timeout period (1.6s typical), active low, push-pull output will be triggered by the watchdog and maintain a watchdog pulse period (140ms min), sent to the system fault alarm. MAX6814 consumes only 4μA supply current over the extended temperature range. Properties · 4μA Current · 1.6s watchdog timeout period timer · 140ms (min) WDO pulse period · push-pull, active low Watchdog Output (/ WDO) · work in the extended temperature range · no external components Application · Automotive Systems · computer and co...
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Maxim MAXQ RISC launch-on-chip micro-controller system

Maxim Integrated Products introduced MAXQ RISC microcontroller product line, the newest member of: for sensors, mixed-signal system-on-chip microcontroller (SoC) MAXQ7670. MAXQ7670 is a small signal measurement for high sensitivity, cost-effective automotive microcontroller for the measurement of anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) sensors and other differential output signal microvolt sensors provide the lowest cost complete system program. AMR sensors commonly used in automotive or industrial systems in the non-contact linear displacement and angular displacement measurements. MAXQ7670 only 5mm × 5mm board space, but it integrates a variety of AMR sensors accurately measure the small amplitude signals all the necessary functions without external amplifiers. Thereby reducing system cost (simplified BOM, reducing PCB area). MAXQ7670 ang...
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Maxim power supply IC for LCD panel power supply multi-

Maxim (Maxim) of the MAX8728 power supply IC to produce TV and TFT LCD panel display in a variety of rail lines needed. The chip includes a buck and boost regulators, positive and negative charge pump and a dual-mode logic controlled high-voltage switch control module. MAX8728 provides 3.3V logic, 13.5V source driver, 28V positive gate-6V negative gate drive and power supply, 12V power supply for LCD TV panels and LCD monitors is optimized. MAX8728s step-up and step-down regulator with internal power MOSFET, and its work in the high frequency mode, thus the use of small inductors and capacitors. Both switching regulators are used a fixed frequency current mode control architecture to achieve fast load transient response and easy to implement compensation. the product positive and negative charge pump regulator via an external resistive ...
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Maxim PWM Buck Controller for the application of the output current up to 30A

Maxim Integrated Products (Maxim Integrated Products) announced the launch of two pulse width modulation (PWM) buck controller - MAX5060 and MAX5061. Both devices can be designed with minimal external components for high output current compact power supply. The internal voltage regulator can be 5V, 12V or 24V input voltage, the output voltage is adjustable between 0.6V to 5.5V. These devices are suitable for demanding applications up to 30A output current. In addition, multiple DC-DC controller modules can be paralleled for higher output current. AX5060 and MAX5061 are current mode control that contains a paradigm that allows designers to ± 10% accuracy limit and are current. Therefore only a small inductor and smaller less external MOSFET, thereby reducing the power supply size and cost. In addition, the external current sense resistor...
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