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Maxims filterless Class D amplifier provides 40W of continuous output power

Maxim (Maxim Integrated Products) has introduced a high-power, high efficiency, D amplifier MAX9708, including LCD and PDP for flat-panel display applications, including television and home audio equipment optimization. MAX9708 provides high-fidelity audio quality, efficiency up to 87%, without heat sink can provide 40W continuous output power (per channel 20W). MAX9708 as a filterless amplifier with minimal external components and reduces the overall BOM cost of the program. Maxims proprietary spread spectrum modulation (SSM) technology dramatically reduces external filtering requirements, you can easily meet the FCCs low-EMI limits, so you can use low-cost alternative to expensive ferrite beads to the large size of the inductor. Allegedly, with competitive firms, compared D amplifier, SSM technology in the filter area can save up to $ ...
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May 1-10, 2007 economic operation of electronic information hundred Analysis

1-10 months, the electronic information hundred enterprises continue to maintain steady growth, the overall effectiveness of a substantial recovery from last year. 1-10 months hundred enterprises operating income totaled 1.0028 trillion yuan, an increase of 13%; to achieve a total profit of 34.3 billion, an increase of 115%; taxes paid 29.9 billion yuan, an increase of 29%; an export value of 2772 billion, an increase of 21%. I. Operating income and steady growth of export value 1-10 months, hundred enterprises operating income totaled 1.0028 trillion yuan, an increase of 13%, an increase of 3 percentage points increase over the previous month, including communications, software, and component business grew rapidly. 22 enterprises operating income of over ten billion yuan. 1-10 hundred enterprises month export value totaled 277.2 bil...
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May appliance manufacturers to mass market or stocking color TV set off the "price war"

Although this years May Day holiday shortened, but the news yesterday from the home appliances such as Gome and Suning stores understand that the major home appliance business this year May Day is not only not reduced stocking, but a significant increase in the overall white stocking them than last year year increase of nearly double the volume of color TV is prepared to 4 times last year. Appliance manufacturers to "massive stocking" Guangzhou Branch General Manager of Gome cluster weekend interview with this reporter, said that as of April 26, the Guangzhou TV States United States prepared by the total volume of more than 5.5 million shipments this year prepared a New Years Day times compared with May last year, there were four times more growth. High cluster that manufacturers such "massive stocking" has not seen before, is bound to...
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May be flat-panel TV price war is expected to decline more than 25%

Reporters yesterday from the city appliance store and was informed that the TV manufacturers, plasma TVs and LCD TVs to start brewing in the May Day holiday prices Rush, price products more focused on the big screen 42-inch flat-panel TV. According to Gome, Suning and other introduction, the city accounted for flat-panel LCD TV market share of 70%, in addition to Changhong, Panasonic, Hitachi and a few other brands of plasma TVs the main push, the other nearly 20 brands were the main push LCD TV. Industry sources, China Video Industry Association recently issued the "plasma digital TV measurement dynamic image clarity" is the fuse for the price war. In fact, back in the "Methods" before the introduction of plasma TV industry chain, there is a substantive change in the building, Changhong 675 million investment in the first phase of pla...
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May CFLP China Manufacturing PMI fell slightly to 53.1%

Yesterday, the Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) released in May China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI). Data show that CFLP China Manufacturing PMI May 53.1%, 0.4 percentage point drop the previous month. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the data show that Chinas manufacturing PMI index in May remained stable. Ibid months than in the PMI index system, although the rise and fall of each sub-index, but down slightly. Among them, the new export orders index, finished goods inventory index and the purchasing price index, rising by 1 to 1.8 percentage points between; the rest of the index fell slightly, down 0.5 percentage points more in the range of less than. For the May manufacturing PMI survey, the Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said Zhang Liqun, a freelance analyst, ...
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May dazzling performance LED wafer factory revenue rose upstream

6 Yue 5 AP, LED epitaxial wafers plant upstream in May sales remain generally high, Formosa Epitaxy advance estimate of May sales of more than 1.5 billion NT million, representing growth of approximately 12% in April, for the upstream wafer plant in the highest growth rate. Crystal Power has not yet reached one billion Taiwan dollars mark, but the proportion of high-brightness blue LED in the continuous improvement. Thailand and New Century May Valley is also expected to close in April revenue levels. LED NB LED TV and other new applications and strong demand for high-brightness blue LED driven demand, Formosa Epitaxy almost equal to full capacity utilization, May broke through the new station RMB 1.5 billion, representing growth of approximately 12% in April, not only since June 2008 reached a new high, almost equal to degree level ...
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May Golden Week, the capital into gold or 3 days to complete half appliance store sales

Were high hopes the three-day business, "mini vacation" is about to end, the capital earned during the vacation home appliance stores pours, Haidian Bridge Suning stores sold the first day it opened more than two thousand digital camera, Beijing Dazhong electrical stores in just 64 days time to complete the usual two weeks of sales. Business inventory sales hit 90 points Sales of inventory days, Mao Xiaojun, general manager of Dazhong given a score of 90: "Beijing 64 stores the equivalent of three days, usually half a month in sales." He said that this year sales of electrical appliances or Ching Ming Festival has its unique position: first, a sale of a good holiday; followed near the parks, stores around the more popular attractions; then there is the little things was easy to sell. According to the Ministry of large and medium sized ...
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May the summer sales season approaches have raised the average price of small household appliances

3C market in Guangzhou last week, computers, digital cameras basically the same price and the previous week, while the average price of home appliances will be down the whole. With the May sales season approaching, the stores have increased marketing efforts. Compared with the previous week, Guangzhou, flat prices on average down by 500 yuan. However, the average price of the refrigerator slightly improved average unit price of more than 2,500 yuan. 3C market last week and showed the most obvious is the low-end heavy volume air-conditioning products began. Although the past few days, "air conditioning prices," the voice not only, but with the arrival of season sales and increased competition, manufacturers and businessmen want to ensure that the number of sales, thus "opening for delivery of goods." Industry insiders estimate that sales...
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May Zhangjiang orders before the integrated circuit industry, "steadily high"

According to Labor reported that the IC industry is the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, one of the three leading industries. Reporter learned yesterday from the park management as the main component of Shanghais IC industrys chip manufacturing, May sales of 827 million Shanghai, "Zhangjiang produced" to account for 60% of the share. Currently, the Zhangjiang Park of the integrated circuit business orders is climbing, some production lines have been saturated. Late last year, the international financial crisis, one of the pillar industries in Zhangjiang Park --- IC industry to get orders for major companies decline sharply. Located in the Zhangjiang Park SMIC is the largest semiconductor manufacturers, the international financial crisis late last year, has accumulated a lot of inventory. But now, the companys inventory has been sold out, 4,5 mo...
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Mayan Wei Group: Super capacitor for better and more powerful new energy

Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents" the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Ma Yanwei electrician led a research group found in the lower reaction temperature, sea urchin-like manganese dioxide prepared micron spheres, nano-clusters, coil-like structure of the new method of nanoparticles. The research group also prepared the product of the formation mechanism and electrochemical properties were studied in detail. The results showed that the manganese dioxide prepared by uniform particle size and morphology control. "With the process of the preparation process is simple, short reaction time, reaction temperature is low, good crystalline samples without surfactant, can the advantages of mass production." Mayan Wei said, "This is the preparation of nano...
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