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National e-Government Procurement, "a game of chess" situation about to happen to hope

Not highly publicized, no detailed minutes, but the Institute of International Relations hanging out online has a short news has attracted everyones attention. Central Financial Work Leading Group Office of the Secretary Po Chun, government procurement, and other top experts in the security of people in the hospital participated in the "legal system of Electronic Government Procurement Conference" to discuss the "Government Procurement Law" proposed amendments and the "e-government Procurement Regulations (draft). " This means that two-year-old e-government procurement and the legislature have initial results of academic research, national e-government procurement, "a game of chess," the situation is about to happen to hope. Although participants who are unwilling to disclose details of the two draft, but sources from the press office...
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National Integrated Circuit (Wuxi) Design Center groundbreaking ceremony

5 31 morning, the National Integrated Circuit (Wuxi) Design Center groundbreaking ceremony. As a result, Chinas most powerful IC design industry will gather high ground here where they stand. National Integrated Circuit (Wuxi) Design Center located in Wuxi (National) Industrial Design Park, Liyuan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, is by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and the Lake District together to create a theme to the high integrated circuit design Technology R & D and manufacturing center, is committed to the introduction of domestic and international scale, brand type, leading, innovative IC design company. Which by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and the Institutes eight integration of resources, the establishment of 3 billion investment in the core subjects integrated circu...
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National Museum of Korea by Seoul Semiconductor Acriche products

LED maker Seoul Semiconductor said that the National Museum of Korea, lighting installed by Seoul Semiconductor Acriche AC lighting. F / S Korea Networks DELicia companys supply "Acriche" LED lighting, first floor of the bookstore and cultural center of the kinds of lamps have been installed. F / S Korea Networks, said the project along with the National Museum, other museums planned 12 Acriche lighting with replacement project. In addition, F / S Korea Networks will also have the opportunity to Culture, Sports and Tourism Acriche lighting installation. Seoul Semiconductor said that the National Museum of Korea than the current replacement LED lamps for energy savings over halogen 75-85% or more. And LED lamps have not generated the same as the halogen ultraviolet and infrared, which are harmful to museum exhibits. The company also sai...
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National policies to promote solar energy market needs incentives

Solar photovoltaic (PV) industry, refers to the conversion of sunlight into electricity through the solar cell industry. Solar energy as a great potential for development of new energy and renewable energy, has attracted wide attention around the world, China has also done a lot of research, unfortunately, many years later, solar power seems to have been in people is a distant concept, and symbols. The current electricity price of solar power generators is common about 10 times the purchase price, the cost so high, apparently did not spread possible. The global solar PV market is essentially a government policy driven market, the United States, Japan and the EU PV development plans are particularly emphasized that the cost of photovoltaic power generation and thermal power down to very end, before competitive . In recent years, the Euro...
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National roll out home appliances market will simultaneously enlarge connector

After a year of the pilot, our home appliances is now in full swing, from February 1, 2009 onwards, work from home appliances to 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. The new situation, promotion of home appliances in the country for the expansion of domestic demand and maintain stable and rapid economic growth is important. As an integral component home appliances, connectors, market demand will also be simultaneously amplified, home appliances of the connector industry policy provides opportunities for development. Connector first benefit Connector technology is cutting-edge technology of modern technology, the connector industry is recognized at home and abroad with the development of future high-tech industry, with its high technology content, good economic returns, penetration ability, and wide ma...
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National Semiconductor 100V half-bridge PWM controllers effectively reduce the design space

National Semiconductor (referred to as "half") has introduced a 100V half-bridge PWM controllers can be half-bridge DC / DC converter to minimize the volume. LM5035 feature is in addition to built-in voltage mode PWM controller, but also with other high-end and low end of the 2A peak current gate drivers and two secondary synchronous rectifier can be set in field-effect transistor (FET) drive. the rectifier switching function can be controlled through the set, engineers can improve the accuracy of timing in order to improve power conversion efficiency. Half-bridge using LM5035 chip power supply for a variety of electronic systems, including telecommunications systems, data communications equipment and power density and efficiency of the same rigorous requirements of industrial control systems. National Semiconductor Power Management Pro...
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National Semiconductor 36 of the ADC, at speeds of 50KSPS to 1MSPS

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) has announced the launch of 12 10 and 12-bit low-power analog / digital converter (ADC). In addition, National Semiconductor also plans to be launched in the second quarter, the rest of this series of 24 generic products, ADC, including dual-channel and 4-channel 8-bit ADC, and the single-channel and 8 channel ADC. Half the country through the use of these new ADC, the system without modifying the circuit board design engineers can design products to upgrade. National Semiconductor to ensure that this series of chips can be 50 to 200KSPS, 200 to 500KSPS, and 500KSPS to 1MSPS of three different speed ranges. National Semiconductors new low-power ADC in this series a total of 36 different models were used to single channel, du...
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National Semiconductor amplifiers using micro SMD package, consume less power than similar products

National Semiconductor Corporation today announced a Boomer D class (Class D) audio amplifiers, allegedly used the worlds smallest micro SMD package, to help manufacturers introduce more lightweight and slim portable electronics. National Semiconductor also introduced another high-power Class D stereo amplifier. Both have the ideal output power amplifier chip, and only a very small amount of additional external components for mobile phones, smart phones and DVD players and video games and other portable audio products. LM4673 is a fully differential amplifier chip, only one power supply, eliminating the need for filter 2.5WD class switching audio amplifier, using the micro SMD package size is only 1.4mm × 1.4mm, and 0.4mm pitch , which only takes up very little printed circuit board space, engineers do not need to be limited space constr...
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National Semiconductor chip stereo audio, enhanced audio for mobile phones to provide 3D

National Semiconductor (NationalSemiconductor, referred to as "half") today announced the launch of the first with both digital and analog input path of the audio subsystem. This model of the Boomer LM4934 stereo audio subsystem for multimedia phones, smart phones and Internet telephony. Boomer audio power amplifiers National Semiconductor reported minimal effects of external components provide the ideal output power. LM4934 audio subsystem built-in audio amplifiers, volume control, mixer and power management control circuit, and use Nationals 3D stereo audio enhancement technology. MicroSMDxt through the use of a new 42-ball package, its size is only 3.3mm × 3.9mm. 3D audio enhancement technology because the two are very close to the speakers sound field widened, so mobile users can easily use the phone to listen to hear music more clea...
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National Semiconductor CMOS op lower input bias to meet the requirements of telecom equipment

National Semiconductor introduced a new rail-to-rail output CMOS operational amplifier in a wide range of up to 24V operation, and its low noise, low power and low input bias of the advantages of industrial equipment, and the most stringent requirements of telecom equipment . LM6211 chip is a wide-band (20MHz), low-noise op amp with a single 5V to 24V power supply operation, low input bias current 0.5pA, suited for high-impedance sources. If this op amp 10kHz frequency operation, the input voltage noise of only 5.5nV/sqrt Hz, while the input current noise is only 10fA/sqrt Hz. This op amp can be used to improve the wireless and sensor interface accuracy of the signal system. In addition, LM6211 op amp input capacitance low, even with the high-frequency operation or for high-gain sensor can also ensure that the system is stable and reliab...
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