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National Semiconductor DC / DC converter for RF power applications

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) has introduced a mini package with variable step-down DC / DC converters - LM2706, which is characterized with four mandatory and automatic bypass mode can use a lithium battery power supply for RF power amplifiers. LM2706 2.7V converter chip can be reduced to 5.5V input voltage and output voltage of 1.5V to 3.25V variable, while the output current can be up to 300mA. VCON Engineers can use the analog input to set the output voltage to control the RF power amplifier output power and conversion efficiency. The chip is more built-in bypass switch, so that chip directly connected to the battery to ensure maximum power output. LM2706 chips for mobile phones and built-in RF power system. LM2706 chip 10-pin lead-free mini-micro-SMD...
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National Semiconductor first single-chip synchronous regulator, input voltage 4.5-36V

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor) has announced a new synchronous SIMPLE SWITCHER regulators first product, this brand new model for the LM3100 is the industrys first chip for alleged to 36V input voltage range of 4.5V The 1.5A single-chip synchronous buck regulator, which is characterized by a unique structure, to simplify circuit design. This series of regulators and other models are expected to be launched this year. National Semiconductor Power Management Products Division, said Paul Greenland, director of marketing strategy: "As National Semiconductor family of SIMPLE SWITCHER regulators have been very popular variety of different products, so we introduced the momentum LM3100 chip. The stability of synchronous buck pressure device fixed on-time adoption of innovative structure for the wide input voltage ra...
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National Semiconductor for HDTV application of new cable driver and equalizer

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) has introduced a high-definition TV serial digital cable driver (CLC002), and another adaptive cable equalizer (CLC034). These high-performance low-power chip products, and with ESD protection function, and provides analog input and output, to ensure that the serial digital video signals (SDV) of the entire transfer process will not be corrupted. Both chip Nationals bipolar complementary metal oxide semiconductor (BiCMOS) process technology with advanced design testing capabilities designed for digital video routers, switches, voltage regulators, and data conversion and generation systems engineers to use . Which, CLC002 is a monolithic high-speed cable driver, ideal for SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 344M serial digita...
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National Semiconductor has introduced two 12-bit ADC and supporting differential amplifier

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) today announced two high-speed, low distortion differential amplifier and the other two high-speed, low-power 12-bit ADC (ADC), as signal path to provide a high-performance, high accuracy and low power solutions. LMH6550 and LMH6551 Nationals amplifier chip is designed for drivers 12 and ADC12DL065 ADC12DL040 designed high-speed ADC. LMH6550 and ADC12DL040 chips can support each other. According to test results show that, if the input frequency is 20MHz, the chips effective number of bits in this group (ENOB) of up to 11.1, without the false signal dynamic range (SFDR) is up to 80dB. ADC12DL040 and ADC12DL065 are dual-channel high-performance, low power ADC, which is characterized by the analog input signal can be converted...
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National Semiconductor HD sync separator devices feature low jitter

National Semiconductor Corporation ("National Semiconductor") announced a number of different formats supported video sync separator, which is characterized by jitter than competitive products on the market less suitable for high-definition broadcast equipment and professional level video system. Video system design engineers use this model as long as the separation of the LMH1981 chip, will not need the addition of filter-class level and to eliminate jitter, but also can accurately extract horizontal and vertical sync signals. LMH1981 chip sync signal can be separated in order to generate consistent with NTSC, PAL, SECAM, standard definition and high-definition video signal formats (including 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p), low jitter level and vertical sync signals. The chip can be for any video system, including horizo...
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National Semiconductor in the third quarter, 1.5 times the earnings growth is expected to win

National Semiconductor reported third quarter results, net profit rose by 1.5 times to $ 53,200,000, earnings per share rose by 1.4 times to 22 cents (ie, cents), better than market expectations. Period rose 23.8% year revenue to 3.62 billion, above market expectations. The stock is expected fourth quarter earnings between 3.75-3.9 billion, better than market expectations. Shares rose 3.3% last night, city after its own run of 2.4%. ...
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National Semiconductor introduced

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation) announced the launch of 12 10 and 12-bit low-power analog / digital converter, and to ensure that these new products in the range between 50 KSPS to 1 MSPS three range of different speeds to play excellent performance. The introduction of these new products to further strengthen the companys data conversion chip series lineup. National Semiconductor plans launched in the second quarter, the rest of this series of 24 general-purpose analog / digital converter, including dual-channel and 4-channel 8-bit analog / digital converter and the single-and 8-channel models. Digital cameras such consumer electronic products, the product continues to introduce new models and functions, resulting in system design engineers must be developed every six to eight months can easily ...
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National Semiconductor introduced a new generation of DVD chips

National Semiconductor Corporation today announced the launch of a new generation of National Mediamatics the NDV86xx highly integrated chip, which supports a variety of high-paper features audio and video systems, power consumption is lower. Mediamatics hardware products, said Kent Goodin, vice president, in recent months, with Mediamatics series of products DVD processors continue to increase. Because manufacturers need to feature more powerful, more highly integrated chip technology, and Mediamatics processor with a new design to meet these needs. MediamaticsNDV86xx series processors fully support the DVD video decoding / display and CD digital audio, MP3, VCD, and all derived from the VCD audio and video products. The processors are built-in models NDV86xx MPEG-2 video decoder that can handle video signals and the filtering of high-p...
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National Semiconductor introduced the wire with at least LVDS chipset

October 26, 2005 - China News - National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation) (NYSE symbol: NSM) today introduced a new high-speed low-voltage differential signaling ( LVDS) serializer / deserializer chipset, the advantage is to use a differential twisted pair cable (ie, two wires) with the 24-bit data serial, and then transferred to flat panel displays. 800 x 480 resolution with degree of liquid crystal displays, for example, this model for the DS90C241 and DS90C124 serial / deserializer chipset only uses two wires, compared to the previous generation of LVDS interface products you need to use 8 wires, but no difference between the image clarity. Since this serial / deserializer chip set data path can be reduced, thereby reducing printed circuit board layers and pin number, but also ensure that the system can us...
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National Semiconductor introduced two Boomer audio subsystem, built-in RF suppression IC

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation) announced the launch of two new built-in RF suppression circuitry of Boomer audio subsystem, the advantage of portable electronic products to improve noise immunity. Both models are National Semiconductor LM4946 and LM4947 is an audio subsystem with mono amplifier, output capacitor and the stereo headphone amplifier can be set to 3D sound enhancement. According to reports, these two subsystems built-in RF suppression circuitry, can inhibit the ability of the output signal receiver, so that the same output as the antenna does not receive the noise and the transmission back to the amplifier signal path, is ideal for the system itself may generate RF signals of different frequencies of mobile phones and portable electronic products, to ensure that it can minimize the...
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