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National Semiconductor introduced two or more frequencies up to GHz high-speed amplifiers

National Semiconductor Corporation announced the successful launch of two breakthrough GHz (gigahertz) speed barrier in the high-speed amplifier products. 1.2 GHz amplifier and programmable gain buffer are using National Semiconductors high-speed VIP10 ? technology, signal distortion is low, response is more stable and help improve the performance of high-speed system, ideal for video systems, test and measurement equipment and other industrial applications. National Semiconductor chip, two new large-signal bandwidth is higher, and the conversion rate (slew rate) extremely fast and can drive high-resolution red, green and blue (RGB) video signals. Both the amplifier performance is very strong, the most appropriate drive single-ended high-speed analog / digital converter. National Semiconductor amplifier Erroll Dietz, vice president, sa...
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National Semiconductor Introduces 100V high-voltage gate driver

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconduct, for short half-) launched to drive synchronous buck or a half-bridge configuration in the high-side and low side N-MOSFETs high-voltage gate drivers - LM5107. The device is derived from the LM5100 series, energy and power supply voltage up to 100V to work. LM5107s output by a TTL-compatible input threshold independent control, and integrated high-voltage diodes, used to boost the high-side gate drive capacitor. Robust level of transfer of technology can work in high-speed and low power consumption. The device also provides the output from the control logic to the high-side gate driver clean-level conversion. The low side and high side rails provide two voltage locked. LM5107 peak current sink / source output were 1.4A/1.3A, with separate TTL compatible input, boost power supply ...
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National Semiconductor Introduces 4-channel LVDS buffer for multi-card design

National Semiconductor Corporation ("National Semiconductor") announced a package small, can reduce the jitter buffer, the companys series of low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) products to add more choices. DS90LV804 is a 4-channel LVDS buffer, from 0 to 800Mbps data transmission speeds between. Because a wide range of transmission speeds, so for more mainstream design, or other multi-card chassis design. According to reports, this buffer chip to provide 15kV of ESD protection, so that FPGA, ASIC and circuit boards and other components to obtain the most reliable insulation, so as long as this buffer is driven by LVDS signals, can be ensure that the transmission through the cable and backplane signal integrity. The chip wide range of applications for such as telecommunications systems, data communication systems, industrial equipm...
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National Semiconductor Introduces High-power step-up DC / DC converter

National Semiconductor Corporation today introduced a high-power step-up DC / DC converter, which is characterized by a wide input voltage range (2.7V to 7V), built-0.15W switch, and you can select pin frequency. The converter model for the LM3224 for the thin-film transistor (TFT) Monitor / LCD Monitor (LCD), handheld electronic products, GSM / CDMA mobile phones, digital cameras and white light-emitting diode flash / torch to provide bias is such electronic products and systems required to install a variety of step-up the ideal solution for electronic equipment. LM3224 converter chip can be converted to a typical 3.3V input voltage 8V,-8V and 23V, etc. a number of different voltage output, is ideal for the TFT / LCD Monitors provide bias. The chips high-current switching system can also be used to drive high current flash white light ...
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National Semiconductor Introduces LMV1024 / 6 handheld devices high-fidelity audio amplifier

National Semiconductor Corporation today introduced two new audio amplifier LMV1024 and LMV1026, in electret condenser microphone (ECM) directly from high fidelity sound quality. Used to be in the wireless digital voice technology products require a large size and expensive cost, National use of LMV1024 and LMV1026, by the digital modulation and gain on the microphone (MIC), the greatly improved sound quality to overcome the size and cost barriers, through the integration of the seven components and simplify the path, Nationals "MIC within the digital voice" technology provides excellent sound and reduce the overall system cost, to achieve the smallest possible form factor. With digital voice technology LMV1024 and LMV1026 amplifiers are based on the success of Nationals analog "MIC amplifier within the" product LMV1012 and LMV1032. Thes...
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National Semiconductor Introduces New M-LVDS line driver

High-speed interface chip a major supplier of National Semiconductor Corporation (NSC) today announced the launch of four meet EIA/TIA-899 M-LVDS standard multi-point low-voltage differential signaling (M-LVDS) line drivers and receivers. Four models of the company that were DS91C176, DS91D176, DS91C180 and DS91D180 new transceiver chip has a strong drive capability and can up to 100MHz clock frequency and high 200Mbps data transfer rate of up to 32 drives the load. That several M-LVDS transceivers designed for use of public bus connects multiple drivers and receivers designed for multi-point bus system, which is characterized by uniform edge rates, and high and low speed can be controlled, with better feedback output support, in a variety of different load conditions, the amplitude can be kept constant. As the chips have several of t...
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National Semiconductor Introduces Precision Remote Diode Temperature Sensor

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) announced a management technique called TruTherm heat. TruTherm a new measurement technique, can accurately measure the built-in thermal diode chips internal temperature. National Semiconductor is now a series of new technologies by TruTherm temperature sensor. LM95231 sensor chip of this series the first product. LM95231 is a precision dual remote diode temperature sensor, the error does not exceed ± 0.75 ℃. It features high-precision Σ-Δ analog-digital converter (ADC), so that the chip is too sensitive to noise. In addition, this chip also has a digital filter, remote diode fault detection, and local temperature sensing and other functions. LM95231 chip can be used with SMBus 2.0 and I2C bus standard compatible. LM95231 t...
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National Semiconductor latest transceiver 5 operating temperature up to 125 ℃, speeds up to 400Mbps

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation) has introduced a wider temperature range of 5 new single-and dual-channel transceiver, the companys advanced low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) product line to add more new models. That several generic LVDS physical layer (PHY) chip has the advantage that even in very harsh high temperature environment, can still drive signal via cable, so for automotive electronic systems, industrial equipment and military facilities. five chip models that were DS90LV011AH transmitter, DS90LT012AH receivers, DS90LV027AH dual-channel transmitter, DS90LV028AH dual-channel receiver and DS90LV049H highly integrated dual-channel transceiver, all guaranteed in temperatures up to 125 ℃ environment operate. Alleged that five of the new products are very low power, and LVDS signal dri...
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National Semiconductor Low Dropout Linear Regulator quiescent current of only 100μA

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) has announced the LP38690, LP38691, LP38692 and LP38693 four low dropout CMOS linear regulator for hard disk drives, notebook computers, battery-powered electronic products and portable instrumentation. Which, LP38690 and LP38692 chip can provide up to 1A of load current, while the LP38691 and LP38693 chip can provide up to 500mA of load current. LP38692 and LP38693 chip also has enabled other features, so designers can start or shut down on chips, in order to save electricity. Shutdown mode, the power consumption of the chips are no more than 1μA. In addition, LP3869x series regulator quiescent current is very low, regardless of load current, input voltage and operating temperature of the high and low size, the chip quiesce...
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National Semiconductor Micro Battery Management and Protection IC for portable applications (Figure)

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) has announced the launch of two new portable systems, battery charger chip, which is suitable for a single battery of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) / AC charger , and another is for embedded lithium battery and lithium polymer battery charge control and protection circuit. Small chips of the two components with minimal external support, and can provide up to 1.2A rated current, ideal for mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDA and handheld instrumentation. Which LP3947 universal serial bus chips can use the AC adapter power supply or rechargeable lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries, charging process and to ensure safety. LP3947 chip, the use of a universal serial bus power, there are two low-power or high-...
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