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National Semiconductor size of only 3 × 3 × 0.6mm of backlight LED drivers

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corp., For short half-) launched the industrys smallest light-emitting diode backlight (LED) driver - LP3954. The device can control the light in the hand-held devices such as cellular phones, digital cameras, game consoles and MP4 player application. LP3954 integrates in a single two backlight drivers, a dual red-green-blue (RGB) LED controller, a Flash LED driver and a D converter (ADC). LP3954 is a highly integrated backlight LED driver can drive two separate control for main display and sub display white LED backlight. For a single large display, the device can be combined together to drive up to 6 LED. In addition, the high-current camera flash LED driver has a programmable safety timer, with a torch and flash mode. Flash LED timing is triggered by an external signal. Int...
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National Semiconductor voltage reference circuits, an accuracy of 0.05%

National Semiconductor (National Semiconductor, referred to as "half") today announced the launch of a model for the LM4132 precision voltage reference circuit, and its reference voltage Accuracy is divided into A to E 5 different levels. A chip in the 0.05% initial accuracy, temperature coefficient to ensure that no more than 10ppm / ℃, E-class chips, 0.5% initial accuracy, temperature coefficient of 30ppm / ℃. LM4132 CMOS technology chip manufacturing, said to fine-tune the performance of top-level laser with bipolar voltage reference circuit is comparable. The chip uses the EEPROM registers, CMOS band-gap structure can be the arc, the temperature coefficient and degree of quasi-pestle be corrected, the process of programming in the package, the assembly process appears to overcome the drift. For example, whenever the chip into the...
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National Semiconductor: AVS technology needs of portable devices

Power electronic system can be simply divided into two parts: dynamic power and static power consumption. "With the growing size of semiconductor low static power consumption of more and more obvious, and sometimes even more than 50% of the overall system power consumption." Rong Wu, National Semiconductor adaptive voltage scaling technology engineers, contractors recently EEWORLD Chinas low-power electronics innovative design annual forum, to cite examples of standby time, "reduce the size of semiconductor devices a few years before, brought a significant improvement in efficiency, but at this stage the impact of the leakage, cell phone use time and no significant change. " Click here to see all news photos Figure I: National Semiconductor Asia Pacific adaptive voltage scaling technology engineer Wu RongWu Rong As described, the cur...
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National Semiconductors 16-bit multifunction data acquisition card

National Semiconductor has introduced 16-bit multifunction data acquisition card NI PCI-6013 and PCI-6014 provides 16-bit measurement accuracy, and integration with LabVIEW. PCI-6013 and PCI-6014s technical characteristics are: 16-bit precision, 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input, the maximum sampling rate is 200kS / s. These new data acquisition cards provide 8 digital I / O lines and two 24-bit counter / timers. Which, PCI-6014 also comes with two 16-bit analog outputs. PCI-6013 and PCI-6014 with NI-DAQ driver software. LabVIEW NI-DAQ support and many other application development environment (including the LabWindows / CVI, common programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C + +) a powerful programming interface. ...
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National Semiconductors post-secondary peak voltage regulator

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) has announced a dual-controller - LM5115. The IC can be used both claims is the industrys first post-secondary regulator, buck regulator can be used as standalone devices. LM5115 regulator post secondary advantage is that system designers as long as this voltage regulator ICs with Nationals LM5025 primary coil PWM control, synchronous operation can be developed to high efficiency, multi-output DC / DC power supply. LM5115 chip can operate independently of the configuration used for the implementation of high voltage (75V) synchronous buck controller features. LM5115 chip applications include, multi-output DC / DC power modules, and a wide input voltage range DC / DC power supplies, it can be used for industrial equipment and ...
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National Sensor science and technology research and technology

1 Introduction Organized by the national Ministry of Science, "96-748 Sensor Technology" national key scientific and technological projects in the project acceptance. The experts listened to the project implementation team, "the project implementation from the evaluation report" after that "96-748 sensor technology," After 3 years research has been satisfactorily completed research under the national key project goals, objectives and assessment research. The total financial investment 66,423,700 yuan project, the state allocated 25 million yuan. 468 S & T personnel / year. By 3 years of research, a total built a pilot production line 12, in which engineering subjects completed the trial production line 9, new product development project into a pilot production line 3, the 18 varieties of 75 specifications of the new product a certain si...
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National standards for magnetic materials standards

national standard 1 2GB / T 2521-1996 cold rolled grain oriented, non-oriented magnetic steel strip (sheet) 2 GB / T 2522-1988 electrical steel sheet (strip) layer resistance; coating adhesion; lamination factor test method 3 GB / T 2900.60-1992 Electrotechnical terminology electromagnetic (eqv IEC 60050 (121): 1998) 4 GB / T 3217-1992 permanent magnet (magnetically hard) test methods for magnetic materials (neq IEC 60404-5:1992) 5 GB / T 3655-2000 square ring with the Epstein measured electrical steel sheet (with) the magnetic properties of the method 6 GB / T 3657-1983 DC magnetic properties of soft magnetic alloys measurement method 7 GB / T 3658-1990 AC magnetic properties of soft magnetic alloys measurement method 8 GB / T 4180-2000 series of rare-earth cobalt permanen...
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National supercomputer within the CPU chip, a hurdle

Lead: As a leader in high performance computing, Li Jun, president of the dawn of the field has witnessed the development of its current and future high-performance computing how the development of thoughtful, committed to the development and promotion in China high-performance computing capacity, which uphold the principles of life management. "Bit and asked," invited to the dawn of the second president of the historical forces, and friends to share how he felt about today and the future high-performance computing, and how his conduct themselves in society in this field. The following is a calendar within the CPU chip, the military talks, a hurdle that domestic supercomputer. Moderator: Dawn will be launched in 2010 based on high performance servers called Godson 4 6000, can not describe this situation, the progress of the extent to w...
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National supercomputing center will use China-made CPU Shenzhen

- > Huge investment will be the innovation capability in Shenzhen, "the new benchmark," the national supercomputing centers in Shenzhen, will use China-made CPU (central processing unit), and take the "open" forms of cooperation, service the entire South China and Southeast Asia. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Xu Qin answering reporters question yesterday, disclosed the above information. National supercomputing centers in Shenzhen, Shenzhen-building, and its technology solution? Shenzhen, the source of innovation for the problem of inadequate government measures what the future will be? For this reporters question, said Xu Qin, in deep quadrillion calculations per second, building capacity of national supercomputing centers in Shenzhen and surrounding areas for enhanced computing power and meet the significant scientific research...
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National Survey of science and technology workers will batch adjust the training site

4 17 ~ 18, the National Survey of science and technology workers training site was held in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, from the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities CAST departments (the department of regional responsibility) of the charge and the Investigators survey the site of more than 240 people attend the training. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Association for Science Vice President and Party Secretary Gan Xiangqun welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony of course, secretary of China Association for Science Song Nanping attended the opening ceremony and addressed the opening ceremony by the China Association for Science Research chaired the Publicity Department of Wang method, Zhang Kan, president of the Chinese Psychological Society, China Association for Science, Assistant Minister of Planning and ...
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