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National Three ministries jointly seek the Big Six research grid PV

Executives said, according to a PV, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology before the three ministries jointly research the polysilicon industry, the scope of its research include Luoyang Sino-silicon, silicon industry, Sunbeam, Emei Semiconductor, Jiangsu Shun large LDK Solar LDK, Daquan six domestic polysilicon silicon industry leader. Six collection capacity, occupied in 2008 the domestic production capacity of polysilicon Bacheng much. "Investigation began in early February, a two-week trip to Luoyang Sino-silicon as the first station is located in the southwest after Daquan silicon industry, Emei Semiconductor, cis-and large enterprises, and finally the LDK LDK." The sources said. Three ministries in the research behind this, is the photovoltaic business, "grid" efforts. As the...
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NB backlight notebook deferred quarter, LED Mexican population overall are

LED backlight panel makers shouted netbook shipments may be deferred season, leading the overall LED groups are Mexican, although one interpretation (2486) and the East Bay (2499) July temperature operation to recover, but the power LED crystal leading shares (2448 ) and the billion-ray (2393), and Ding Yuan (2426), Wah Hing (6164), were simultaneously hit bottom, the market for LED in the second half performance worries deepened. Recently, Chi Mei Optoelectronics (3009) LED notebook shipments made bearish remarks that the atmosphere of economic recession, consumers retrench spending, will affect the sales of high-end laptops, high-power LED pen was the hardest hit. First half of the estimated number of research institutions, the occasion of the LED prices declining, LED notebook penetration rate will reach 15%, and even optimistic esti...
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NEC and Elmos utmost to build a semiconductor chip products

NEC Electronics in Japan and Germany, Elmos Semiconductor announced a partnership to develop semiconductor products, and plan to use in the automation and industrial markets made more favorable competitive. In the last week, NEC Electronics shares rose 4%, this is because the company will work with IBM, announced the news of companies. It is reported, NEC Electronics will join with these companies committed to developing small, high-performance, low price of the next generation of microchips. According to NEC spokesman said: "NEC and ElMOS cooperation to launch both the advantages and NEC Electronics microcontrollers with Elmos analog chip characteristics of the product, both companies will work to develop more efficient semiconductors smaller Products. " Their clients include auto parts manufacturers such as Robert Bosch and Denso. N...
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NEC can support the worlds first HD DVD / DVD / CD-ROM drive

NEC has succeeded in a trial can be played using a laser head, respectively, HD DVD, DVD and CD disc drive three devices. Can be equipped with the desktop PC can be installed in the half-height (Half Height) enclosure. The company is equipped with an objective to support the development of three kinds of special playback laser wavelength, the whole device is equipped with multiple pieces of the volume and reduced a lot compared to the laser head. This way, you can built a personal computer. The company had also published to record and play back both HD DVD and DVD disc drive trial. Although the published special type of optical drive for playing, but the use of a laser head support 3 kinds of specifications can test products is still the worlds first. NEC plans in January 2005 in Las Vegas, "2005 International CES" on the publication. ...
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NEC Electronics Introduces 32-bit microcontroller operating frequency of up to 2 times the original

Nikkei BP news agency reported: NEC Electronics will launch vehicle motor control for 32-bit micro-controller "V850E/PG2". For high-precision control of brushless DC motor to convert the use and control two motors at the same time uses. The product is introduced to adapt with the rapid increase in vehicle performance, the market for high-precision control of the motor to the increasing demand for micro-controller. Sample shipments August 22, 2006 began mass production will start in October 2006 followed. The launch of the micro-controller has three major characteristics. 1, built-in CPU core operating frequency is increased to a maximum of about 2 times the original product, up to 64MHz. As a mixed set of flash memory for automotive use of microprocessors, the product through the use of the most advanced 150nm process technology to...
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NEC Electronics join the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest

WASHINGTON "The design competition will be more emphasis on questions of social needs assessment when the game works selected environmental indicators of energy." National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest Organizing Committee Academician Wang Yue, director of the press conference held recently to told reporters. 5 22, 2009 NEC Electronics Cup National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest Competition Secretariat in a press conference held at Beijing Institute of Technology. It is understood that, since 2009, the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest will be the exclusive sponsor NEC Electronics China, and the competition was renamed "NEC Electronics Cup National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest." According to organizers, the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest began in 1994, held every two years,...
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NEC Electronics: economic crisis of the Chinese strategy (1)

"The worlds environment is not good, China must also be some impact on how much, but compared to Europe, America and other Western countries, the Chinese market situation was not so bad." This is the MCU NEC Electronics products in Greater China market applications, including technology and application integration market manager, Toru Matsui of the IIC-China2009 accept EEWORLD interview about the sentence. Greater China NEC Electronics Application MCU Market technology and application market of omnibus manager Toru Matsui By the financial turmoil, resulting in IC industry cycle into a low growth phase, the global MCU market, affected by slow growth, particularly in Europe and America market performance less than satisfactory. As a leading global growth of the Chinese MCU market, although still significantly higher than the performance ...
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NEC launched mobile phone with 3 CPU processor core

NEC at ISSCC 2005, the mobile application to multi-core processor circuit technology related presentation (Lecture number: 7.5). Estimated NEC Electronics will release in September 2004 application processor "MP211" to speak. The processor is equipped with three operating frequency of 200MHz, ARM926 core. In the broadcast digital TV and running a Web browser, the power consumption is 120mW. Chip size is 8.95mm × 8.95mm. In addition, the company will work published in different frequencies and voltages between multiple CPU cores to achieve data synchronization methods (lecture number: 16.3). In the MPEG-4 format, the decoding processing, to achieve a 1.5 times to 2 times the processing speed, and maximum power consumption reduced by 60%. (Nikkei BP Agency) ...
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NEC launched WLAN and WiMAX application SPDT switch

NEC introduced UPG2163T5N GaAs MMIC SPDT (single pole double throw) switch, insertion loss with high performance, small size. The device is a low profile 6-pin package. The area TQFN package 1.5mm2, high-0.37mm. And the industry-standard SOT-363 compared to 46% reduced footprint, highly reduced by 57%, so instead of modular design for thin PCM card chip select. UPG2163T5N operating frequency range between 2.3GHz to 6GHz, especially for dual-band 802.11a/b/g and 3.5GHz WiMax applications. Other features include: 2.5GHz insertion loss under 0.4dB, 6GHz is 0.5dB, 2.5GHz input-output isolation is 35dB, 6GHz for the 30dB, 2.5GHz, 1dB compression output power of 31dBm, 6GHz to 29dBm. Quantities of 100,000 pieces, UPG2163T5N starts at 42 cents per piece (for reference). ...
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NEC LCD panel factory by factory layoffs facing loss of $ 3,000,000,000

NEC (NEC) said on Wednesday it will close in December in the southern Japanese liquid crystal display (LCD) plant, due to global oversupply of LCD area, the company faces a 30 billion dollars in losses. LCD panel makers worldwide are struggling to cope with falling demand and price situation of sync. The plant is owned NEC NEC LCD Technologies has a current staff of 370 people a month can produce 86,000 LCD panels, primarily for point of sale terminals and mobile devices and other products of small and medium-size panels. NEC LCD Technologies, said the production will be incorporated into the plant is located in Akita, northern Japan, another factory. NEC said in January, is seeking to dispose of industrial LCD-related business methods, and in the end of March 2010 the number of employees before the reduction of the Group 2 million p...
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