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Obama advisers said the 7.2 billion is only the first step to support telecommunications

U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) science and technology policy adviser Valor Black Man (Blair Levin) on Monday said the economic stimulus plan for the promotion of high-speed Internet access to 72 billion dollars, just Obama Ma Government to promote growth of telecom services, the first step. Levin said: "Although the federal government provided new funding, but the amount of U.S. broadband network construction is only a small portion of the funds needed, we need farsighted." Obama promised during the campaign in the network connection, speed and broadband access to the United States out of recession, which has played a role in improving science and technology industry would like. But this hope has been to some extent the economic stimulus of broadband undermined by the scale of relevant content. A public interest group has c...
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Obama said the sad times iPad and Xbox

5 Yue 10 News, Barack Obama on Sunday expressed sorrow iPad and Xbox era. He said that information has become something to divert attention, the addition of a new democratic variety. This is Obamas latest modern media criticism. Obama often scold journalists and CNN reports the political race obsessed, and not reporting important issues. He said a group of graduating students, education is the key to progress. Obama Hampton University in Virginia, said in a speech, you will enter the media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we publish a wide variety of content to and views of the environment. Much of the content standards in accordance with the real is not always as advanced. Obama said, iPad, iPad, and Xbox these devices I do not know how to use. Use of these devices, the information becomes distracting things to divert attention to thi...
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Octasic Voice Processing Series Adds new products, the core voltage down to 1.2V

Semiconductor Octasic OCT6100 Series voice processing is introducing new, four-channel design, and provide higher density and good sound quality. OCT6100L advantage of the current OCT6100 series of mature technology, through the 130nm technology to provide a good voice enhancements. OCT6100L the core voltage from 1.8V down to 1.2V, the power consumption reduced by half, the full functionality of each channel power of less than 1.5mW. The product is easier to integrate, to increase or enhance the customer for the echo cancellation of existing programs, enabling clients to service providers to more cost-effective solution. all in retaining the current OCT6100 products based on the features and functions, OCT6100L products using the original application in a number of carriers after the field experience. Only minor changes to the external ...
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October exports of flat-panel LCD, plasma non-significant differentiation balance

China Business Network to provide the latest data show that in October, Chinas flat panel TV market continued to show a differentiation trend of exports, which exports the LCD TV to 3.2 million units, LCD TV in October 2006 was 210 million units in total exports , an increase of 52.18%. With the formation of a huge contrast, plasma TV over the same period this year, exports only 6.2 million units, down 17.96%; export value decreased by 36.18%, to $ 47,650,000. The industry, LCD TV, plasma TV in the competition and continue to maintain a market advantage in the domestic color TV enterprises should accelerate structural adjustment, an accurate grasp of market trends in the industry. LCD TV exports remain strong LCD TV exports continue to maintain a good momentum in exports is not only an increase of over half of total exports in the tra...
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OEM market in China will become the dominant wireless device?

Despite the record revenue base , wireless infrastructure equipment system industry revenue in the first quarter of 2009 dropped sharply, and is expected to show flat within the next four years; in this trend, I am afraid to blow the whole of the industry , and unrest, while China will be taking advantage of the rise of OEM manufacturers. According to market research firm DellOro Group statistics, first quarter of 2009, the wireless equipment industry sales of approximately $ 9,430,000,000, compared with 2008s 11.51 billion U.S. dollars last quarter fell sharply. Despite spending the first quarter of wireless devices are usually lower, but the situation in 2009 than 2008s 10.38 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter was slightly lower. "3G market has been growing quickly to both the previous quarter; 2G market is stagnation, especial...
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OEM mobile phone makers a basic balance between supply and demand of inventory

The hands of the current global mobile phone OEM mobile phone manufacturers inventory is 7,500 million. Given the current operating income level, iSuppli believes, indicating that the global wireless supply chain inventory has dropped to an appropriate level of supply and demand balance. From the amount in terms of mobile inventory at the end of the first quarter fell to 6.2 billion in the third quarter of 2008 was a record high of 8.6 billion recently. ISuppli analyst CarloCiriello financial services company, said: "In the current inventory levels, OEM manufacturers have no reason to produce more than demand for mobile phones." The end of the first quarter, the phone inventory days to 30 days. This means slightly lower than normal inventory levels, operating income in the current macroeconomic situation and the weak, which is more approp...
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OEM notebook the first time in 10 years, prices will retail market prices?

Decades are in a "downward spiral" in prices of computer products would be "stabilized rebound"? Manufacturers will benefit from European, American and Japanese manufacturing outsourcing, especially the Younger of the electronic OEM industry prosperity, IT products, especially computers and cell phones continue to cut prices, while costs continue to rise, but companies are still not Stop " price war. " But this year, the face of computer components out of stock and prices, together with RMB appreciation, rising labor costs of the factors, struggled foundry industry in Taiwan Province alone, I am afraid it difficult to digest the pressure of rising costs facing the first 10 years upward pressure. Recently, Taiwans second-largest notebook manufacturer Compal first to call for raising the price of the notebook OEM price signals, and has b...
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Oerlikon Solar to obtain certification of non-ceramic laminated Master

Recently, Oerlikon Solar announced that non-ceramic laminate (Micromorph) thin film silicon solar PV module passed all tests required to obtain the IEC TüV Rheinland certification. TüVmaster certificate to Oerlikon Solars customers to accelerate their own IEC certification process so that high-performance components on the market validation time from 6 months reduced to less than 6 weeks. The effective global certification is Oerlikon Solar has provided its customers with solutions that part of the mix, enabling businesses to quickly put into large-scale thin film solar PV module production. "With IEC-certified components, Oerlikon Solar customers can significantly reduce time to market their products and ensure performance of the leading components, providing customers with the highest levels of reliability and cost-effective process. ...
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Of 32nm technology in the copper metal CMP voids

When the feature size decreases to 32nm technology node, the process window is narrowing, copper interconnect structure after the voids in the CMP increasingly attracted attention. In general, hollow structure is not the result of a single step, but caused by the interaction of a number of steps. Hollow structure of the copper metallization process includes: liner / crystal seed deposition, copper plating and chemical nature of the CMP process and so on. Although each process is related to each other, but each process will be independently evaluated and measure its impact on the CMP empty. This article on the CMP process and its experiments with the liner / crystal seed deposition, copper plating to discuss the interaction. ExperimentCMP Experiment 1 used to adjust the level of voids, Table 1 summarizes the process parameters of the firs...
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Of high-power white LED street lighting

LED development so far, nearly 30 years, made considerable progress in white LEDs made more than ten years experience honed, developed rapidly. In the energy shortages, pollution threat posed by LED came into being, much attention. To ease the energy crisis, the mid-90s of last century, the Japanese government take the lead, following the U.S. government financial support from the national technology and industry to promote the development of solid-state lighting. Chinas government (led by Ministry of Science, including the Department of Energy, Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of Information Industry, as well as local governments) is also strongly supporting and funding the development of LED, and set up the National League of the semiconductor industry to promote Chinas solid-state lighting (China termed for semiconductor lighti...
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