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Packages in each of the UK mobile phone users waste £ 8,000,000,000 misleading

UK survey shows that mobile phone vendors through the "persuade" consumers to buy unnecessary or inappropriate cell phone package, resulting in mobile phone users waste £ 8,000,000,000 per year. In addition, the mobile phone users because some packages may also be hidden fees in the inexplicable loss of 25 billion pounds. "Daily Telegraph" quoted 25 mobile phone sales staff said that he had used "a long list of different terminology," confuse consumers, inducing them to adopt his proposed service. ...
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Packaging technology advances continue to follow up on educational research

Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Law Professor, Institute of Music Package technology development and progress, to some extent and the level of research and development personnel and packaging industry has a close relationship. At present, China in the electronic packaging research and development and personnel training institutions broadly as research institutes, universities and some R & D services. Chinas research institutes engaged in electronic packaging technology is also starting the development of electronic components, with the technology, electronic components, electronic packaging technology in parallel. In particular the development of integrated circuit technology, and promote the rapid changes in electronic packaging technology. Efforts to train personnel and increase the breadth Package of r...
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Pakistan, China generators occupy the market share Jiucheng

Due to power shortages, power cuts in Pakistan have carried out almost daily, appeared on the market supply and booming momentum generators, and generators made in China accounted for 90% of the market share of Pakistan. To Pakistan over the past year generating sales almost doubled. Karachi, Pakistan market sales accounted for 40%, and the remaining 60% mainly in Punjab and other regions. Generators made in China accounted for 90% market share, the remaining 10% from Japan. Chinese-made generator is divided into four grades, but the rich are generally chosen smaller Japanese-noise generator, the price is higher than that made in China nearly 1,000 yuan. Generator sales price slightly higher than last year, mainly due to levy a 1% import surcharge, rupee against the dollar and increased shipping prices. Prices are expected to rise in th...
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Pan Jiutang: e-books and tablet PC market in developing countries without

More about this years market, there are two large hot, one is represented by the Amazon Kindle e-book, and the other is represented by Apple iPad tablet. Cottage manufacturers keen sense of smell has always felt the market opportunities it contains. Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen, head of industrial research Panjiu Tang said, in fact, these two markets cottage manufacturers, the risks outweigh the opportunities, export markets, there may be some opportunities. For ordinary consumers, television, mobile phones and laptop computers are working and living in the three essential items, so demand will be great. As the main customers cottage manufacturers are civilians, and only when the ordinary people, these three products have a future, and the book will consider such iPad "luxury." Currently, e-books and iPad there is a mark...
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Panasonic and Renesas jointly developed 32nm process node SoC

Began in 1998 in a joint process technology development based on the successful cooperation, Panasonic Corporation and Renesas Technology Corp. has begun to develop next-generation 32nm process technology node, the basic SoC. The two companies confident of their 32nm node transistor technology and other advances can be used in mass production soon. Can be expected, as a result of the miniaturization of their design principles, 32nm node SoC to achieve lower costs and improve performance, but there are still many technical issues need to be solved. In particular, must adopt new materials and develop new technologies to break through barriers to further integration, such as transistor gate leakage and inconsistent electrical characteristic problems, which are often a problem of existing technology. New materials is technically difficult; ...
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Panasonic Battery: Lithium Nano huge capacity

March 10, 2005 - Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd. recently launched a large-capacity lithium battery. The company said: This is the industrys largest capacity battery. Reason why the battery has enormous capacity, because of its use of the nickel cathode in lithium, and the use of nano technology to do surface mount. Panasonic Battery Company spokesman claimed: for example for a new laptop battery capacity 18650 column is not in general, higher than the company 15% of the original product, to the 600Wh / L. Panasonic has also confirmed the safety of the battery, said security is the paramount consideration in battery research and development process of a problem. In addition, compared with traditional products, the battery slowly charged, the discharge performance more remarkable. Moreover, because the same charging voltage, wh...
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Panasonic disk drive chip set to support Blu-ray and DVD-Multi

Matsushita Electric has developed a disk drive chip set, you can record and play Blu-ray (Blu-ray) discs, DVD-Multi (DVD-RAM, DVD-R , DVD-RW and DVD-ROM), + R, + RW and all CD formats. The chipset line with BD playback the recording industrys highest standards. Which uses blue - violet laser (blue-violet laser) Blu-ray format for next-generation optical disc format of recent hot topic. The disk drive chip set consistent with BD and DVD / CD standards, including two chips: a front-end processor for analog processing such as servo control and laser power control, and signal processing for CD control. The product can be used for a variety of multimedia formats require compatible PC, the sample will be launched in December 2005, January 2006 production volumes. ...
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Panasonic introduced a 300 megapixel camera module

Panasonic has introduced a 300-megapixel camera module - GP-KM3500V. The module 1/3.2 inch CCD or COMS, designed for mobile applications. GP-KM3500V alleged is 300 million pixels (2048 × 536 pixels) camera module is the smallest, can make camera phones more compact, more beautiful images. GP-KM3500V Maicovicon module incorporates the latest image sensor, image stabilization automatically gather and the package size is 17.95 × 3.0 × 8.3mm. The module interconnect circuit formed by molding (Molded Interconnect Device, referred to as MID) technology sensors, image digital signal processor (DSP) and with infrared (IR) lens filter components integrated in a three-dimensional circuit boards. In addition, the image stabilization device can be achieved when shooting 30fps with VGA resolution, the full rate. GP-KM3500V scheduled for March 2005...
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Panasonic introduced a microcontroller with 512KB memory

Panasonic launched a series of new 8-bit microcontroller (MCU), its memory up to 512KB. These 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) processing speed of the latest high-speed flash memory is 20MHz, power 18mW, the amount of flash memory in 32KB to 512KB, with 44 to 128-pin package for audio equipment and home appliances. New micro-controller can rewrite the program after installation, thereby reducing development time. It also all the industrys smallest memory cell 0.18μm, for a new flash memory kernel is imperceptible. This means that the devices smaller, faster processing speed. In addition, there are built-in 8-bit MCU CPU core AM13E/AM13, in order to achieve high efficiency of code generation processing of 1.8V. MN101CF91D (64KB) and MN101EF16N (512KB) will begin sampling at the end, priced at $ 2.84 and $ 9.49. Mass production in January next ...
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Panasonic introduced ATSC TV tuner, 40% volume reduction

Matsushita Electric Industrial (Matsushita Electric) has developed to support the U.S. ATSC digital TV mode microwave ET-55HT series TV tuner. Overall size is 50mm × 38mm × 13mm, smaller than the companys older products reduced by about 40%. According to reports, the device is removed in the RF front-end circuit using PIN diode attenuator circuit and LNA (low noise amplifier). Receive band is 54MHz ~ 806MHz. Supply voltage +5 V and +30 V. January 2006 began to supply samples, plans in March 2006 in volume production....
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