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Q1 2008 sales of 282 million global mobile phone Motorola or LG beyond

Although economic growth slowed , inflation pressures, but in the first quarter of the global mobile phone sales continued to grow. Internationally renowned market research agency - the United States announced a 25 Strategic Analysis of the figures in the first quarter reached 282 million shipments worldwide. Among them, Nokias market share of 41%, Samsungs market share rose to 16%. Motorola continued to hold the third, but market share has fallen to below 10%. The first quarter of this year, emerging markets, particularly in Africa and Asia is very strong demand for mobile phones, while South Koreas LG and Samsung to become the leader in mobile phone maker, and its mobile phone sales growth is the industry average two to four times. Strategy Analytics believes that Motorolas perilous position, there are more than LGs dangerous. LG la...
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Q1 eBay-than-expected profit growth of 22% of the key indicators are still weak

EBay said, due to the weak dollar, first-quarter profit rose 22%, exceeding Wall Street expectations. eBay also raised expectations for this years performance. According to foreign media reports, eBay said its first quarter net profit was 4.6 billion U.S. dollars, 34 cents per share on revenue of 21.9 billion U.S. dollars. eBay last year of the three figures are 377 million, 27 cents, 17.7 billion U.S. dollars. Including one-time items, including profit and loss , eBays net profit 562 million, earnings per share of 42 cents; a year earlier of these two figures were 4.6 billion dollars and 33 cents. Thomson Financials data, analysts expect eBays earnings per share of 39 cents a share on sales of 20.8 billion U.S. dollars. EBay business in more than half from overseas, the dollar weakness in U.S. dollar terms increased the performance of...
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Q1 LCD high-definition LCD, plasma TV has great potential go hand in hand

Olympic countdown coming golden week makes flat-panel TV sales were generally optimistic about the industry from the recently issued the first quarter of 2008, color TV industry data show that domestic consumption of flat-panel TVs continue to maintain growth momentum in the first quarter of domestic market sales of 2.1 million flat-panel TV sets, over the same period in 2007 increased 26%. In addition to stunning high-definition LCD TV demand outside the plasma and an increase of 189.2 percent last year, has become the new growth the first quarter of this years highlights. Great potential for high-definition LCD Domestic flat-panel TV market, the popularity of the city has entered a new phase, LCD TV "HD" direction becomes more obvious, the market demand for high-definition TV was significantly increased, consumers are expected to buy...
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Q2 large-size panel shipments amounted to 130 million new high record in the history of

8 Yue 10 news, market research agency DisplaySearch released its latest offer global large-size panels, this years Q2 Global large-size panel shipments, compared to the first Q1 growth of 42% to 130 million, a record high; shipping rates fell 29% from a year earlier, about 150 billion U.S. dollars. According to Taiwan media reports, the panel prices, 10-inch and above large amount of shipments TFTLCD significant increase over the previous Q1, 51%, shipments amounted to 130 million, representing a substantial increase of 42% the previous quarter and year increase of 10% over the same period. Panel plant is expected in Q3 2009, shipments will reach 152.8 million, compared with a one quarter increase of 18%. If the panel makers to achieve the delivery targets as expected, revenue is expected to increase 32%. DisplaySearch survey, the a...
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Q3 report said the amount of the semiconductor industry fell 57% financing

According to foreign media reports, according to the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) in the latest report, the third quarter, the semiconductor company received from venture capitalists, where the risk of investments $ 231,600,000, compared with the second quarter fell by 44% over the decreased by 57% over the same period last year. To the report, in the third quarter, a total of 21 non-factory (fabless) semiconductor companies and integrated device manufacturers (IDM) are a risk investment. VC chip industry than in the second quarter, the number of transactions dropped by 10% over the same period last year decreased by 44%. The number of companies to obtain venture capital and venture capital amount is the second consecutive quarter of decline. GSA said third-quarter venture capital is still not supported by the publicly traded se...
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Q4 2007 worldwide shipments of the highest level microprocessor

According to the latest market research firm IDC report, worldwide PC microprocessor shipments in 2007 increased by 8.5% in the fourth extreme, reaching the highest level in history. Growth in unit shipments and stable average selling prices to promote sales revenue increased 9.6%, reaching 87 billion U.S. dollars. PC server sales firm dedicated processor, growth of 17%. Mobile PC microprocessor shipments grew by 10.3%, while shipments of desktop processors also increased by 6.5%. IDC also reveals that in all areas of microprocessors, high-end and mainstream processors growth on low-end processors to reduce the amount of the basis points. For example, the desktop area, four quarter-end and mainstream processor market share from 84.6% in the third quarter increased to 87.1%. The same time all of the fourth quarter microprocessor market...
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Q-Cells earnings annual growth rate of 46% in line with expected income

Global solar cell industry leader Q-Cells has recently released the official 2008 financial report, annual revenue of 1.251 billion euros, annual growth rate of 46%, net income 100 million euros, annual growth rate of 28%. Q-Cells earnings in line with expectations, earnings announcement day share price rallied 8.36%. Q-Cells, said second quarter of 2008 solar-cell factory in Malaysia under construction, scheduled to start production second quarter of 2009, is located in Bitterfeld-Wolfen Article 6 of the factory production line installed in the fourth quarter of 2008, total capacity of point of view 760MWp . In addition, Solibro plant capacity expansion in the fourth quarter of 2008, is expected to increase significantly from the current 30MWp to 135MWp. ...
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Qi Cheng investors still adhere to

Monday, the market fell another 4.49%, to explore once more prior low of 3516. Facing market volatility and uncertainty about the future, the confidence of investors has become very fragile. Reporter recently learned from the various banking channels, some just beginning to enter the market in Q4 last years "New Man" for the first time felt the pressure of capital markets and volatility, redemption tide rushed, and some of the old shareholders and the old base residents will still stick to take the "abandoned as I prefer the" strategy. Qicheng investors are still stuck to the "stock base" Recently, the "Yearbook of China Securities Investment Fund," the first official release "Chinese fund holders report." The report shows that when the market adjustment, select "continue to hold" and "choose the low additional investment," the total ...
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Qiao Xing acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor, Wireless Division

According to sources, Qiao Xing Group recently spent a lot mergers in the United States, Texas, Freescale Semiconductor (Freescale Semiconductor, Inc) Wireless Communications Division. At this point, after the famous "Freescales mobile chip business, or the flowers of China" is a foregone conclusion. It is understood that Freescale is the worlds 13th largest semiconductor company, for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets to design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors. The company more than 30 countries around the world and has design, research and development, manufacturing and marketing agencies, the total sales in 2007 reached 5.7 billion U.S. dollars, and its wireless communications business is one of Freescales four core business units, the current Major customers include Fujitsu, Motorola, RIM...
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Qimonda bailout loans were 325 million euros

ENet FRANCISCO It is reported that the German chip maker Qimonda announced that access to 325 million euros loan. The money from the state government of Saxony, Germany, Qimondas parent company, Infineon and Portugal combined to provide a state-owned banks. Infineon will provide 75 million euros, the Portuguese state-owned banks will provide 100 million euros, while the Saxony state government will provide 150 million euros. Through this loan, Qimonda will be able to continue operating the factory in Dresden, Germany, and Porto in Portugal to establish R & D center. Dresden plant employs a total of 3,200 employees, is one of the largest Saxony. By the economic crisis and the impact of falling demand, Qimonda chip prices have fallen sharply. Earlier this month, Qimonda said that if could not find new investors, the first quarter of 2009...
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