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Rainbow invest billions to build 6th generation LCD panel production line

Chinas largest manufacturer of color picture tubes Rainbow Group in Zhangjiagang City, recently announced that it will invest hundreds of million yuan to build here the 6th generation of thin film liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) production line, creating the nations largest flat panel display industry park . The project by the Rainbow Group and Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone Industrial Corporation, and other models with the strategic cooperation, the use of their resources and strengths to build, will focus on high-generation TFT-LCD panel production line, creating the largest, industry chain optimization, the set of manufacturing and research and development in one of the flat panel display industrial park; supporting the building, including glass substrates, color filter, backlight module, including related industries, a rela...
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Rainbows first two groundbreaking new project AM-OLED production line started

- >Fan Zhe high WASHINGTON Reporter reports: Recently, the Rainbow Group and the second phase of the LCD glass substrate OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Display) production line respectively in Xianyang, Shaanxi and Guangdong Foshan Shunde foundation. Rainbow is the first OLED project will be AM-OLED (active matrix OLED) production line. The project is funded by the Rainbow Groups Rainbow (Foshan) Co., Ltd. invest in flat panel display, is expected to invest 508 million yuan, covers an area of 73,000 square meters, will build an annual output of 12 million of production scale. According to the plan, the Rainbow OLED industry will be divided into three steps: first, the introduction of an international mainstream with the current level of AM-OLED production line; the second step, based on OLED technology development, timely establishme...
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Rambus wins patent case is Hynix, South Asia Section, paving the way for Micron claims

Rambus wins semiconductor industry on Hynix (Hynix) victory in the final stage of patent litigation. According to Bloomberg (Bloomberg) reported that the jury after nearly 4 hours of discussion, decided not to adopt the letter Hynix, Micron (Micron) and South Asia Section of the testimony, Rambus v. This time the court victory, but also to the sea for the future Hercules, South Asia Section, paving the way for Micron claims. Reported that, Rambus wins battle against Hynix, Rambus shares after the news was soaring 41%, 26 close of $ 25.86 per share to close at Zeyi, or up to 39%. However, Hynix said it would continue to appeal, and Micron said the jury did not agree with the decision, also intends to appeal. According to Reuters (Reuters) reported that Hynix statement that the jury system, was disappointed. According to Dow Jones (Dow J...
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RAMTRON introduced a highly integrated processor peripherals products

This single-chip solution replaces discrete components to help reduce the cost and board space. The worlds leading non-volatile ferroelectric memory (FRAM) supplier ---- Ramtron International Corporation announced the launch of the FRAM-based Processor peripheral circuit (Processor Companion) products for the processor-based system with to highly integrated support and peripheral functions. FM3104, FM3116, FM3164, and FM31256 devices will be non-volatile FRAM and real-time clock (RTC), processor, monitor and other peripheral functions combined. Ramtron peripheral processor integrated circuit is the highest of FRAM products, with the most common system functions for the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, industrial, and other kinds of application of measurement and calculation. FM31X processor peripheral circuits includi...
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Ramtron introduced Versa Mix 8051 family of highly integrated mixed signal microcontroller

(Electronic markets Reuters) Worlds leading non-volatile ferroelectric semiconductor supplier Ramtron has announced the Versa Mix 8051 Series (VMX51C1xxx) mixed-signal microcontroller, which is a single-chip solution can be used for industrial, medical , consumer electronics, instrumentation and automotive markets a variety of signal conditioning, data acquisition, processing and control applications. Ramtron also offers Versa 8051 Series (VRS51x1xxx/5xx) low-cost, industry standards and the 8051-based plug-in MCU, with up to 128KB ISP / IAP Flash, designed to simplify the design of the transfer device. Versa Mix 8051 series VMX51C1xxx (VMX51C1020/1016) is a highly integrated DSP capabilities and high-performance mixed-signal processor 8051, with a full set of on-chip peripherals for a complete data acquisition SoC. VMX51C1xxx with singl...
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Ramtron Introduces First Embedded FRAM-enhanced 8051 MCU

(Electronic markets Reuters) Worlds leading non-volatile ferroelectric memory (FRAM) and integrated semiconductor products supplier Ramtron International released the worlds first embedded FRAM non-volatile memory 8051MCU - VRS51L3074. Ramtron FRAM add to its high speed and flexible Versa 8051 series of products, designed to achieve high speed and high reliability non-volatile data storage and processing system, and the system is only a FRAM-enhanced embedded micro-controller can provide. Irv Lustigman, general manager of Ramtron Canada explains: "VRS51L3074 demonstrated in micro-controller all the advantages of FRAM, this will be a fundamental breakthrough in reversing the progress of the development of micro-controller mileage. VRS51L3074 is the future entirely on FRAM technology storage unit first of a series MCU products. This entirel...
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Rapid growth in the chip industry, the stock market is not optimistic

Every indication that, by the strong sales drive PC and other devices, the global chip industry is in one of the best years. Despite this good news, but many technology companies are taking the stock down, as fears that the debt problems of Europe will affect growth. Market researchers almost unanimously expect the strong momentum of technology products, in particular with the situation last year, compared the financial crisis. Many industry observers point out that the first quarter of this year, growth in global PC shipments. For example, IDC, the growth rate was 27.1%, active consumers and businesses to buy. Addition to PC, mobile phones, LCD TVs, Blu-ray players and other devices are propelled by strong sales of chips. Due to strong market, TSMC chairman Morris Chang reiterated on Thursday that the company may need to buy more of...
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Rapid growth next year, LED lighting commercialization of OLED

According to market research firm Digitims said that as the LED lights over traditional incandescent bulbs can save over 70% of power consumption, the future growth of the highly anticipated, comprehensive Philips, Osram, Panasonic and other manufacturers of the estimates since 2010, will be the lighting white LED market with rapid growth point. Expected in 2013, the use of white LED lighting market will have the opportunity to reach 15-20 billion U.S. dollars, up to 5 times higher than 2008 harvest, a considerable potential business opportunities. Other emerging lighting technology-OLED Lighting began to come to the fore. Digitimes noted, OLED lighting and LED lighting, are both solid-state lighting technology, OLED lighting for the surface light source, LED lighting for the point source. Luminous efficiency white OLED, though still le...
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Rapid growth of mobile phone subscribers China Unicom launched a new paragraph number

Yesterday, the opening of China Unicom, paragraph 156, for its GSM networks "World Wind" brand. And this not long ago, China Mobile also launched in the country after another 150 new paragraph, to ease the growing tension in the number of resources. Learned that, to attract users, China Unicom to section 156 of the optional product configuration in the form of tariff packages, breaking the original tariff package monthly consumption patterns. Meanwhile, China Unicom will be the voice of the product into the basic products and value-added products into two categories, designed a variety of optional service package, users can customize their own freedom of consumer demand, the free combination. Another report, China Mobile also launched in the country after another new number segment 150. Among them, Qingdao, Wuhan and other places Telep...
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Rapid reduction in market demand, Compal first negative full-year revenue growth of terrorism

Compal November consumer machine volume shipments by the rapid shrinking market demand, combined revenues of NTD 30.016 billion yuan only, is not only a notebook computer (NB) before 4 foundries are the minimum amount of revenue The annual decline of 27%, total consolidated revenue of the first 11 months of NT 3,955.4 billion yuan, annual reduction of 2%, the annual total revenue performance may be negative growth for the first time; but Compal pointed out that the impact of the global market economy is too large If the November results of the client adjust the inventory is not bad, December performance or have the opportunity to return to temperature. Zoom Compal November consolidated revenue only 30.016 billion yuan, 41.111 billion yuan over the same period in 2007 decreased by 27%, originally expected in November Compal NB shipments ...
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