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Rapid spread of flat-panel TVs CRT TVs next year Japan will stop

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) expects rapid adoption of flat-panel TV, CRT TV market is rapidly shrinking, CRT TV market in Japan in 2009 shipments will be zero, the point in time than previously forecast 1 year ahead; global market, estimated in 2008 will exceed shipments of flat-panel TVs CRT TVs. JEITA survey shows that Japanese television in 2007 about 897 million units shipped, in which the ratio of flat-panel TVs accounted for more than 90%; and CRT TV only 62 million units shipped for the year prior to 1 1 / 3 . JEITA estimates, in 2008 CRT TV shipments will be reduced to 25 million units; 2009 CRT TV shipments will be zero, into history. Candle guttering in the wind in the Japanese market, the CRT TV market in the world where the situation is not good. According to the survey, 151 m...
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Rated voltage of 24Vdc Switronic launch the ball switch

Switronic Company Announces New Surface Mount DIP type RBS0402 and AT407 Series ball switches. These devices are rated at 24Vdc, contacts rated at 25mA (RBS0402) or less than 10mA (AT407), contact resistance of 5Ω (RBS0402) or 2Ω (AT407), insulation resistance of 1MΩ, insulation voltage up to 500Vdc....
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Rational development effort the education market Delta UPS Bo public universities received

Universities in recent years is the rapid growth of domestic demand for UPS in the market, while increasing the number of domestic colleges and universities as well as University information system continues to accelerate the process, university procurement in the field of UPS also tend to present rational out of its own characteristics: a stable and reliable in ensuring the equipment the same time, UPS has a good operational requirements, while other industries pay more attention than the environment protection and energy efficiency UPS. as a famous manufacturer of power electronic devices, the Delta-CIMIC With its outstanding performance, Delta UPS to play and the application of deep plowing on the industry over the years, colleges and universities in the country repeatedly won the largest single procurement, the results plain. to th...
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Rave Chartered Fab 7 to sent haze removal tools

Rave LLC (Florida, Delray Beach) today announced that the company has been sold to Singapores Chartered Semiconductor mask a mist (Haze) defect removal system. Rave sold to Chartered Semiconductor Rhazer system. Rave said, Rhazer haze removal technology in a years SEMICON West 2008 on the release. Wafer stepper optical lithography process caused by the pollution of the growth of crystalline defects commonly referred to as "haze". Haze formation rate will reduce the number of wafer exposure and cause the stagnation line lithography. For the removal of wafer haze, Rave has introduced a revolutionary product Rhazer haze removal system. Rhazer system can not prevent the haze, but you can manage it so fab. Rhazer system is dry, laser-based system, remove the mask with the ability of both sides of haze. Rhazer within the system can be ...
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Ray of light Huatian Cheng Zhu: triple trading company may become the largest shareholder

"support for a triple triple Group Trading Company (600898.SH) largest shareholder is absolutely possible." yesterday, light Rye in Jinan Huatian Cheng Zhu, chairman of the "First Financial Daily" the case said. The day before yesterday, the family elder brother Zhu Qing Zhu Yi Zhu arrived in Rye and the third brother, Jinan, visited the Joint Group completed the development of the city Shun the sun, the stones are being developed for the development of Villa and Phoenix real estate projects and appliance stores triple trading company. This reporter has learned, Zhu family and triple Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the three: pre-purchased optical Huatian Cheng will return to triple Group 9.02% stake (Today, triple trading company announcement confirmed that the acquisition of light Hua Tiancheng give up 9.02% sh...
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Raychem launch integrated overcurrent / overvoltage protection device

(Electronic markets Reuters) Tyco Electronics Raychem Circuit Protection Devices announced 2Pro ? series, the series features integrated overcurrent / overvoltage circuit protection technology features that can help achieve the protection of the telephone communication equipment . The small footprint device with protection can be reset and collaboration features, can be used for a variety of telephony and VoIP (IP-based voice) devices such as cordless phones, VoIP gateways, data modems, set-top boxes, security systems, MDF (Main Distribution Frame) modules, analog line card and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) line cards. Lead to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and VoIP equipment, the power surge causes of damage include: lightning and ESD (electrostatic discharge), equipment, access to power lines and AC lines with ind...
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Raychem slow blow surface-mount fuse launched

Tyco Electronics Raychem Circuit Protection unit of the Ministry announced the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive compliance (RoHS) of the slow blow surface-mount fuse. This series of products in strict accordance with industry standard 1206 chip size for the production, small size, high reliability, arc suppression characteristics, and other characteristics, and some models have the 1206 form factor can be achieved without the highest current rating. Application slow blow fuse is the upper limit for the 63V DC power supply, which provides over-current protection for normal operation in the frequent large inrush current system. The current product range from 1.0 to 8.0A, such applications include power supplies, capacitor filter banks, LCD backlight inverters and motor protection. Raychem fuses products enhance the reliabilit...
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RAYCHEM SMD POLYSWITCH Circuit Protection devices launched

(Electronic markets Reuters) Tyco Electronics Raychem Circuit Protection unit of the Departments new for the automotive industry meet the RoHS requirements of the miniSMDC and SMD series, continue to expand its circuit protection product portfolio. PolySwitch PPTC (positive temperature coefficient thermistor) components to the advantages of small footprint to provide recoverable over-current protection, such as printed circuit board (PC B) wiring, motors, wiring harness, battery charger, portable products, and multimedia input ports. Raychem Circuit Protection Division of the protection components, circuit protection in the resume industry to maintain a leading position. These protection devices of small footprint, optional current and voltage range, the rated voltage between 6V to 60V to keep current between 50mA to 2.6A. Protection of e...
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RDC embedded applications for the introduction of 32-bit microcontrollers

RDC Ltd (RDC Semiconductor Co., LTD.) Introduced a thin self-developed instruction set architecture (RISC) 32-bit high efficiency micro-controller - R8610. The device can be used for general purpose embedded applications (such as industrial computers, POS, thin client, smart display devices), and wired and wireless network-related products, applications (such as routers, broadband router, print server, wireless network access, network storage devices, home gateway). R8610 microcontroller integrated UART, timer (Timer), interrupt controller (Interrupt Controller) and other related peripheral interface, and PCI, USB 2.0 host controller (Host Controller) and other transport interfaces. In addition, R8610 also integrates an Ethernet network (Ethernet) MAC interface to the wired network access. The R8610 supports both PCI and USB interfaces, ...
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Ready to come out next month, prices of air conditioner full model has a price hike for individual

Recent uproar air conditioning prices will become a reality. Recently, the reporter learned from the channels, the major air conditioning brands are likely to start in April a large-scale price increases or price increases ranging from 3% -10%. Individual model has a price hike Reporter recently visited the United States, Suning Appliance and other chain stores found that the average price of air conditioning has been quietly rising. It is reported that the average price increases, mainly in three aspects: First, as high-end products has become a major object of the main push air conditioner brands. For example, Haiers oxygen bar series, Grees sleep treasure series, LG series of the art air-conditioning, bedroom treasure series Hisense, Kelons products are still series, Panasonic Yi wind series, the moon and stars light Chigo series. ...
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