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Real estate magnate Yang Guoqiang dream run into a wall and instead invest energy LED lighting

Country Garden chairman Yeung Kwok the billions of coal oil had been encountered stranded ho held. 6 16, a person close to the Yunnan Coal Chemical Group, confirmed to reporters: "The record source of investments on behalf of Mr Yeung has pulled out of Zhaotong CTL project." A year ago, "real estate magnate," Mr Yeung determined to transform "Energy King," the information industry has attracted strong attention. With high-quality coal resources Zhaotong, Inner Mongolia, Yang Guoqiang Huolinguole delineated by the two coal as a major push into the land of the oil industry started. Today, the Zhaotong project has been identified by the Three Gorges Project Corporation of Yunnan Coal Chemical Group work and development, scheduled to start the second half of last years Huolinguole project has run aground. "Country Garden to the original...
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Realtek HD Audio Codec signal to noise ratio of 106dB, providing solutions for the entertainment PC

Realtek Semiconductor has introduced the latest generation of high-definition audio converter chip (HD Audio Codec) ALC885 and ALC888 Telecom. Realtek ALC885 built-in content protection and copy protection (Content Protection) technology, ALC888 Telecom can be reached through the traditional phone VoIP / Skype applications, the two new chips will not only provide the digital home PC audio solution can also be used for personal the computer field. Realtek ALC885 is a high-performance 7.1 +2 channel High Definition audio converter chip, built-in content protection without distortion (Lossless Content Protection) technology, and allows users to enjoy the full rate (full-rate ) transmission of various types of audio formats, including general DVD, Blu-ray DVD and HD DVD audio specifications such as, ALC885 provides audio streaming speeds up ...
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Realtek Semiconductor introduced a new generation high-definition audio converter chip

Realtek Semiconductor recently held in San Francisco Intel Spring Technology Forum (IDF) launched the latest generation of high-definition audio converter chip (High Definition Audio Codec, HD Audio Codec) - ALC885 and ALC888 Telecom . Realtek ALC885 built content protection and copy protection (Content Protection) technology, ALC888 Telecom can be easily reached through traditional phone VoIP / Skype applications, these two satellites can provide new chip digital home PC is not only the best audio solution, but also for the erection of the personal computer industry is an important milestone. Realtek ALC885 is a high-performance 7.1 +2 channel High Definition audio converter chip, built-in content protection without distortion (Lossless Content Protection) technology, and allows users to enjoy the full rate (full-rate) transmission o...
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Realtek USB2.0 flash drive control IC launched

Realtek (Realtek) Semiconductor has introduced support for dual-channel and multi-level cell (MLC) flash memory, high-performance USB2.0 Flash Drive (Flash Drive) control chip RTS5113. The chip integrates 5V/3.3V Regulator (Regulator), system manufacturers to reduce production costs. RTS5113 support the latest and the worlds leading diversified manufacturers of flash memory, including Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix, Micron, Renesas, STMicroelectronics and so on. RTS5113 read and write speeds of up to 26MB/16MB, far more than other competitors products. Since increasing the capacity of flash drives, RTS5113 excellent fast read and write speeds, significantly increasing the use of consumers with the convenience and satisfaction. Realtek RTS5113 passed Microsoft WHQL XP certification, and achieved USB-IF certification mark. 48-pin LQFP package R...
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Realtek Wireless LAN network interface controller

Realtek (Realtek) RTL8185L integrated in a single chip WLAN (wireless LAN) MAC and DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) baseband processor, a knife board, highly integrated, price reasonable WLAN network interface controller full compliance with IEEE 802.11a/b/g protocol. RTL8185L supports SIFS (short frame gap) trigger mode, nodes provide 802.11b protection mechanisms against the conflict. RTL8185L to achieve DSSS, CCK (Complementary Code Keying), OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) baseband processor, supporting all IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g data rates. RTL8185L provides DPSK (differential phase shift keying), DBPSK (differential binary phase shift keying coherent), DQPSK (differential quadrature phase shift keying), CCK and other modulation can be achieved 1,2,5.5,11 Mbps data rate ; associated with FFT / IFF...
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Rebound into the semiconductor wafer foundry 28 nm technology race

According to Taiwan media reports, the semiconductor market economy back to temperature, TSMC, UMC, Chartered (Chartered) and other foundries will spend hundreds of millions of dollars this year, capital expenditures, investment in 28 nanometer high-k metal gate (high -k/metal gate, HKMG) technology race. In the last year, TSMC and UMC have announced the 32 and 28 nm HKMG yield verification process completed, the IBM-led Common Platform (Common Platform) also announced late next year to provide 28 nm process mass production HKMG services. Many chip makers accelerated during the depression rate scaling process, including Qualcomm (Qualcomm), NVIDIA (NVIDIA), Advanced Micro Devices, Xilinx (Xilinx), Altera (Altera) and other international Plant, 45 and 40 nanometer process new orders late in the second quarter this year, one after another...
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Recalling the 2008 Chinese test and measurement industry and 2009 Outlook

2008 Review of test and measurement industry in China Test and measurement industry in China has shown tremendous growth potential, which reflected not only in terms of market revenue, is also reflected in other aspects of technological progress. Chinas test and measurement market in 2008 maintained a growth rate of more than 10.0%, while the global growth rate of only 7.1% or so. In test and measurement market, technology evolution led out of the device-independent, and turned to PC-based instruments and equipment; in addition to a variety of test solutions for specific applications such as telecommunications testing, semiconductor testing, data acquisition, and the need for automatic test equipment (ATE) functional testing of electronic components, and let the existing trends in the automation of test and measurement equipment, hard t...
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Recent high-power LED commercial mainstream price analysis

Domestic sales of high-power LED market, a lot of brands, quality is uneven, in general, and LumiLEDs Crees products are still representative of high-end products, while Crees products and also because product line, for stable delivery of such products become mainstream, with its luminous flux produced by 70-90ml of 1W/3W white LED products, for example, the current market price of 17 yuan, while the price in August was about 18 yuan, the price decline of small, relatively stable. According to agents introduced, the same type of Lumileds product prices in the 19-21 yuan, less than the stability of the supply of Cree, Cree slightly higher price than other, so its sales of products in the market far less than Cree. Mainland Taiwan power LED products accounted for a large proportion of the market, in addition to Bai Hong, advanced, Addison...
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Recovery in the second half of the chip market

swallows will come soon? Market research firm ICInsights the predictions by the manufacturers of electronic systems from the pent-up demand and keep the average selling price (ASP technology technology) incentives, the chip market in 2009 will begin to recover in the second half, and in 2010 In 2011, every year with double-digit growth. ICInsights market research firm also noted that the chip industry revenue performance in 2011 will exceed 2007, the agency forecasts can be said that the most optimistic since the last one. Another market research firm Gartner, said in February when the chip industry, I am afraid that can not be restored before mid-2013 to mid-2008 level. Market research firm ICInsightss also pointed out that the chip industry revenue performance in 2011 will exceed 2007, the agency forecasts can be said that the most op...
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Recovery in the semiconductor industry, continued low-cost strategy signals looming

While Wall Street analysts are still winter for the global economy are arguing over whether to end, but the freezing of the semiconductor industry already beginning to show signs of waking up a little. The case of the first quarter of this year, despite the assertion that the semiconductor industry has now bottomed out too early, but the major companies issued positive signals seen a revival of hope. Bottomed recovery of the early dawn Into 2009, mobile phones, notebook computers and other products covering the market began to effect urgent orders, rush orders continue to emerge is more than six months since the implementation of system vendors "low stock" strategy of the inevitable result. Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul Otellini said: "We believe that PC sales have bottomed out in the first quarter, the industry is back to n...
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